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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm


Posted by NeoStorm Tuesday April 24 2012 at 10:46AM
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This month is the first month in Midkemia Online that we get Bardics and Artisanals.

Across other IRE (that's how we call the other MUDs that belong to the Iron Realms Entertainment, the company which makes Midkemia Online), this is a rather well established tradition. Well, I don't know if exactly across ALL other IRE, but at least a couple. But now we're in the loop also and we've started our Artistic competition this month.

Oh, in case I didn't mention,  Midkemia Online is the youngest of the IRE games and we've quickly climbed the ladder of being nearly the most popular. Heh, the game we have to catch on at being the most popular is over a decade older than our young game here. But this just proves how awesome we are and we quickly climbed the ranks in the Top Mud Sites.

But I digress. So, Bardics and Artisanals. What these are, are some monthly contests for players to show off their artistic skills in Writing and Drawing. Yep, you heard it. You get to write and/or draw for the game. Well, not FOR them particularly, but based on the game. Basically, it's fanfiction or the written and drawn variety. So, you can either write a short story, poem, whatever based on the game's setting or draw something in a similar vein. Apparently, the only requirement is that it is somehow relevant to the game. So, no drawing...say a wizard being all badass, because that just applies to any high fantasy setting. Now, draw a wizard opening up a Rift or a typical Lesser Path wizard performing relevant enchantment work and it'll be suitable. See what I'm saying? Yeah, something like that. Same goes for the written bit though I suppose that is easier since it's a lot easier to link something

Well, the month is almost up and they're judging the entries at the end of the month. I uh, haven't sent in my entries yet on account on having been extremely lazy and doing stuff in game and real life and whatnot. And I have until the end of the week to send them in because I really want to participate and got some nifty ideas. Just gotta also find the time to put those things to the proverbial paper.

Oh, and the entries gotta be original. Nothing copied, adapted, modified, etc. Just your own work and imagination put to light.

And there's prizes! Yep, I didn't know this before, well, I did, but didn't know they're quite hefty. And they are. And you get a sort of ranking, like, the more times you enter and win something or get a runner up or merit, you gain points. And you will rank up either in the Bardic path or the Artisanal path or both (if you run for both). And the higher your rank, the more credits you earn when you win something or participate. It's really neat, an awesome feature and I encourage you all to participate. Where else can you win something for doing fanfiction for the game you play? Only in Midkemia Online


coolroark writes: THIS MAKES THE GAME MORE ACCESSIBLE! draw online Tue Apr 24 2012 9:27PM Report writes:
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