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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

A Rogue by any other name

Posted by NeoStorm Thursday March 22 2012 at 2:06PM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online


So I like my character to be ... y'know... well developed and whatnot. Now he's Rogue at heart, the sneaky, lurky, stabbity in the back type, coupled with thieving, pick pocketing and horse lifting attitude that some people might find highly irritating. Well, pity on them. Now then, there's a fine line between playing your role and griefing, which is something I don't do (grief that is), but more about that some other time.

Now then, on the road to developing my character, I decided that the sneakiness and thieving ability of the rogue just isn't enough to satisfy my little Kando's (yes, that's his name) desires to be the best, so I had to expand with abilities from other classes. I present exhibit A, Kando's memories:


I damn wish that kind of thing could happen during exams: You press the blue flashing light on a bronze memory-orb. The orb begins to hum quietly and you suddenly remember everything you learned last night.


Now this is an unique feature that makes me extremely happy. The fact that you can learn as many classes and specializations as you wish and switch between them in a timely fashion (in my case, 45 minutes). Anyone can do it, there's a low cost to do it (which can totally be nullified by buying a nifty memory orb) and it adds tons of fun and depth to your character. Now I haven't seen this in any other MUD where, usually, switching your class means you can't have your old one back. But here, it's like, WHOA! I just play with my little orb and I get to be whatever I want...uhm...well, not want, but whatever I learned.

Well, that just leaves fitting all the different classes and abilities into your character's roleplay. Good practice dictates that you don't just go LOLIAMROGUE and then the next minute, LOLMAGE! But, that's part of the fun. I actually had my character play at learning magic, failing, finding it hard, exhausting himself with casting stronger spells and spreading that over some years. The shadoweaving part was not so hard since rogues are already supposed to have a familiarity with shadows and bending them to their will.

Ok, that's enough for now. Now I need to run my text through a spell checker since our local grammar ...uhm...dictator, Aritaelis, has decreed that my spelling is sub-par. That made me a very sad Kando BUT, as always, we must strive to IMPROVE.

Now then, you should all try Midkemia Online. Goes without saying really, what other MUD (or MMO really) offers you the ability to swap between classes so easily with virtually no loss? writes:
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