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Midkemia Online: A Highwayman's Adventures

Thoughts, humor, comics and evolution about my character's progress and life in Iron Realms Entertainment's Midkemia Online

Author: NeoStorm

Token Shop Updates

Posted by NeoStorm Thursday April 26 2012 at 2:42PM
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In Midkemia Online , when the players need or want something (well, something competent and sensible), the administration listens.

Well, they listen all the time and always take our feedback and opinions into consideration. I think that's one of the perks of having a small, loving community rather than a big anonymous one. But anyway, let's take a look at the goodies we got today: We got new Token Shop items.

So there's this place, it's called  the Emporium of Extraordinary & Magnificent Wonders. Yeah, I know, the name makes me chuckle every time I read it too, but it's rather fitting. It sells mini-artifacts. I say mini-artifacts because they are a sort of special items that don't really have an impact on survivability or bashing or pvp, but have either flavor or utlity value.

Let's take a concrete look at what we got today:


- Dwarven Mining Rune: You can ATTACH RUNE TO <mining pick> to grant that mining pick the chance to
produce two commodities instead of one when mining a resource node.

- Goblin Felling Rune: You can ATTACH RUNE TO <lumberjack's ax> to grant that ax the chance to
produce two commodities instead of one when chopping a resource node.

- Herdmaster's Horn: With a herdmaster's horn in your inventory, if you use the whistle skill in
Riding, your whistle will recall all your loyal mounts and pets from anywhere in Midkemia, rather
than only your mounts in the same area. This destroys the horn.

- Killian's Collar of Blessing: You can ATTACH COLLAR TO <mount> to protect that mount, once, from
death. If you have set a home stable, your mount will flee back to its home stable instead of being
killed. This consumes the collar.

- Quicksilver Fishing Pole: This fishing pole, in addition to resetting to you, allows you to catch
fish more easily.

- Scythe of Silban: This scythe, when wielded, gives you a chance to find additional herbs when

- Supplicant's Blade: A divinely-blessed blade that lets you OFFER corpses from anywhere in the
world to your Patron God. You must be in a Sect to use this blade, and the essence gained is less
than normal (though your communion remains unchanged), so visiting a shrine is still preferable.


I'm not sure how much they might mean to you, but they sure as hell mean a lot to us. I mean, you can see that, for example, none of them is giving you an edge in bashing/pvp, but they have great uses in commodity and herb gathering, or preserving your mounts.  Really, they're little things, but really valuable in ways that might not be apparent at first. Mount theft and killing is, for example, a problem sometimes and, if your thief isn't willing to negociate a safe return for your mount, you basically have little to do. Now, there's a way to retrieve them. And that item, for example is really cheap.

Some of those items were suggested on the forums just a few days previous so, in case you're wondering what is the best free mmorpg then you need to look no further. Our administration loves us!

Yes, I'm quite hyped about this, especially because we waited a while, some time ago, for the Token Shop to be improved. And now they are doing it constantly and giving us goodies. There's also other nifty items you can buy, like, different accents for your character, neverending supplies of booze (heh, for the heavy drinker), fireworks and other things.

Oh, but you might be wondering how you get these tokens? They're not exactly as common as coins or credits, which is what makes them special. Although the items themselves aren't so very powerful, the currency for them is rare. It's usually obtained through various events, promotions, from the Iron Elite membership, buying them from other players, etc. Not so common, but not so hard to obtain either and they are rather cheap at the moment, although I have a feeling that this will change the more items we get.

Well, that's that for now, I should poke at Kando. He's enjoying some quiet fishing time with his new quicksilver pole. I already got him a scythe too, he likes his herbs and alchemy. We'll get to that next time. For now, if you still need to ask yourself what game should I play? then you're clearly not reading my entry well. You need to play Midkemia Online! I'll see you there


Posted by NeoStorm Tuesday April 24 2012 at 9:46AM
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This month is the first month in Midkemia Online that we get Bardics and Artisanals.

Across other IRE (that's how we call the other MUDs that belong to the Iron Realms Entertainment, the company which makes Midkemia Online), this is a rather well established tradition. Well, I don't know if exactly across ALL other IRE, but at least a couple. But now we're in the loop also and we've started our Artistic competition this month.

