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Holy WoW Clones, Batman! Another?!?!

Posted by Naryysys Sunday December 9 2007 at 10:55PM
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Warning:  Contains some language that may not be suitable for kids too young to read.  Oh wait...

There's one thing I'm pretty sure everyone here at (and elsewhere, for that matter) has thought at one time or another (If you haven't had this thought, then you're the guy posting the crap that makes everyone else think this):

Enough already with the "Devs are too afraid to do something that differs from WoW now." 

Warhammer Online promises many different kinds of quests (more often than not directly involving PvP), and entire zones that can literally change hands as an effect of PvP.  They say, time and again, the focus of the game is PvP.  That's about as different from World of Warcraft as the male's genitalia is to the female's.  Age of Conan is aimed at a mature audience and promises realistic visuals and visceral combat.  Again, that comes nowhere near the very stylized visuals in World of Warcraft.  We're talking testicles and vagina here.  Pirates of the Burning Sea..  Need I say more?

Stop bombarding us with useless drivel about how the Devs are too afraid to take risks.  We get that you're an idiot, you don't need to make it any more painfully obvious.  We also don't need you to point out that WAR has Elves, WoW has Elves, so they must be clones.  Nevermind the fact that fantasy settings generally have things such as Dwarves, Swords, Magic, and Elves;  You've got some dreams to crush.  You're on a crusade against all those who think that just because PotBS has pirates, naval combat, swashbuckling, the French, the Spanish, the British, big hats, wenches, and Captain Sparrow look-alikes (you know who you are), it doesn't mean it's not a WoW clone.  Enough, we get it.

t0nyd writes:

When people say WoW clone, i believe they should be saying Generic Fantasy Clone. WoW was just a simplified version of EQ and DAoC anyway. So you could say, EQ has dark elves, dwarves, gnomes, so WoW must be an EQ clone, heh. Generic Fantasy Clone works for me...

I would say that Mythic is being slightly innovative by adding PvP quests and directing battles toward the PvP route. I would also say that it appears to be similar to WoW in many ways other than just Elves, Orcs, etc, where as Conan seems to actually have an innovative combat system. Altho being similar to WoW is also being similar to every other MMORPG that came before it.

Sun Dec 09 2007 11:04PM Report
Balkin31 writes:

You Are a GOD!!!


Thank you!

Sun Dec 09 2007 11:24PM Report
zalatoy writes:

yah, wow is a clone itself, u can't clone a clone.... or can u >.>

Sun Dec 09 2007 11:25PM Report
kaltam writes:

If WAR is cloning anything,

it's Daoc. And to me that sounds awesome.

Sun Dec 09 2007 11:35PM Report
natevoni writes:


No matter how many times this is pointed out to people there will always be some WoW head screaming clone,regardless of the fact WoW is the only MMO they've ever played...

Mon Dec 10 2007 12:09AM Report
Atoh writes:

The unfortunate thing is that WoW brought many new players to the genre, so for a couple million people WoW is the first MMO they've ever heard of, therefore anything remotely similar MUST be a clone of WoW. Even if said infintismely small game launched before WoW, well, it must have been a clone. I mean, WoW is the begining right?


and props for mentioning PotBS, great game there ^^

Mon Dec 10 2007 12:27AM Report
hbosman writes:

Fun part is, people don't want something else. Seed the Game anybody? People didn't played it because it was 'too different' (that and a bad beta).

Mon Dec 10 2007 1:50AM Report
xenogias writes:

Personally when I see people say they dont want anymore WoW clones they arent talking about the elfs ect. They are talking about wanting something completely new and innovative. AoC is takeing a SMALL step with there combat system.  I hate WoW and try to look at every game for what it offers. But since WoW brought in a large group of people who cant think for themself new games have been dumbed down way to freaking much. I prefer going back to the days of having to plan my characters out instead of a game doing it for me!

Mon Dec 10 2007 2:36AM Report
NightCloak writes:

It violates my very peace of mind when people just spam "wow-clone" without thinking. I can understand someone comparing a generic fantasy game with WoW as WoW is a generic fantasy game just with a known world attached to it, but c'mon. Its like calling EvE Astroids-like when you say something like POTBS is wow-like.

