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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

Tertiaries 1: An Overview

Posted by NeoStorm Saturday April 14 2012 at 2:18PM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online.


We have a new tertiary coming up. Or at least, I think we do. It has been announced for about a month now, but it was simply a teaser apparently. Our producer does that to us, he lets us know some things in advance, arouses the community and then he lets us simmer and wait. Eheheh, well, anyway, here is the link in case you wanna check it out : Swordmastery

Tertiaries, or terts, are what set characters apart and make for really unique playstyles. What I mean by this is that ALL classes start out with 2 general skillsets. For example, for rogues, which I play, we start out with Fencing and Subtlety. Fencing holds most of attack moves, they're really flashy and dashing stuff. The designers took great care in designing this skillset and made it so that all the moves that exist there come from real life fencing techniques. They really make the rogues into master fencers. Subtlety holds most of our utility skills, those skills tailored towards sneaking, spying, shooting ranged weapons, bombs, etc. It makes the rogue into a master of the unseen.

But beyond this, we currently have two options of specializing: either learn Perfomance and become a Bard or Thievery and become a Thief (this would be the third skillset, that's why it's called a tertiary). You might think that with two general skillsets, choosing a third can't have that much of an impact. But you'd be wrong. Tertiaries make ALL the difference. The difference between how a Bard plays and how a Thief plays is huge. For example, the Thief is tailored more towards sneaky, street thug fighting. He'd prepare an enemy from the shadows, strike fast and hard and vanish on the rooftops before he is caught. The Bard, however, can stand toe to toe with anyone, his songs affect enemies persisently and can afflict multiple people at the same time and can capitalize on kills with their deadly Requiem of the Fallen.

Tertiaries are also roleplay driven and they shape the way your character evolves or are influenced by the organization your character is in. For example, the new skillset that is coming to Midkemia Online will be tailored especially for members of the Queensguard. That's a guild in Elvandar, the home of the elves. As such, it'll be geared towards protecting the forests and the town, with skills that will emphasize this aspect. The administration said that any soldier can have this tertiary, but the effectiveness of it will be reduced for non-Queensguard members. Makes sense, I mean, why would you want to protect the forests if you play a Northern Moredhel who's bent on destroying them?

In the same vein, Thievery receives bonuses for the Mockers, which are the thieving and criminal guild of Krondor. Their Thieves, for example, cannot be caught while pickpocketing or cannot be detected while whispering afflictions from the darkness. Likewise, Psionic Magicians from Stardock (that's the Academy of Mages) can buff more parts of their brain as other, non-Stardock magicians or can cast their spells a lot faster than others.

The balance is subtle, but there. If you play, for example, a non-Stardock Psionicist, you will miss out on some bonuses but, at the same time, your class isn't totally gimped. Oh, I'll tell you all about Priests next time, they have a really special deal going on and are the most Roleplay intensive when choosing their terts (they also have a lot more fun options currently).

But for now, just go play Midkemia Online and explore our many classes and playstyles. Thanks for reading! writes:
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