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Author: Nebula131

Blizzard's biggest enemy...

Posted by Nebula131 Wednesday July 6 2011 at 4:22AM
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Blizzard's biggest enemy is: World of Warcraft


Yes, sounds funny at first but it is.

Like it or not, with WoW Blizzard has overrun the MMO market and rules since back then. Does it anything brand new? No, it copies from all sides, but it copies good and that works.

But what now? Sure it is one of the most  sold PC games and the subscribers still there are making Bliz a lot of money.

Looking at the MMO market i see some nice games coming up, but none really challenging WoW as #1.

GW2 is b2p so why cancel your WoW sub? you can keep both.

And SW:ToR (my personal messiah ^^) is just to big a name to satisfy everybodies imagination one has about Star Wars. It will be big, it will have lovers or haters, but it will not challenge WoW anytime soon.

Blizzard now comes with Diablo 3 but it is just something different so it will not be a "WoW or Diablo 3" choice for the players.

Also Blizzard has allways the RTS Genre in the backhand where they are really good at.


But the MMOs? If they want to stay on top in that market now their task is to exactly hit the time when to pull some of their chief devellopers out of WoW into a new game that can again be "opium for the people".

If they wait till their subscribers go down it will be too late to start develloping a new game, right now it would probably be to soon.

So i guess the most valuable job at Blizzard the next few years will be market trend analysts.


Disclaimer: it is all my personal opinion. you don't agree? that's ok..but then discuss, don't flame :)

kylemcl writes:

Well said

Wed Jul 06 2011 10:50AM Report
djvapid writes:

They are already developing a new MMO (completely original theme).

Wed Jul 06 2011 1:00PM Report
Konyak writes:

Well, actually, most MMOs are competing for the consumer's time(the exception would obviously be Guild Wars 2 but I'll get to that here in a minute). World of Warcraft isn't any different on this aspect. So it all just depends on if any MMO delivers more quality than World of Warcraft and people actually realize it.

Blizzard's biggest enemy here is a combination of themselves and Guild Wars 2. You have to think of it from a logical perspective. Yes, Guild Wars 2 is NOT competing against any other MMOs because of the B2P payment model. However, this in no way means other MMOs aren't competing against Guild Wars 2. Because at the end of the day, MMOs are competing for your time every night. If they don't have your time, then you won't pay 15 dollars a month since there would be no point to waste your money paying for a game you don't play often.

Guild Wars 2 can affect other MMOs and their subscribers. For example, if someone buys Guild Wars 2 and loves it but they also have a subscription to World of Warcraft, they could easily cancel their subscription because why would you pay for a game that isn't as good as the one that's for free? Why play both when you can save money and play the one that not only is cheaper, but has more quality(hypothetically of course).

I've said this to a lot of people but it's this kind of model that makes ArenaNet and Guild Wars invincible to other MMOs. They're not worried about other games, but other games are worried about them. I've seen that whole "Guild Wars 2 is B2P so people will keep their subscription to the other game they're playing" argument but it's a pretty stale one because if GW2 does deliver on everything, people will realize they can save money. They'll cancel their subscriptions and play GW2.

Of course, World of Warcraft doesn't need another game to take them down. Blizzard is already doing that themselves whether they know it or not.

Wed Jul 06 2011 6:54PM Report
thamighty213 writes:

Blizzard have been developing TITAN (codename) a casual friendly MMORPG based on a new IP for a good 2 years now.

Thu Jul 07 2011 2:49AM Report
nadrian3k writes:

2014 - Project Titan (witch contradicts their ™ policy - before the end of time)

Thu Jul 07 2011 9:05AM Report
namelessbob writes:

WoW is already a very casual friendly game. I would be shocked if they created Titan to compete with the easy to play game that is WoW. I figured they would go for a more difficult and though out strategy MMo. Who knows though till they release more info.

Fri Jul 08 2011 12:22AM Report
jeremyjodes writes:

The funny thing about Wow is, people who have been playing it all these years will go back to it. It's one of those MMO's you put all this time in too and you really can't leave it. people that say they quit tend to have deep urges to play it again.

The basic reason behind that is, they simply don't have anything more addicting to play yet. Sad part is they don't want another Wow clone and at the same time they want Wow like features in whatever unrealeased game forums they haunt.

Titan has jeff kaplan at the helm of the dungeon design. it's not going to be to that casual.At this point we really know nothing about it.

Wow is it's own competition. I can only guess the problems with cataclysm are not makiing them sweat. TOR"s not worrying blizzard at all. They snap the fingers and they can draw back almost if not more ex Wow players in TOR then they loose to it. Once titan releases they will tout it as next gen and all these companys that cloned Wow will fail overnight.

Fri Jul 08 2011 12:01PM Report writes:
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