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A collection of articles created by me regarding anything that has some faint relation to an MMO(s).

Author: Nalestom

The Best Failing MMO

Posted by Nalestom Sunday February 1 2009 at 2:11PM
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Recently, I have read news that NCsoft, the publisher of Guild Wars, is completely dropping it's sci-fi MMORPTPS (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Third-Person Shooter) Tabula Rasa. Intrigued, I decided to download the now-free game to try it out, as I had nothing to lose, but as I would later find out, lots to gain.

The overall concept of the game was very well designed. NCsoft managed to perfectly blend the concept of an MMORPG and a TPS (Once again, Third-Person Shooter). The game has the skills/attributes/classes side to it that comes with any other MMO. You have certain skills you can level up, and experience point system, a class tree, and equipment that affects your attributes and the damage you deal/take. However, they also add a TPS side to it, giving players access to a wide range of different types of guns. In normal MMO's, the weapons you are given are the same with each player. If you give your sword to another player with the same character, he will do the same damage. However, in Tabula Rasa, it is not only a "who has the better weapon" situtation, but also a "who knows how and when to use their weapon" situation. If you want to win against anybody, you have to know how your weapon should be used (for example, you should know not to attempt to kill somebody at point-blank range with a rifle) and in what scenarios it should be used (for example, don't use a rifle when there is a group of enemies attacking you.

There is a slightly different "feature" as far as quests and the overall storyline goes. In most MMO's, there is a separate storyline to each little zone. In Tabula Rasa, the storyline in each little zone tie together. A minor feature, but one worth noticing, especially since games like World of Warcraft and Everquest don't have one big storyline.

 Overall, this game is definitely worth downloading and trying it out, especially if you are a fan of both FPS' and MMORPG's. After all, since it is now free, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and quite a bit to gain!

Teiman writes:

 You see more positive things than I do. A good game, but not as good as you say. And for a MMO is lacking, if you expect it to be played long...

Sun Feb 01 2009 4:24PM Report
Magsato writes:

Tabula Rasa is a fantastic game, it could have lived a long long life as one of the second string MMOs, however failed promises and weak devlopment killed the game. The are just NOW adding features that were supposed to be put in December of 07. Not to mention that once you reach maximum level there is absolutely nothing to do.

That being said when you were able to get some real squad PvP going it was awesome, some of the best I have participated in but more often then not it was either incredibly lopsided in numbers/levels or stalemating completely due to certain classes being ungodly overpowered compared to others.

Anyhow I very very much enjoyed my time in Tabula Rasa and will remember it fondly, I just wish the development team had a more attainable vision of its future.

Sun Feb 01 2009 4:30PM Report
wolfmann writes:

There needs to be more to a MMO than "Run and gun", and sadly, Tabula Rasa only did the run and gun part.

The rest aint even there... So the game would feel sweet for the first month, but after that.... Yer got nuffen fun to do

Sun Feb 01 2009 9:35PM Report
sfraden writes:

AFAIK TR is not free any longer, is supposed to be completely shut down and vanished.  But that may have changed *shrug* 

My main problem with the game when I played it was at level 1 your running around shooting aliens.  At level 40 your running around shooting the same aliens.  The gameplay actually stagnated for the entire game; never changing.  Other than that it was a beautiful world, ran really really well, and the combat was pretty damn good.  Too bad it got boring after a few levels of it...

Mon Feb 02 2009 8:06AM Report
Lydon writes:

I love TR and will mourn the day it shuts down =( I'm hoping NCsoft pull a Hellgate London and announce it's staying at the last minute. 

Mon Feb 02 2009 7:40PM Report
stayontarget writes:

The game is better now than it was at launch. NC should have never bedded with RG. NC wanted to change a few things before launch but RG would have none of it.  It was his way or the highway. I was glad they kicked him to the curb, but sadly it was too late for TR.

Tue Feb 03 2009 5:55AM Report
Ryukan writes:

Way to go RG! Bail on your own game...what a champ he is :P Perhaps that is why I have never played much in the way of RG's games. The early Ulitma games from the 80's were cool, but they started sucking into the 90's and on. Never bothered with Ultima Online and I tried Tabula Rasa and found it to be a decent game yet  it got fairly repetetive kind of quickly...still it was kinda cool and different compared to many of the MMO's out today. Frankly though, RG seems to be too egotistical and self-centered as a game creator for me to get into his stuff.

Tue Feb 03 2009 11:04AM Report writes:
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