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Neda's Rants + Experiences in the Gaming Community

Basically going to say what I have played, what I am playing, and stuff I am doing in the games I am playing. Should be interesting, to say the least. Care to read? Well, what are you waiting for? :)

Author: Nedax

First Blog, too much to Say!

Posted by Nedax Saturday May 23 2009 at 5:27AM
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MMOs, we study them, we grade them, and then either move on or continue to explore what the game has to offer. Countless MMOs are released each year, honestly too many for someone to be able to be possibly claim they've played them all. And even if they could, what's the point?

I've played quite a few MMOs, personally. I'm not proud that I've not been able to find an MMO to keep me enticed for too long. Other than World of Warcraft, I haven't experienced too many enthralling worlds. But I can safely say that I've possibly fallen in love with one game in particular, which isn't even out yet in the American/Europe market: Aion. If the name doesn't ring a bell, don't be dismayed. But I do encourage exploring what the game is.

Recently, as far as gaming goes, I've been digging through Free MMOs. Terrible, I know. But I've honestly been bored enough. I've gone from Dragonica's Closed Beta (which is over now, and was surprisingly quite fun, although shallow to say the least), to Ether Saga Online (fun, but cash shop heavy), to Luna (honestly played only a few minutes of this it was that bad). There was one that I was downloading however, called Runes of Magic. I started to download it, but after playing the mini-games it's downloader had available I became increasingly bored of watching the download move at a crawling pace, lost interest in the game entirely, and then ceased downloading it all-together.

Now I realize the question might arise, "why should we care?" Well, that's subjective. But it's personal opinions of games players out there might be looking into. I've been watching this Atlantica Online ad on here while making this blog, and must ask, "has anyone played this?" It looks interesting, perhaps I'll give it a whirl.

Feed me your thoughts, both on Free MMOs, and what you're playing. I want to know.

Cynthe writes:

Hey there and welcome ^^

I am waiting for Aion as well it should be a very beautiful and fun game for many people.

For free MMOs I currently play Free Realms I think you might enjoy it, it's a casual mmo with lots of mini games everywhere and the download is crazy small it's mostly resides on your browser, but don't worry it's not actually a browser game, try it out to see what I mean :P

Sat May 23 2009 11:35AM Report
Annwyn writes:

I have played Atlantica Online and really liked it. It's a turn-based MMO (final fantasy turn-based style). Atlantica is quest-based meaning that you will level up mostly through quests. The community is nice and the economy is player-based.

You might also want to try Mabinogi for a change of pace. Really great game with a unique gameplay (not very newbie friendly at first but once you get used to the "rock-paper-scissor" system, it's all fine). By rock-paper-scissor I mean that for instance, an enemy will use "Defense" and to counter "Defense" you must use "Smash". If the enemy use "Smash" you must use "Counterattack". It's all about predicting your opponents moves. Mabinogi is a sandbox and many features are now free as of February's patch (rebirth, generation chain quest, etc).

There's also Warrior Epic which was just released 3 days ago. It's a mission-based MORPG. It's sort of a mix between Diablo and Guild Wars. It's a really great game even  though they're still many bugs, they do not really affect the gameplay experience.

There's also Dungeon&Fighter which will be released around September. Dragonica is very similar but D&F is much more polished and unique. It's also one of the few F2P that have actually reach the top 10 games in Asia. ( I have played the japanese version and I really loved this game so I strongly suggest you give it a try once it is released in NA (by Nexon))

That's pretty much it :þ

Sat May 23 2009 11:59AM Report writes:
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