Oh, in case I didn't mention,  Midkemia Online is the youngest of the IRE games and we've quickly climbed the ladder of being nearly the most popular. Heh, the game we have to catch on at being the most popular is over a decade older than our young game here. But this just proves how awesome we are and we quickly climbed the ranks in the Top Mud Sites.

But I digress. So, Bardics and Artisanals. What these are, are some monthly contests for players to show off their artistic skills in Writing and Drawing. Yep, you heard it. You get to write and/or draw for the game. Well, not FOR them particularly, but based on the game. Basically, it's fanfiction or the written and drawn variety. So, you can either write a short story, poem, whatever based on the game's setting or draw something in a similar vein. Apparently, the only requirement is that it is somehow relevant to the game. So, no drawing...say a wizard being all badass, because that just applies to any high fantasy setting. Now, draw a wizard opening up a Rift or a typical Lesser Path wizard performing relevant enchantment work and it'll be suitable. See what I'm saying? Yeah, something like that. Same goes for the written bit though I suppose that is easier since it's a lot easier to link something

Well, the month is almost up and they're judging the entries at the end of the month. I uh, haven't sent in my entries yet on account on having been extremely lazy and doing stuff in game and real life and whatnot. And I have until the end of the week to send them in because I really want to participate and got some nifty ideas. Just gotta also find the time to put those things to the proverbial paper.

Oh, and the entries gotta be original. Nothing copied, adapted, modified, etc. Just your own work and imagination put to light.

And there's prizes! Yep, I didn't know this before, well, I did, but didn't know they're quite hefty. And they are. And you get a sort of ranking, like, the more times you enter and win something or get a runner up or merit, you gain points. And you will rank up either in the Bardic path or the Artisanal path or both (if you run for both). And the higher your rank, the more credits you earn when you win something or participate. It's really neat, an awesome feature and I encourage you all to participate. Where else can you win something for doing fanfiction for the game you play? Only in Midkemia Online


Riftwalker at last

Posted by NeoStorm Monday April 23 2012 at 7:46AM
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Ok, I'm gonna skip talking about the evolution of auctions in Midkemia Online for the moment.

They're still undergoing and going rather well, with some interesting price increases, but I'll talk about them tomorrow. This is gonna be a self-praise post where I praise my awesome exploration skills and announce that I've finally got the rank of Midkemian Riftwalker.

Now what's that mean? It means I've conquered the explorers rankings and achieved the highest rank possible. Currently, I'm also the ONLY Riftwalker in game, which is quite an achievement, since, for a long while, we all thought it was impossible for the time. Ok, so you might be wondering how this works. Well, the world in Midkemia Online is, simply put, huge, comprised of thousands upon thousands of rooms. Each time you enter a room you haven't been in before, you gain a little bit of experience and your rank in the Explorer's Guild increases. Everyone is a part of this Fellowship of Explorers and they keep strict records of how much anyone has explored of the world. Here's a screenie:

Yep, that's me, basking in the glory of first spot.

Speaking of the experience thing, I find that exploring is the best way to level when you're a newbie and well into midbie. I mean, it's fast, generally safe and painless. Of course, there's no money to be gained from walking around the world, but I still do that on all my alts rather than go hunt at low levels. I don't feel like I'm missing on a lot of coin. This is also what I recommend to newbies since they will need to learn how to navigate the world at some point anyway and it's best to start early. In other MUDs you get nothing by exploring, so I find that this experience reward is a great incentive.

Now then, the more you explore, the higher you get up in the rankings. You get an honors line (that's something people see when they do HONOURS <player>) when you reach the top of the ladder. It doesn't matter if you stay there or not, you just have to reach it once. You might think, what's the big deal in exploring the whole world. Well, the deal is that EVERYTHING counts. Yes, Guild Halls, enemy towns, Order Temples, secret areas. EVERYTHING!

So that makes it hard, because you can't enter, for example, a Guild Hall that you don't belong to even if you know what you need to do, say, what lever to pull, what door to open, what to say or what item to touch. It won't work for non guild-members. So you have to sneak inside if you're a rogue, follow someone in, bribe someone, etc. About the same goes for temples, some you can enter if you solve the required puzzle, others you can't

Not to mention there's a plethora of hidden areas and rooms that require you to use your observation or puzzle solving or logic skills. I find it all great fun, really and it's why I do it.