Then again, EvE and Astroids are alike. Lots of astroids and space ships. But isn't EvE just another WoW-Clone? So... That means that Astroids is like WoW too.

Freaking retards that think everyhing is like wow...

Mon Dec 10 2007 6:01AM Report
Jamkull writes:

And of course they are clones of the grandfather of them all :P D&D

Pencil and paper games is where it all started and now we can play them with a really nice graphical CRPG online :) except without a DM of course...

but yeah, if it fits in the fantasy genre then most likey it may have the standard fair of races etc.  

but you are probably seeing all this because we have this huge flood of MMO noobs all around and WoW was their first MMO so they compare everything to that.   but a lot don't know that WoW wasn't original by any means.  the devs for WoW just  took elements from already proven games.

Mon Dec 10 2007 7:33AM Report
murphys123 writes:

I agree with the intent of your message, but not exactly they way in which you delivered it. I do believe, however, that it is nieve to assume that game developers are not adopting some aspects of wow that made it so popular. This is what concerns me and what I think alot of people are referring to when they make these blanket statements. I do not agree with the people who label games doesn't really make sense, but I do not like some of the changes made to the genre since Wow came out.

Mon Dec 10 2007 12:25PM Report
Naryysys writes:

murphys123, I agree the way I delivered the message was a bit condescending towards people who make posts claiming WoW-clones, and I also agree that game developers are looking at WoW for working ideas on certain aspects such as UI.  However, I don't feel threatened by the second part of that statement.  MMOs are always going to have similar systems in place in certain areas, but I don't believe that means we should feel originality is threatened by it.  I also don't believe we should write it off as a WoW-clone because it has a similar UI (something we both seem to agree on).  Devs, for the most part, want something better than WoW (ideally).  Making a carbon copy will not be significantly better..  At best, it could only be marginally better.  Thus, I feel devs will always be trying something new, trying to find new features that will define their MMO as a great game worth playing.  They know we don't want another WoW, no matter how loud their financial backers are yelling it at them.

Mon Dec 10 2007 1:56PM Report
Liquidvison writes:

i think its funny people call any games "clones", does it really matter? either way the game will come out and people will buy about stick to what matters and see if the game floats or drowns the first 6 months its out. personally ill be waiting for aoc and war...only goin one way or the other so, i just hope they either or both have the follwing wow did

Mon Dec 10 2007 2:10PM Report
grandmoo writes:

The OP has a very good point.  Too many little kiddies that have played NOTHING but WoW insist that everything that comes out now MUST take all their inspiration from WoW.  It could never be possible that OTHER games existed before WoW.

Mon Dec 10 2007 3:05PM Report
murphys123 writes:

Makes sense

Mon Dec 10 2007 3:14PM Report
Firedorn writes:

They're all pong clones if you ask me...the whole lot of them.

Here's how all games are similar...they are games.  So far, the technology has allowed game developers to create games where many people connect to a server and play together and advance their alter egos by completing tasks given out by computer controlled characters.  Also, they gain "experience" by vanquishing foes, be it monsters, evil robots or other real life people's alter-egos.

In the future, there may be a game, where someone can come knock on your door and then whack you upside the head with a mace when you open it.  And they'll charge you for that too.  They'll loot your belongings and that epic TV you just bought at the auction house.  Maybe innovation should head that way.

In my opinion, the only thing WoW innovated is the ability to take all things that make games good (read borrowed from other games) and put them together in a very nicely polished package.  Not to say that WoW isn't a good game, it is.  But it is not the creator of MMOs.  It has created a benchmark comparison, but it is not the mold that many starting casting their models from.

Get over it people, WoW is the great great grandson of MMOs...the elder of some (and many more to come), but first of all, the junior of many.

Mon Dec 10 2007 8:47PM Report
Flungmuk writes:

Just wait for all the eastern companys that are still making Diablo clones to catch up...THEN you'll get real wow clones. :)

Tue Dec 11 2007 3:31PM Report writes:
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