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Super Monday Night Combat

This blog will focus on the third person shooter/DotA hybrid, Super Monday Night Combat, currently in development by Uber Entertainment.

Author: Nephaerius

Week 1, Blog 1, Introductions

Posted by Nephaerius Tuesday January 10 2012 at 12:48PM
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Being an avid fan of the Monday Night Combat series and the Uber Entertainment developers I've decided to start writing up a weekly piece on their new game, Super Monday Night Combat.  Each week I hope to tackle at least one subject concerning gameplay as well as any weekly updates that have launched.  I'll also be on Steam playing throughout the week and have had a great deal of success connecting with and tutoring new players in the past and hope to continue to do so in the future.

This being my first blogging experience in general, I'd appreciate any feedback readers might provide and hope to steer this series to tackle the SMNC related topics you find most interesting.

This being the opening blog of this series, I figured I would focus on describing the game itself in the hopes that it might peak your interest.  As the weeks pass I will focus on a variety of things like class/pro choice, leveling, laning, pro match ups, tips and tricks, etc.  So without any further ado....

Super Monday Night Combat has taken a standard top down view DotA genre game like LoL and transformed the action to take place in a third person shooter environment.  This means that rather than control your character and being able to view the entire map in an RTS fashion that you actually are manually controlling solely your character and are only able to view the environment directly around him/her.

In order to incorporate RTS-style vision that allows for greater coordination of team play, the folks at Uber have added something they call "Team Vision."  This mechanic basically takes the place of the fog of war from your standard RTS.  Team vision immediately marks any enemy pros in the view of your teammates with their nameplate and health bar that remains visible to anyone on the viewing team even through walls. 

Outside of the shooter elements the game largely progresses like many other DotAs/MOBAs.  With the current maps available there are two lanes present.  Players work to push bots (creeps) down each lane in order to drop the shields on turrets.  Once the shields are dropped enemy pros are able to damage them, but prior to that point bots are necessary to drop the shield.  As the turrets fall the enemy team inevitably tries to push into the heart of your base and destroy the moneyball (Nexus in LoL).

Maps also feature a jungle represented by a second level/tier on each map.  Within the jungle there are neutral bots (creeps) as well as the Annihilator.  The Annihilator is extremely important as when activated it wipes all of the enemy team's bots (creeps) from the map and leaves the lanes open for the user's team to push.  The initial Annihilator comes up 5 minutes into the match and then every 5 minutes following each activation.  This is a focal point of guaranteed team fights every match.

Throughout the standard match there is in-game leveling present.  Each level gained grants you bonus health, mobility, damage, and also allows you to assign one point to one of 3 active skills or to either of the 2 passive abilities.  Leveling is performed through picking up drops, killing bots, and killing other pros.  Performing these actions will also net you money.

In other DotA titles money is frequently used to buy items.  In SMNC it serves a similar purpose.  It allows you to spawn more bots (creeps) for your team, purchase health regeneration, speed boosts, the Annihilator, Ejectors, and Juice.  As I have yet to touch on Ejectors or Juice I will do so briefly here.

In each of the lanes there is a green button similar to the Annihilator.  This is the Ejector.  It serves to push everything out of the lane in a circular area from the center of it's activation.  This can be used to wipe bots in an area or also to ring out unsuspecting enemy pros. 

On the other hand, Juice is a resource accumulated over time by taking damage.  When activated it serves as a boost in offensive and defensive power.  It provides 100% crits which have no fall off unlike regular shots, health regen, faster reload and rate of fire, more speed, etc.  Juice is severly nerfed in comparison to its iteration in the original MNC, but still has a wealth of offensive and defensive uses.

That's it for today folks, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.  If you're interested in getting some games in together or looking for some pointers or more info on the game, add me through Steam: Neph

In order to sign up for the SMNC Invitational Beta (everyone's guaranteed an invite sooner or later) go here:

Super MNC Trailer

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