Nowadays there's an awesome reward if you reach the rank of Midkemian Riftwalker. You get an artifact Periapt which helps you in your travels and a nifty commendation from the Explorer's Guild. The artifact is really awesome. I won't disclose what it does here, since it'll be spoiling half the fun. Currently, there are three people in the game who have it and I'm the only one who's a Riftwalker. Oh, there's this thing. Ranks work like this, you need to have explored a certain percentage of the game to be of a certain rank

For example, for this final rank, you need to explore 97% of the world. If more areas open up, naturally the world will grow and you'll need to explore some more to keep your rank and not fall. Well, the artifact remains with you forever, but kind of proper Midkemian Explore doesn't keep on exploring whenever something new is about.

I have a friend in game, we'd check the rankings fairly often and notice if people drop in rank. That'd be indication for us that somewhere, some new area is freshly open and is awaiting explorers.

Great fun! I recommend it to everyone.



Posted by NeoStorm Friday April 20 2012 at 8:10AM
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Awwww yeah, it's Auction season in Midkemia Online.

Auction season is fun. It happens like...uh, I dunno, once or twice a year. That's when, for roughly two weeks (it's only 10 days this time around), we get super awesome artifacts and stuff to buy in an auction style.

Well, without further ado, let me present you this time's list:


Ok, so we have 16 items, mostly two of each. Now what most of these do is give certain class only skills to others, making for some interesting combinations.

For example, the Waterwalking boots allows you to...well, obviously, walk on water, whereas, until now, only magicians could do that. Otherwise you have to swim. You might think, ok, so it's only a bit faster but, not really. In PvP, you can't flee out of the room if the room is flooded. This usually gives magicians (who can flee because they're not swimming in it) an edge when preparing rooms for combat versus other classes.

Or, let's take the grappling hook. That one allows you to climb rooftops in towns, cities and villages without being a thief rogue. Only thief rogues can climb up and down rooftops and use them as their own "Thieves' Highway" (the skill is actually called that). This makes them VERY mobile and hard to catch in urban areas because, walking on the roofs ignores most of the nasty room effect that might otherwise hinder you: such as floods or icewalls (you can't climb roofs while in combat though). And speaking of ICEWALLS, just look at that beauty, the Telekinetic Staff. That one raises telekinetic barriers all around, blocking all exits of the room, much like the equivalent mage skill ICEWALL does. But it does so in ALL DIRECTIONS simultaneously. Pretty wicked! Ok, so it has a five minute cooldown, but that's only decent of it.

And there's all sort of nifty stuff in there. A garden which you can harvest for random herbs daily, a phial which doubles your poison production and other things. I'm truly happy about the selection and I'm looking forward to some bidding war on at least a few of those items.

I'm also a bit sad that some of the items in the past didnt' make a reappearance in these auctions. I was looking forward to the possibility of buying a shop or a scrying orb (the scrying orbs are more powerful than the magician version of scry, giving you a more accurate reading). We usually had similar items each auction which a few well established things each time but, it seems that this time, the administration decided to pleasantly surprise us with new things, things that look rather PvP oriented.

I'm a big PvP fan so I can totally appreciate these things. And well, let's not be restrictive. It's not solely PvP, it's utility and tradeskill also. A good all around haul. People haven't bid much yet, but they rarely do in the first days. The prices go up towards the end, as is to be expected of auctions and it's all part of the fun.

I noticed that most of the items are mage/rogue oriented or derived, mimicking skills that these two classes have (and which are also all around useful utility skills). Perhaps in our next auction we'll have something tailored towards Priests and Soldiers and their various specializations.

Arguably, things like the Alchemist's Garden or the Crystal Phial will benefit rogues more than others but I believe that, if someone who's not a rogue will win those items, it'll mostly encourage them to use their Alchemy skillset as a Tradeskill and will make decent money out of selling poisons and herbs. But we shall see, I will keep you posted on the evolution of our actions.

Log in to Midkemia Online to check them out yourself and maybe throw in a bid. You might win, you never know

Tertiaries 2: Priests

Posted by NeoStorm Tuesday April 17 2012 at 2:20PM
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In my previous entry, I have touched on the subject of specializations in Midkemia Online.

