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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

Religion 1: Converting and communion

Posted by NeoStorm Friday March 30 2012 at 3:33AM
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A first entry about religion and Gods in Midkemia Online.


Well finally getting around to writing about Gods. Well sorta about Gods...well, a little less about them now and more about their religion and the cool new stuff they gave us. See, I knew there was a reason for postponing news of this until now, since we just got some cool additions to our religion and Order system.

Previously, active Gods (more about this later) could open up Orders for mortals to join (mortals being us, the players). And you'd join and you'd get some awesome roleplay and stuff out of it and some privileges and the ability to erect shrines and obtain various minor buffs (one at a time) from your deity. You got these buffs by using essence. You gained essence by hunting mobs and offering them at the deity's shrines and then, with that essence, you could ask for some minor, short lived buffs. Pretty nifty, BUT, COOL THINGS HAPPENED THEN.

Basically, we got an overhaul and, with it a new mini-game. The mini-game is one of the two highlights of this new system, system which makes you feel like you're actively involed:

This villager has seen the truth of Banath! And probably the truth in lighter pockets as well!

Well, way this works, you can convert almost any mob on the map to your religion, gaining you some experience in the process and some communion (essence) with your Deity. Which is AWESOME. There were already ways for non-violent characters to level in-game, this just adds to it. Of course, it's not as fast and rewarding as just killing mobs, but it's safe and peaceful. There's a lot of people who play their character peaceful and don't wish to kill stuff to level. There are options like, fishing, crafting, exploring, uncovering experience caches and NOW, there is converting, which is a full alternative to the hunting system.

This sets  Midkemia Online apart from the mass of other MUDs out there (there are some with similar non-violent systems, but very very few) and certainly from other MMORPGs.

The mini-game also gets your brain thinking because it's a little puzzle where you have to figure out exactly what arguments and in what order the mob wants to hear in order to be fully converted to your religion. Well, there's also a catch, you have a limited time in which you can convert them before they get bored and don't wish to hear anything about it anymore. If you fail, you will lose a bit of experience, though just a fraction of what you would've gained if you had succeeded.

Oh, and I mentioned communion. Communion now replaces essence and, while essence could be stockpiled infinitely, communion is percentage based and can go up to 100% where you are in full communion with your Divine. All the previous buffs have been replaced with Favors. Before this, Gods could bestow their favor upon a mortal and he'd gain some awesome bonuses. Favors had 4 ranks, the strongest giving you a ton of things, like, + to all stats, damage reduction, sleep and hunger immunity, etc. It was really awesome, but Gods wouldn't give them TOO often. Now, with the new communion system, you can ASK for favors yourself and it'll use up your communion and you'll gain one of those favors.

That is completely awesome and actually builds more of a purpose to essence. The previous buffs were rather minor and people would just be stockpiling essence and not using it. Gods didn't like this, they always encouranged players to use essence but more were like, meh.

Communion is also needed to maintain your Sect in power now, since, without communion from its members, it'll slowly degrade to a Cult and then...if it persists, it'll vanish. More about that later, right now I'm too busy enjoying the new conversion system. Next time, more about Gods and Cults/Sects. For now, just play Midkemia Online. writes:
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