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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

Paving the Path to Perfect Playing : Midkemia Online

Posted by NeoStorm Tuesday March 20 2012 at 7:37AM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online


So I was looking for a game with no constraints, heavily oriented towards roleplay, something that'll draw me in and become my new addiction (because, hey, you can't really be a gamer if you don't have addictions) and did I mention the no constraints thing?

You might ask why no constraints? Because, let's face it, you want to get into some awesome roleplay and play the badass, homicidal...psychopath, uhm...warlord thingie and the moment you yell "BOW DOWN PEASANT!" to some other noob in game (obviously a player of less skill and intellect), you expect them to bow down or die. Now what happens in most MMORPGs out there is that they won't...pure and simple - and just laugh in your face because you can't do anything about it.

Of course, you might be the less sociopathic murderer type and may simply wish to roleplay a crafter, a trader, a politician or a number of other law-abiding and dreadfully boring professions that have less to do with spilling blood and more to do with "what color gown matches the governor's eyes better for the gala tonight?". Fear not, there's a choice for all.

Oh, I didn't mention? This is all going to be about my charming character and the wondrous universe that is Midkemia Online. Yep, this is the kind of place where you can do anything and shape the world and your character any way you like. There's just one thing, it's a text game, but I'm sure that all you serious gamers will have no issue with that.

You know, there's an old and very wise saying that goes: "Playing a game for the graphics is like watching porn for the story". Now that's very accurate, because, you should generally play a game for the atmosphere and gameplay, and less for the graphics


Although that's a very sexy boar in that screen here...mmm



And this is exactly what this'll be about, GAMEPLAY and ATMOSPHERE and the sheer addiction and joy that comes with it. Oh, and a lot about my own adventures, since my character is just a narcissist and suave prick, I won't be able to shake him loose from my stories. I bet you all wanted to have that awesome character at one point or another in time that could just be MORE than the simple pixelated avatar on screen and could be something with a personality, reputation...simply put, something that's three-dimensional.

Well you need to look no further than  Midkemia Online. You all go check it out and see what it's like to have a three-dimensional character in a two-dimensional world, rather than the other way around. And be sure to break away from it to read my future entries and drop a comment about your experience. writes:
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