Now I also mentioned that priest tertiaries are a lot more fun and a lot more special. Y'know, priests are there in every game and they usually do the same...well...priestly stuff. Like they heal people, or buff people or bring them back from the day. All fun and games, the ideal support class and whatnot. Some of them even work as battle priests and deal damage and do...justicey stuff and things.

But our priests are a lot more awesome. How many priests bend shadows to their will? Our priests of the Thief God can! How many priests can spawn all consuming infernos that rage across the battlefield? Followers of Prandur, the god of Fire harness flames as their own.

And that's just a couple of the things we have. Being a priest is very fun. Ok, so it's also slightly hard, but it's very rewarding. However, priests are also the most roleplay oriented of classes. While the game is heavily geared towards roleplay, this is ever so important for priests because, while other classes can choose a specialization irregardless of their Order, City or Guild, priests are bound to their Orders.

That is to say that they NEED to devote themselves to a relevant order with an active specialization to be able to learn it. Midkemia Online is a very religious intesive game, as shown in the previous entries I wrote, a place where the Gods and Goddesses are a real and involved part of day to day life. Priests are, by excellence, the emmisaries of the Gods, the preachers and heralds. While any class can roleplay those roles, it is much easier and perhaps more relevant for a priest. As such, priests are the only ones who can also choose to devote themselves directly to a Deity and enter that Order without having to resort to interaction with anyone else. They are given this ability since they are the bastions of faith.

But, like I said, they have to join an Order to gain a specialization. They may subsequently leave that Order and still retain their skills, but if they ever decide to quit that specialization or store it away, they cannot take it back again if they are not part of that Order.

As such, priests need to build some solid characters and generally stick to their roleplay. But I find that it is most rewarding. The current choices we have over tertiaries are quite varied and they cater to nearly every playing style or role, good or evil, sneaky or messy.

It is fascinating because these tertiaries add a whole new dimension to priests, straying them away in some cases from the typical "man of the cloth" so to speak. I mean, for example, Priests of Guis-Wan, the Hunter have a specialization called Bloodlore. They essentially turn into ritualistic, savage hunters, focused around blood magic, hunting, bleeding and relinquish their traditional warhammers for deadly spears. They make for really fearsome priests.

I think I'm going to cover organizations next time and whatever I missed about tertiaries. Until then, see you all in Midkemia Online.

I know you won't regret it

Tertiaries 1: An Overview

Posted by NeoStorm Saturday April 14 2012 at 1:18PM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online.


We have a new tertiary coming up. Or at least, I think we do. It has been announced for about a month now, but it was simply a teaser apparently. Our producer does that to us, he lets us know some things in advance, arouses the community and then he lets us simmer and wait. Eheheh, well, anyway, here is the link in case you wanna check it out : Swordmastery

Tertiaries, or terts, are what set characters apart and make for really unique playstyles. What I mean by this is that ALL classes start out with 2 general skillsets. For example, for rogues, which I play, we start out with Fencing and Subtlety. Fencing holds most of attack moves, they're really flashy and dashing stuff. The designers took great care in designing this skillset and made it so that all the moves that exist there come from real life fencing techniques. They really make the rogues into master fencers. Subtlety holds most of our utility skills, those skills tailored towards sneaking, spying, shooting ranged weapons, bombs, etc. It makes the rogue into a master of the unseen.

But beyond this, we currently have two options of specializing: either learn Perfomance and become a Bard or Thievery and become a Thief (this would be the third skillset, that's why it's called a tertiary). You might think that with two general skillsets, choosing a third can't have that much of an impact. But you'd be wrong. Tertiaries make ALL the difference. The difference between how a Bard plays and how a Thief plays is huge. For example, the Thief is tailored more towards sneaky, street thug fighting. He'd prepare an enemy from the shadows, strike fast and hard and vanish on the rooftops before he is caught. The Bard, however, can stand toe to toe with anyone, his songs affect enemies persisently and can afflict multiple people at the same time and can capitalize on kills with their deadly Requiem of the Fallen.

Tertiaries are also roleplay driven and they shape the way your character evolves or are influenced by the organization your character is in. For example, the new skillset that is coming to Midkemia Online will be tailored especially for members of the Queensguard. That's a guild in Elvandar, the home of the elves. As such, it'll be geared towards protecting the forests and the town, with skills that will emphasize this aspect. The administration said that any soldier can have this tertiary, but the effectiveness of it will be reduced for non-Queensguard members. Makes sense, I mean, why would you want to protect the forests if you play a Northern Moredhel who's bent on destroying them?

