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Wherefore Art Thou, DAoC?

Posted by Naryysys Tuesday December 11 2007 at 12:57AM
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           Ahh, Dark Age of Camelot. Some of my fondest memories of MMORPGs come from that game, pre-ToA, of course. What about it was so great? Hard to put my finger on one thing, there were so many. The community (I remember when regional chat used to actually be worth reading..), PvP, hell, even the PvE was great. I’m not sure I’ll ever enjoy another MMO quite so much.
            Mythic defined the great PvP experience for me. After reupping a couple months back, I’m still amazed at the lowbie battlegrounds and, to an even greater extent, the frontiers. Why hasn’t any other MMO learned from Mythic? Why hasn’t Blizzard, having almost admitted to taking the best things from other games and polishing them, implemented this system in World of Warcraft? What, exactly, possessed them to leave out something that almost the entire MMO population has agreed upon? There aren’t many issues for which the playerbase at large can find common ground. I believe DAoC PvP comes about as close as anything else.
But wait, Nary, isn’t Mythic releasing WAR? Won’t it be just like DAoC, only better?
            Sadly, no. While I believe Mythic will incorporate elements of DAoC into WAR, I highly doubt we will see a renewed DAoC. That isn’t to say WAR won’t be great. If Mythic has learned anything from DAoC and have some great new ideas I’m sure it will be a great game.  But I can already tell it won’t have the same feel DAoC had. As they say, the original is always best. For me, WAR will never be able to evoke the same fun DAoC did. Again, that isn’t to say it won’t evoke great fun, it just won’t be the same thing. I still resub every now and then just for the nostalgia factor.

            Looking to the future, here’s to hoping WAR will be another great MMO experience, and to honoring DAoC. I feel, in its prime, it was really one of the greats.

EDIT - Hah at the mistake in the title.  Man, do I feel dumb.