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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

Crits and Caches

Posted by NeoStorm Wednesday April 11 2012 at 4:39PM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online.


I have been lazy. By that I mean that I'm still level 99 without any sizeable progress. That's mostly because I've been busy with some RL issues as well as taking my time with it all. It's quite the step, but also, the last step needed in my PvE progression. Then it's all clear skies and easy travel via the Hall of Worlds. However, not even halfway there...I seem to have some hidden competition to my secret method of leveling.

Yes, I will share with you my leveling trick. While bashing is now very easy and very rewarding, since I crit like a champ, there's another method, which provides a good boost of experience. But first, a little on this crit thing. Unlike in other MMORPGS out there where you can control your critical hit chance via gear and buffs, here, you can do very very little to affect it and it is solely based on your level. Yep, the higher you are in level, the higher your critical strike chance. Critical strikes also have 5 levels and, the higher you are in level, the more common each critical hit type becomes. They deal 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x damage respectively. The 32x critical (which is called a World-Shattering Critical Hit) usually kills any target out right (except the boss mobs). There are some boss mobs in game, which are meant for parties to take on. There are like...two players who can solo all of them. I can just solo one but it's still hard. Anyway, moving on.

Me one-shotting a decently high level mob

So critical hits. Yes, the chance grows with level and basically, until level 47 you can't even score critical hits but then, the chance grows exponentially so by the time you're level 80 you have roughly 16% chance to crit and at my level, 99, nearly 40% chance. Yep, that's quite huge. And not only does the chance to score a critical hit increase, but the chance to score a more powerful crit, like the one in my screenshot.

But ok, now to my tactic. That's all fine and dandy, but what people don't realize is that we have an alternate method of experience and that is cache hunting. We have the ability to scour the lands for resource nodes. When we find resource nodes we can harvest them for raw material like iron, gems, wood, marble, gold, etc. Stuff used in crafting. However, there is also the chance to uncover caches of lost scrolls which increase your experience. These are rare but they are worth it, QUITE worth it. In the very low levels, one cache is enough to grant you a whole level. At higher levels, they will be the equivalent of a LOT of mob kills.


As you can see from that screenie, at my level, one cache is worth 0.10-0.12% experience. Considering that most mobs don't even give me 0.01% per kill, that's quite a lot. Now there's zones and zones in the world where you can find experience caches. Basically, you'll find them anywhere in the world where resource nodes can appear and...sometimes even outside such zones. Naturally, you'll want to explore such places that only spawns one or two types of resources so that the chance to unconver a resource cache is bigger. That may or may not be speculation on my part, but considering I've spent the best part of my higher levels just hunting those things, I daresay it might be relevant.

That screenshot depicts me unconvering caches in a few consecutive rooms. Now you need to log in Midkemia Online and see where that place is and why I was so sure I'd find caches there. There's a few places that spawn caches regularly and only caches. I'll disclose them in the next article so stay tuned.

Remember, if you want a good alternative to bashing, then this is it. Of course, this doesn't exactly generate any income, no coins or anything, but it's fast. Hey, there's gotta be pros and cons, no?


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