In the same vein, Thievery receives bonuses for the Mockers, which are the thieving and criminal guild of Krondor. Their Thieves, for example, cannot be caught while pickpocketing or cannot be detected while whispering afflictions from the darkness. Likewise, Psionic Magicians from Stardock (that's the Academy of Mages) can buff more parts of their brain as other, non-Stardock magicians or can cast their spells a lot faster than others.

The balance is subtle, but there. If you play, for example, a non-Stardock Psionicist, you will miss out on some bonuses but, at the same time, your class isn't totally gimped. Oh, I'll tell you all about Priests next time, they have a really special deal going on and are the most Roleplay intensive when choosing their terts (they also have a lot more fun options currently).

But for now, just go play Midkemia Online and explore our many classes and playstyles. Thanks for reading!

Crits and Caches

Posted by NeoStorm Wednesday April 11 2012 at 3:39PM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online.


I have been lazy. By that I mean that I'm still level 99 without any sizeable progress. That's mostly because I've been busy with some RL issues as well as taking my time with it all. It's quite the step, but also, the last step needed in my PvE progression. Then it's all clear skies and easy travel via the Hall of Worlds. However, not even halfway there...I seem to have some hidden competition to my secret method of leveling.

Yes, I will share with you my leveling trick. While bashing is now very easy and very rewarding, since I crit like a champ, there's another method, which provides a good boost of experience. But first, a little on this crit thing. Unlike in other MMORPGS out there where you can control your critical hit chance via gear and buffs, here, you can do very very little to affect it and it is solely based on your level. Yep, the higher you are in level, the higher your critical strike chance. Critical strikes also have 5 levels and, the higher you are in level, the more common each critical hit type becomes. They deal 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x damage respectively. The 32x critical (which is called a World-Shattering Critical Hit) usually kills any target out right (except the boss mobs). There are some boss mobs in game, which are meant for parties to take on. There are like...two players who can solo all of them. I can just solo one but it's still hard. Anyway, moving on.

Me one-shotting a decently high level mob

So critical hits. Yes, the chance grows with level and basically, until level 47 you can't even score critical hits but then, the chance grows exponentially so by the time you're level 80 you have roughly 16% chance to crit and at my level, 99, nearly 40% chance. Yep, that's quite huge. And not only does the chance to score a critical hit increase, but the chance to score a more powerful crit, like the one in my screenshot.

But ok, now to my tactic. That's all fine and dandy, but what people don't realize is that we have an alternate method of experience and that is cache hunting. We have the ability to scour the lands for resource nodes. When we find resource nodes we can harvest them for raw material like iron, gems, wood, marble, gold, etc. Stuff used in crafting. However, there is also the chance to uncover caches of lost scrolls which increase your experience. These are rare but they are worth it, QUITE worth it. In the very low levels, one cache is enough to grant you a whole level. At higher levels, they will be the equivalent of a LOT of mob kills.


As you can see from that screenie, at my level, one cache is worth 0.10-0.12% experience. Considering that most mobs don't even give me 0.01% per kill, that's quite a lot. Now there's zones and zones in the world where you can find experience caches. Basically, you'll find them anywhere in the world where resource nodes can appear and...sometimes even outside such zones. Naturally, you'll want to explore such places that only spawns one or two types of resources so that the chance to unconver a resource cache is bigger. That may or may not be speculation on my part, but considering I've spent the best part of my higher levels just hunting those things, I daresay it might be relevant.

That screenshot depicts me unconvering caches in a few consecutive rooms. Now you need to log in Midkemia Online and see where that place is and why I was so sure I'd find caches there. There's a few places that spawn caches regularly and only caches. I'll disclose them in the next article so stay tuned.

Remember, if you want a good alternative to bashing, then this is it. Of course, this doesn't exactly generate any income, no coins or anything, but it's fast. Hey, there's gotta be pros and cons, no?






Almost Level 100

Posted by NeoStorm Sunday April 8 2012 at 3:23PM
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This blog is about my character's life in Midkemia Online.


