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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm


Posted by NeoStorm Friday April 20 2012 at 9:10AM
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Awwww yeah, it's Auction season in Midkemia Online.

Auction season is fun. It happens like...uh, I dunno, once or twice a year. That's when, for roughly two weeks (it's only 10 days this time around), we get super awesome artifacts and stuff to buy in an auction style.

Well, without further ado, let me present you this time's list:


Ok, so we have 16 items, mostly two of each. Now what most of these do is give certain class only skills to others, making for some interesting combinations.

For example, the Waterwalking boots allows you to...well, obviously, walk on water, whereas, until now, only magicians could do that. Otherwise you have to swim. You might think, ok, so it's only a bit faster but, not really. In PvP, you can't flee out of the room if the room is flooded. This usually gives magicians (who can flee because they're not swimming in it) an edge when preparing rooms for combat versus other classes.

Or, let's take the grappling hook. That one allows you to climb rooftops in towns, cities and villages without being a thief rogue. Only thief rogues can climb up and down rooftops and use them as their own "Thieves' Highway" (the skill is actually called that). This makes them VERY mobile and hard to catch in urban areas because, walking on the roofs ignores most of the nasty room effect that might otherwise hinder you: such as floods or icewalls (you can't climb roofs while in combat though). And speaking of ICEWALLS, just look at that beauty, the Telekinetic Staff. That one raises telekinetic barriers all around, blocking all exits of the room, much like the equivalent mage skill ICEWALL does. But it does so in ALL DIRECTIONS simultaneously. Pretty wicked! Ok, so it has a five minute cooldown, but that's only decent of it.

And there's all sort of nifty stuff in there. A garden which you can harvest for random herbs daily, a phial which doubles your poison production and other things. I'm truly happy about the selection and I'm looking forward to some bidding war on at least a few of those items.

I'm also a bit sad that some of the items in the past didnt' make a reappearance in these auctions. I was looking forward to the possibility of buying a shop or a scrying orb (the scrying orbs are more powerful than the magician version of scry, giving you a more accurate reading). We usually had similar items each auction which a few well established things each time but, it seems that this time, the administration decided to pleasantly surprise us with new things, things that look rather PvP oriented.

I'm a big PvP fan so I can totally appreciate these things. And well, let's not be restrictive. It's not solely PvP, it's utility and tradeskill also. A good all around haul. People haven't bid much yet, but they rarely do in the first days. The prices go up towards the end, as is to be expected of auctions and it's all part of the fun.

I noticed that most of the items are mage/rogue oriented or derived, mimicking skills that these two classes have (and which are also all around useful utility skills). Perhaps in our next auction we'll have something tailored towards Priests and Soldiers and their various specializations.

Arguably, things like the Alchemist's Garden or the Crystal Phial will benefit rogues more than others but I believe that, if someone who's not a rogue will win those items, it'll mostly encourage them to use their Alchemy skillset as a Tradeskill and will make decent money out of selling poisons and herbs. But we shall see, I will keep you posted on the evolution of our actions.

Log in to Midkemia Online to check them out yourself and maybe throw in a bid. You might win, you never know

Ergload writes:

The grappling hook sounds awesome

Fri Apr 20 2012 10:39AM Report
NeoStorm writes:

Yeah, and somehow, it's STILL at 50 credits one and 65 the other. I think people are letting the days pass by a bit beforehand

Sun Apr 22 2012 2:16PM Report
Draelith19 writes: Alchemist's Garden - Bakstabba want! Wed Apr 25 2012 2:52PM Report writes:
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