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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

Riftwalker at last

Posted by NeoStorm Monday April 23 2012 at 8:46AM
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Ok, I'm gonna skip talking about the evolution of auctions in Midkemia Online for the moment.

They're still undergoing and going rather well, with some interesting price increases, but I'll talk about them tomorrow. This is gonna be a self-praise post where I praise my awesome exploration skills and announce that I've finally got the rank of Midkemian Riftwalker.

Now what's that mean? It means I've conquered the explorers rankings and achieved the highest rank possible. Currently, I'm also the ONLY Riftwalker in game, which is quite an achievement, since, for a long while, we all thought it was impossible for the time. Ok, so you might be wondering how this works. Well, the world in Midkemia Online is, simply put, huge, comprised of thousands upon thousands of rooms. Each time you enter a room you haven't been in before, you gain a little bit of experience and your rank in the Explorer's Guild increases. Everyone is a part of this Fellowship of Explorers and they keep strict records of how much anyone has explored of the world. Here's a screenie:

Yep, that's me, basking in the glory of first spot.

Speaking of the experience thing, I find that exploring is the best way to level when you're a newbie and well into midbie. I mean, it's fast, generally safe and painless. Of course, there's no money to be gained from walking around the world, but I still do that on all my alts rather than go hunt at low levels. I don't feel like I'm missing on a lot of coin. This is also what I recommend to newbies since they will need to learn how to navigate the world at some point anyway and it's best to start early. In other MUDs you get nothing by exploring, so I find that this experience reward is a great incentive.

Now then, the more you explore, the higher you get up in the rankings. You get an honors line (that's something people see when they do HONOURS <player>) when you reach the top of the ladder. It doesn't matter if you stay there or not, you just have to reach it once. You might think, what's the big deal in exploring the whole world. Well, the deal is that EVERYTHING counts. Yes, Guild Halls, enemy towns, Order Temples, secret areas. EVERYTHING!

So that makes it hard, because you can't enter, for example, a Guild Hall that you don't belong to even if you know what you need to do, say, what lever to pull, what door to open, what to say or what item to touch. It won't work for non guild-members. So you have to sneak inside if you're a rogue, follow someone in, bribe someone, etc. About the same goes for temples, some you can enter if you solve the required puzzle, others you can't

Not to mention there's a plethora of hidden areas and rooms that require you to use your observation or puzzle solving or logic skills. I find it all great fun, really and it's why I do it.

Nowadays there's an awesome reward if you reach the rank of Midkemian Riftwalker. You get an artifact Periapt which helps you in your travels and a nifty commendation from the Explorer's Guild. The artifact is really awesome. I won't disclose what it does here, since it'll be spoiling half the fun. Currently, there are three people in the game who have it and I'm the only one who's a Riftwalker. Oh, there's this thing. Ranks work like this, you need to have explored a certain percentage of the game to be of a certain rank

For example, for this final rank, you need to explore 97% of the world. If more areas open up, naturally the world will grow and you'll need to explore some more to keep your rank and not fall. Well, the artifact remains with you forever, but kind of proper Midkemian Explore doesn't keep on exploring whenever something new is about.

I have a friend in game, we'd check the rankings fairly often and notice if people drop in rank. That'd be indication for us that somewhere, some new area is freshly open and is awaiting explorers.

Great fun! I recommend it to everyone. writes:
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