As in any MMORPG out there, leveling is important. I won't say VERY important, since the game is built in such a way that you don't need to be high level to fully enjoy the game, but it is somewhat important and rewarding. Now I say that the game is built so that leveling isn't important. How is that achieved? Well, there's just so many things to do that make you enjoy the game. First of all, while there is no real level cap, most people consider level 100 as being the maximum. We'll get to why that is in a second.

So, things to do in this game include: politics, crafting, PvP and tons of other things. Many people are content being low level and just roleplaying with no interest in being high and mighty. Level matters quite little in a number of things. Unlike other MMORPGs out there, your level does not limit the amount of skills you can learn or how proficient you become in them. You can be a level 10 character that has maxed out all of his skills and has the most powerful abilities.

Level DOES count for a number of things though. One of them is STATS. Each time you level you gain some statistic points which you use to increase your various personality traits: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Willpower. Based on what class you are, these stats do various things like, make you hit harder, pierce defenses, increase your health/mana pool, etc. The other thing level does is that it increases your base health/mana which, well, as in any MMORPG, is relevant. However, stat poin gain is made in such a way that you are way more than decently equipped if you reach level 70.

Now reaching level 70 can take a variable amount of time in this game. If you are a first time Midkemia Online player and new to the concept of MUDs, it might take you a few weeks if you get no help. A veteran player can probably get to level 70 or 80 within two or three days. It is not so hard once you know the ropes. This leveling curve was created to give people the ability to jump into PvP really quickly and without the need to spend countless hours on PvE when this would not be what they wanted. In most other MMORPGs out there you NEED to be maximum level to even stand a chance in PvP. Here, not so much.

It is not uncommon that a level 100+ player is beaten in PvP by someone level 70 or lower who just knows his skills better. Of course, if the two players are evenly matched in skill, it might be a little easier for the high level player to resist the damage onslaught of the lower level one. Although, even for this there are counters which make life easier for the low level one.

So then, you might ask, why bother to level? Well, there ARE advantages. One are critical hits. The higher you are in level the more your critical hit rate increases and the faster you can kill mobs. Oh, critical hits DO NOT EXIST in PvP. This is awesome and I will come to it in our PvP entry next time. The other thing is that, it is extremely easy to gain coin from hunting and the higher level you are, the faster you gain coin.

While it becomes increasingly difficult to level past 80 (the curve grows a lot), there are rewards for reaching level 100. People consider it the last level to be reached for two reasons:

1) Leveling past it becomes INSANELY, I just believe the admins troll us with the xp needed to level past 100, heh.

2)You get awesome rewards at level 100 and nothing beyond it.

Upon reaching 100 you get access to the Hall of Worlds. That's an area which contains exits to various places of interest around the world. Basically, it sort of works like portals or teleporting. This makes traveling from here to there very easy and this is often an advantage. You also get +5 to every stat. Past level 70, you only gain 1 stat point per level instead of the 3 stat points you got up to 70. So +5 in every stat accounts for about 25 levels. While it doesn't sound like much, believe me it is...

I can hardly wait to get there. Oh, I'm currently level 99 and NEARLY half way through it. It is a lot harder than everything so far. 99 to 100 is a huge gap but it will be a worthwhile one, since it is, for all means concerning me, the last level I need, heh! I will come back to you next time with some detailing on how bashing in Midkemia Online happens and how it is a lot more fun than bashing in other MMORPGs I've played. Well, at least I consider it a lot more fun.

I'm not in a rush to get 100 now, I'll explain why next time. Stay tuned! And in the meanwhile go play Midkemia Online.

Religion 3: Temples and Privileges

Posted by NeoStorm Thursday April 5 2012 at 1:21PM
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A third entry about religion and Gods in Midkemia Online.


In a Deceiver worthy (yes, that's the name of the sect Kando is) move, Kando and his partner Tora have lost the elections they were trying to hard to win and unseat the previous person in power. That made, me, the player, give a small WOW! of amazement, because I adore the political intrigue this game brings. Then our God, Banath, that's the God of Thieves, Trickery, Knowledge and your all around dashing rogue, told us flat out we were idiots for not having pooled our votes and just divided them. In retrospect he's very right, but then again, he has to be, he's a freaking God. What's the point of being God of Knowledge if you don't know stuff, am I right?

