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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

Almost Level 100

Posted by NeoStorm Sunday April 8 2012 at 4:23PM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online.


As in any MMORPG out there, leveling is important. I won't say VERY important, since the game is built in such a way that you don't need to be high level to fully enjoy the game, but it is somewhat important and rewarding. Now I say that the game is built so that leveling isn't important. How is that achieved? Well, there's just so many things to do that make you enjoy the game. First of all, while there is no real level cap, most people consider level 100 as being the maximum. We'll get to why that is in a second.

So, things to do in this game include: politics, crafting, PvP and tons of other things. Many people are content being low level and just roleplaying with no interest in being high and mighty. Level matters quite little in a number of things. Unlike other MMORPGs out there, your level does not limit the amount of skills you can learn or how proficient you become in them. You can be a level 10 character that has maxed out all of his skills and has the most powerful abilities.

Level DOES count for a number of things though. One of them is STATS. Each time you level you gain some statistic points which you use to increase your various personality traits: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Willpower. Based on what class you are, these stats do various things like, make you hit harder, pierce defenses, increase your health/mana pool, etc. The other thing level does is that it increases your base health/mana which, well, as in any MMORPG, is relevant. However, stat poin gain is made in such a way that you are way more than decently equipped if you reach level 70.

Now reaching level 70 can take a variable amount of time in this game. If you are a first time Midkemia Online player and new to the concept of MUDs, it might take you a few weeks if you get no help. A veteran player can probably get to level 70 or 80 within two or three days. It is not so hard once you know the ropes. This leveling curve was created to give people the ability to jump into PvP really quickly and without the need to spend countless hours on PvE when this would not be what they wanted. In most other MMORPGs out there you NEED to be maximum level to even stand a chance in PvP. Here, not so much.

It is not uncommon that a level 100+ player is beaten in PvP by someone level 70 or lower who just knows his skills better. Of course, if the two players are evenly matched in skill, it might be a little easier for the high level player to resist the damage onslaught of the lower level one. Although, even for this there are counters which make life easier for the low level one.

So then, you might ask, why bother to level? Well, there ARE advantages. One are critical hits. The higher you are in level the more your critical hit rate increases and the faster you can kill mobs. Oh, critical hits DO NOT EXIST in PvP. This is awesome and I will come to it in our PvP entry next time. The other thing is that, it is extremely easy to gain coin from hunting and the higher level you are, the faster you gain coin.

While it becomes increasingly difficult to level past 80 (the curve grows a lot), there are rewards for reaching level 100. People consider it the last level to be reached for two reasons:

1) Leveling past it becomes INSANELY, I just believe the admins troll us with the xp needed to level past 100, heh.

2)You get awesome rewards at level 100 and nothing beyond it.

Upon reaching 100 you get access to the Hall of Worlds. That's an area which contains exits to various places of interest around the world. Basically, it sort of works like portals or teleporting. This makes traveling from here to there very easy and this is often an advantage. You also get +5 to every stat. Past level 70, you only gain 1 stat point per level instead of the 3 stat points you got up to 70. So +5 in every stat accounts for about 25 levels. While it doesn't sound like much, believe me it is...

I can hardly wait to get there. Oh, I'm currently level 99 and NEARLY half way through it. It is a lot harder than everything so far. 99 to 100 is a huge gap but it will be a worthwhile one, since it is, for all means concerning me, the last level I need, heh! I will come back to you next time with some detailing on how bashing in Midkemia Online happens and how it is a lot more fun than bashing in other MMORPGs I've played. Well, at least I consider it a lot more fun.

I'm not in a rush to get 100 now, I'll explain why next time. Stay tuned! And in the meanwhile go play Midkemia Online.

Ergload writes: I like the idea of games providing some kind of awesome perk for being high level. In Achaea you can transform into a dragon at lvl 99. Stuff like this is cool and gives something to the "grindy" players Wed Apr 11 2012 4:35PM Report
NeoStorm writes: Yep, truth be told I like the Achaea perks more for lvl 99. Being a Dragon is awesomely cool, but our producer wanted lvl 100s to not have something over the top. MKO is more PvP oriented than Achaea and so they wanted lvl 100 to NOT be a requirement for high-end PvP. Wed Apr 11 2012 5:00PM Report writes:
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