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Holy WoW Clones, Batman! Another?!?!

Posted by Naryysys Sunday December 9 2007 at 11:55PM
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Warning:  Contains some language that may not be suitable for kids too young to read.  Oh wait...

There's one thing I'm pretty sure everyone here at (and elsewhere, for that matter) has thought at one time or another (If you haven't had this thought, then you're the guy posting the crap that makes everyone else think this):

Enough already with the "Devs are too afraid to do something that differs from WoW now." 

Warhammer Online promises many different kinds of quests (more often than not directly involving PvP), and entire zones that can literally change hands as an effect of PvP.  They say, time and again, the focus of the game is PvP.  That's about as different from World of Warcraft as the male's genitalia is to the female's.  Age of Conan is aimed at a mature audience and promises realistic visuals and visceral combat.  Again, that comes nowhere near the very stylized visuals in World of Warcraft.  We're talking testicles and vagina here.  Pirates of the Burning Sea..  Need I say more?

Stop bombarding us with useless drivel about how the Devs are too afraid to take risks.  We get that you're an idiot, you don't need to make it any more painfully obvious.  We also don't need you to point out that WAR has Elves, WoW has Elves, so they must be clones.  Nevermind the fact that fantasy settings generally have things such as Dwarves, Swords, Magic, and Elves;  You've got some dreams to crush.  You're on a crusade against all those who think that just because PotBS has pirates, naval combat, swashbuckling, the French, the Spanish, the British, big hats, wenches, and Captain Sparrow look-alikes (you know who you are), it doesn't mean it's not a WoW clone.  Enough, we get it.