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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

Community that's like a family

Posted by NeoStorm Thursday March 29 2012 at 3:31AM
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A rant about the community in Midkemia Online.


As I anticipated, the whole bashing (that's what we colloquially call killing mobs for experience in Midkemia Online) thing gets tiring after a while if you want to stay at the top. Obviously can't make first place since there will always be someone just a little bit better. But hey, that's the fun part about most MMORPGs out there, isn't it? That, unlike playing single-player vs some AI, playing with or against players means there willl ALWAYS be a challenge or competition. Even more so in a game like this that's constantly shifting and innovating.


Anyway, we've had a disgruntled newbie the other day, which sort of made me blink in surprise. We don't get disgruntled newbies since the community in this game is one of the tighest that I've ever seen. Guilds in other games aren't as tight and family like as the entire playerbase here is. Well, of course, I assume this sort of thing happens when you have a not so large playerbase and most people know each-other. But even so... now this person was upset that they gold told off on the newbie channel ( we have a newbie channel where new players can ask for assistance to get their bearings straight in the world) which...wasn't really the case (they just over-reacted but, there'll always be one). I mean, that channel isn't supposed to work as a compendium of getting everything answered on the spot, but more as a guideline as to how to learn the game and how to understand to help yourself. It is supposed to teach the mentality of "help helping yourself" and, more importantly, it points you in the direction of your city and guild in order to help you build relationships with the other players. That's very important in the game and cities/guilds are built in such a way that they are very newbie-centric and very focused on teaching and explaining stuff to new players.

One of the awesome things that caters to this is the ability for organizations to write their own help files. To that end, each guild/city/order and even some private societies will have TONS of help files aimed at teaching people how to level up, how to spend their lessons for various goals, how to distribute stat points, what gear they need and many others, such as information . This is just on the character's personal development scale, to say nothing of the plethora of game related information they usually also offer.

Oh, and that's one other thing about having such a community. The game is roleplay intensive, very roleplay intensive so, you're expected to act like you are your character at all times and only know what your character would have normally learned. To that end, game resources such as guides, quest information, walkthroughs for certain things will never ever be found outside the game. This is quite the fascinating thing since your experience will never be spoiled by outside factors and googling guides up about Midkemia Online will at most lead to the forums where there's only vague pointers. The game is all about exploring the world from within and not from uh....without? Is there such a term.

ANYWAY, I digress. Point I was trying to make is that the community is great and well worth the time. Of course, we have one or two trolls, but an internet community can't be one if it didn't have its local trolls. They add to the long as you don't feed them. Most of the people who started playing and stayed, stayed for the helpful community, always praising how helpful it was.

I obviously wrote about something else than I had originally intended to, but I just thought this was worth mentioning. Our players rule! Now go play! Here, I'll give you a linkie: Midkemia Online writes:
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