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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

Religion 2: What the Gods and Goddesses do

Posted by NeoStorm Monday April 2 2012 at 4:26AM
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A second entry about religion and Gods in Midkemia Online.

So we've had a little time over the weekend and such to play with the new religion system. More and more people are really excited by it and the few kinks that came with the system have been worked out. Converting is immense fun, it's a light brain teaser puzzle until you figure it out the first time and then it's just code solving fun every time from there. It's quite rewarding really and a neat alternative to bashing for experience.

Our divine orders went from being totally under the Divine Patron's control to being fully player run. Of course, the Gods can still dictate whatever goes on in the Order, but some choose not to (unless the players really screw up). For example, my Order, the Sect of the Deceiver, we're a power hungry and manipulative lot and our God, Banath, the God of Thieves, is enjoying Himself immensly by watching our power struggles and political machinations. We've actually an election in the going and Kando is a candidate. He's hoping that either him or his main partner win. One of them should SURELY win these elections and remove from power one of the elder Council people who has lately upset Banath.

The intrigue and plotting always keeps us going in our secretive order. But I digress. I have mentioned Gods and Goddesses very often. Now who are they? They are the people who make Midkemia Online really really stand out. I have played many MMORPGs  and RPGs where you could create a character that was devoted to a certain belief, followed a certain deity and whatnot. But, ultimately, these choices were purely cosmetic or, at most, influenced the reaction of other characters somewhat are affected your skills in a certain manner.

But here, the Divine are REAL. Yep, they're people you can interact with, that talk to you and play their roles, that develop plots and more. They are basically the game's administrators that also encompass a roleplaying function. Some of the game's staff don't have a roleplaying function and simply take care of administrative tasks. But Gods play an active part in the game's evolution. They will often interact with mortals, for the better or worse since their aspects are many and they represent anything from Love to War to Justice to Trickery to Hunting and Greed. And each God's or Goddess' personality is uniquely different.

This makes the world feel alive, REALLY alive. You know that when you devote yourself to an Order and praise and spread a Divine's word, that Divine will actually be around to guide you, encourage you or, if displeased, act against you or punish you, just like Gods in say, Greek mythology used to do. They may be pleased or displeased and these moods can be reflected in favors upon your character that increase or decrease various aspects and power

They will often turn out at the most unexpected points and influence the course of your roleplay or, help you out in setting up a bigger roleplay plan. Some of these wonderful people will actually take over NPCs in the world and make them come alive and interact with you just like a real being would, thus, enhancing your experience even more.

Truly a great aspect and something which I encourage any RPG fan to try out because, simply put, you won't be disappointed and you'll love every minute of it. Only here, in Midkemia Online. writes:
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