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Past games and current games

I plan to blog about past games and current ones though I will focus more on past online games going back to some non multiplayer games.

Author: Neox

The greatest game that never was

Posted by Neox Saturday November 1 2008 at 10:28PM
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The world of massive multiplayer online games is populated with many copycats wich even though the names may differ and the characters look diferent its the game play that is nearly always the same.  In 2004 a group out of Canada promised to bring something new to the online gaming world that would be diferent and pull you in.  The title of their mmorpg was Dream and sure enough just looking through the site for the game was enough to convince you that this really was going to be something great and would compete easily with Everquest 2 and World of War Craft. 


Late December 2004 open beta was anounced and I quickly downloaded and installed the beta and proceeded to test it out.  Character creation was smooth with greater detail given than on other games at the time for things such as limbs and torso aswell as facial and hair and clothing.  Logging into the game was just as easy and very quick with not a hint of lag issue to be found even with the extensively detailed graphics at a time when it was still common to have 1.5mb internet.  The graphics of Dream rivaled that of EQ2 set to a balanced detailed and Wow for smooth flow yet didnt require a workhorse video card to handle.


The ingame tutorials were not only easy but very interesting and designed not to drag on so you learned what you needed to know pretty quick and could move on.  Game controls were the standard set of keys and mouse so movement was as you would want from any game.  Everything to this point was great and was enough to convince me that I was going to leave EQ2 after playing it for less than two months or so I thought because right about 8pm New years eve is when everything changed and the game was no longer to be found.


The developers sat down during the initial launch of open beta wich as it happened only lasted for 8 hours and decided that they could not compete with other games in the same market and survive so they decided to shut down the beta program and within a few weeks the site was taken down and the greatest game that could have been became the greatest game that never was. 


So now Dream resides in the memories of a lucky few who were able to play in the open beta but theres no official record of Dream to be found online or rather not one to be found easily.  Does it still exist on a hard drive or cdrw somewhere waiting for a better time to be reborn or is it gone forever destined to fade away into oblivion,  I dont know but one can always hope that someone will be brave enough to consider giving it a second chance at life and to prove that it really could have been the greatest game ever.

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