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A collection of articles created by me regarding anything that has some faint relation to an MMO(s).

Author: Nalestom

Who Knew A Free MMO Could Be Good?

Posted by Nalestom Tuesday July 7 2009 at 11:14PM
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After playing and enjoying Jade Dynasty for a while, an online friend of mine recommended to me one of the best free MMO's I have ever played in a very long time. It's name? Runes of Magic.

Upon entering the game for the first time, I was greeted with the option to take part in a basic tutorial of the game (How to move, how to fight creatures, the usual basics of any MMO), which sounds like it's not worth noting, but it actually is. In too many MMO's, I've seen veteran players who created a new account just for the fun of it be forced to take part in the same tutorial they've seen to the point where they can clearly remember each line of dialogue, the quest NPC's, the monsters you need to kill, where those monsters are located, and so on. The simple fact that Frogster (the developer of Runes of Magic) included this as an option told me that the game was designed with the players in mind.

After stumbling into the starter town, Pioneer's Colony, I was greeted with another series of quests that mostly involved errand-running, but allowed me to become familiar with the town, the surrounding area, and all the controls and uses of the features in the game, without the quest NPC's actually instructing me on how to do such tasks in extreme detail. Near the end of my journey at Pioneer's Colony, I had learned a great detail, including the crafting system, the various dungeons in the area, the roles of my class and the roles of other classes in a group environment, and many, many other things that, if you understand early on, make the game a whole lot easier to play.

Which brings us to the crafting system. Like any good MMO, if you want a really good weapon or set of armor, you're going to have to gather materials from the surrounding area and craft it yourself. While a few powerful weapons do drop from certain named mobs from time to time, weapons that are almost as powerful can be crafted by the player or bought from another. A unique crafting system that is unlike any other I've seen so far is revealed through this process. This system isn't complicated, but is so hard to describe, I can't go into much detail here.

There are many, many things that make a good MMO, and many more things that make a good MMO better! In my opinion, Runes of Magic is definitely worth a try, whether you're a casual MMO player or a hardcore raider and grinder. It isn't a complete duplicate of World of Warcraft or EverQuest or whichever MMO you have in mind, but it's as close to them as I've seen.