So this will be the last entry on the topic of religion and we'll move on to other exciting stuff next time. Not that this is any less interesting, but I wanna cover as much as my experience as possible. Anyway, now that Orders are settling in and people are electing their High Priests and Priestesses, we're unconvering more and more of the potential of this new system. I unfortunately can't present a full list of what we can do, but I myself can do a lot of stuff in the Order:

Oh yeah! Who WOULDN'T want to get married by an official of the Deceivers?

Yep, that's right, I can marry people! Bet you wish you were me! I actually might have a ceremony coming up, between two of the people in my order. That's gonna be fun, being married under the sign of the Deceiver.

But the extent to which we can customize the Sect is amazing. Ok, so those privileges are restricted to the Order Head but he or she is like a mini-god in their own right (within the confines of their holy order). We can even customize the way our shrines look right now. That's unprecedented, because it was something the Gods decided. Sure, they still have to double check and approve the design so that people aren't pricks, but generally, we have free reign

This enhances the experience tenfold. And OH! Well, before, the gods designed the temples, with some input (or not) from the players, and then released them. NOW, we can BUY ourselves a temple and design it. Well, not us specifically, since we have the coolest temple in existence, all full of mysteries and puzzles. But we COULD build another one. And we can afford it too. You can imagine that building a temple isn't exactly cheap, it's actually hugely expensive and a task the whole order has to work towards to achieve. It costs a TON of essence. But we're one of the bigger and more active orders so we can afford it right of the bat due to our past efforts.

I already hear plans of Orders who didn't have a temple that are working hard towards getting one. Excitement is all over. Oh, and I'll mention all th ecool stuff we're getting this month next time.

Or, y'know, you could check it out yourself, only in Midkemia Online.

Thanks for reading!

Religion 2: What the Gods and Goddesses do

Posted by NeoStorm Monday April 2 2012 at 3:26AM
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A second entry about religion and Gods in Midkemia Online.

So we've had a little time over the weekend and such to play with the new religion system. More and more people are really excited by it and the few kinks that came with the system have been worked out. Converting is immense fun, it's a light brain teaser puzzle until you figure it out the first time and then it's just code solving fun every time from there. It's quite rewarding really and a neat alternative to bashing for experience.

Our divine orders went from being totally under the Divine Patron's control to being fully player run. Of course, the Gods can still dictate whatever goes on in the Order, but some choose not to (unless the players really screw up). For example, my Order, the Sect of the Deceiver, we're a power hungry and manipulative lot and our God, Banath, the God of Thieves, is enjoying Himself immensly by watching our power struggles and political machinations. We've actually an election in the going and Kando is a candidate. He's hoping that either him or his main partner win. One of them should SURELY win these elections and remove from power one of the elder Council people who has lately upset Banath.

The intrigue and plotting always keeps us going in our secretive order. But I digress. I have mentioned Gods and Goddesses very often. Now who are they? They are the people who make Midkemia Online really really stand out. I have played many MMORPGs  and RPGs where you could create a character that was devoted to a certain belief, followed a certain deity and whatnot. But, ultimately, these choices were purely cosmetic or, at most, influenced the reaction of other characters somewhat are affected your skills in a certain manner.

But here, the Divine are REAL. Yep, they're people you can interact with, that talk to you and play their roles, that develop plots and more. They are basically the game's administrators that also encompass a roleplaying function. Some of the game's staff don't have a roleplaying function and simply take care of administrative tasks. But Gods play an active part in the game's evolution. They will often interact with mortals, for the better or worse since their aspects are many and they represent anything from Love to War to Justice to Trickery to Hunting and Greed. And each God's or Goddess' personality is uniquely different.

This makes the world feel alive, REALLY alive. You know that when you devote yourself to an Order and praise and spread a Divine's word, that Divine will actually be around to guide you, encourage you or, if displeased, act against you or punish you, just like Gods in say, Greek mythology used to do. They may be pleased or displeased and these moods can be reflected in favors upon your character that increase or decrease various aspects and power

They will often turn out at the most unexpected points and influence the course of your roleplay or, help you out in setting up a bigger roleplay plan. Some of these wonderful people will actually take over NPCs in the world and make them come alive and interact with you just like a real being would, thus, enhancing your experience even more.

Truly a great aspect and something which I encourage any RPG fan to try out because, simply put, you won't be disappointed and you'll love every minute of it. Only here, in Midkemia Online.