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A collection of articles created by me regarding anything that has some faint relation to an MMO(s).

Author: Nalestom

The Music Buff -- How In-Game Music Affects MMO's and Players

Posted by Nalestom Saturday April 4 2009 at 8:11AM
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Recently, I've been on a "free trial" spree; playing the Age of Conan, World of Warcraft, Everquest II, and Guild Wars week-long trials simply to see how each game is. During this freeloader epidemic, I've noticed the wide variety of instrumental music created and used in each game. I've also noticed how the same music affects my playing experience, as well as my mood about certain activities (as the last thing you want is to be annoyed by horrible music while doing one of your least-favorite activites, such as farming).

Some of the best music orchestra music I have ever heard in an MMO belongs to Everquest II. The music, written by Emmy award-winning composer Laura Karpman and performed by the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague, is designed entirely with that zone's "personality" in mind. For example, listen to this and imagine walking through a dark, evil, vermin-filled city full of mystery, or listen to this and imagine walking through a forest filled with tall, thick, ancient trees supporting a small colony of nature-loving, beautiful fairies. I'm not sure about you, dear gamer, but simply listening to the music makes me want to play the game, and that is exactly how in-game music should be.

Music is a very important part in an MMO player's experience in the game, and it is a true shame that a lot of mainstream companies don't realize its value or commit more time and effort towards a quality musical masterpiece. Whether you like alternative or heavy metal, rap or techno, a good music selection will always enlighten your day of playing in Azeroth...or Norrath, or Tamriel, or wherever you are.

dcostello writes:

 Right you are.

Sat Apr 04 2009 12:43PM Report
ozrial writes:

Indeed.  Everquest II is by far one of the best imho regarding their music.  My favorite is Runnyeye =).

Sat Apr 04 2009 3:33PM Report
mobdestroyer writes:

Sorry but I really don't care about ingame music I always listen to my own music (music I voluntarily listen to). Except for fallout (great fifties music) that I could listen to ingame. But not to a game like everquest 2 it will just make me even more bored.

Sat Apr 04 2009 4:57PM Report
kingbloop writes:

I prefer listening to music i want to listen to and 99% of the time it is not the game's i'm playing. I would rather a mp3 function put into the game so i can easily deal with my tunes there.

Sat Apr 04 2009 5:27PM Report
stayontarget writes:

I agree with you. check out the sound track on this game. Maybe not as good as EQ2 but still high quality (NOTE: long load time, click option 1 on the bottom then select OST. listen to track 15)

Sat Apr 04 2009 9:36PM Report writes:
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