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NFWolfDude's Thoughs and Rants

This is just general stuff about gaming. My thoughts and such, for what they are worth.

Author: NFWolfDude

Putting ArchLord on the Back Burner

Posted by NFWolfDude Monday October 29 2007 at 7:26AM
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I have a lot of patience. I mean a lot. I understand technical issues and server down time or connection issues don't bother me much. I am a casual gamer, so I don't get bothered by not being able to get on to a game. However.... I have been playing ArchLord recently. It's a great game! I really enjoy the time I play. The problem is that there are so many connection/server issues that it got on my nerves. I am putting ArchLord on the back burner for a while in the hopes that CodeMasters corrects the server/connection issues. For now I am going to give RF Online a try. It too is by CM. Twice in the last two days I've had issues connecting to this game also. This is not a good sign, but I will give it a chance. I do know that if CM has the same issues with RFO as AL, I am off their games for life.

Socialization, Friends and Fun in MMOs

Posted by NFWolfDude Tuesday October 9 2007 at 5:55AM
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I come from a long history of gaming. I started playing pen and paper role-playing games back in 1975. My friends and I played at least once a week. It was a social gathering more than an exercise in gaining experience, levels and items for whatever character we were playing at the time.

In the 80's I started my interest in computers and shortly after that moved into gaming on computers. I have played a lot of computer games, the original Bard's Tale, Ultima, Zork and many many others through the years. In the late 80's I got my first modem and started frequenting BBS sites via dial up. That was my first experience in “on-line” games. The first being Trade Wars 2000. An ANSI graphics, turn based, space trading game. I would log in daily to make my allowed amount of turns, trades, moves and attacks. Because this was turn based, I spent a lot of time in forums and on IRC discussing strategies and moves that had been made. Shortly after this I started frequenting a Multi-User Dungeon or MUD. A MUD is basically a linked chat room with a running theme or adventure where multiple people could communicate in the same room. It was the early predecessor of today's MMORPG. Again, these entertainments were fun because of the socialization and friendships created while playing.

Over the last five or so years I have been playing MMORPG games. I started with Asheron's Call, moved to Anarchy Online, played Lineage II, EVE, Guild Wars and a ton of others. I had the most fun in Anarchy Online, mostly because of the community and friends I made there. They have a streaming radio station, Gridstream, Inc. which hosted “live” events with the DJs logged into the game at a location, usually an in-game night club, while they played music, held contests and other fun things. Again it came down to socialization and friends for the fun.

What happened to the socialization part of MMOs? I log in to most games now and get spammed to death by UberKiller who is bragging about pwning someone or another, MastaSella is hawking his wares on the local channel because the provided ways to sell are obviously inadequate, SupaLevlr is shouting for a pick up group because they need to use someone to power level faster and get more uber loot so MastaSella will not go out of business so they too can pwn someone. Other than that, all communication seems lacking. Most people are only talking on their guild channels or in private channels.

What happened to enjoying getting together with people, making long lasting friendships, discussing things other than how to optimize the time spent online for the betterment of uberness? Don't people enjoy all aspects of MMOs? Do they take the time to look around and appreciate the work the developers have put into making the beautiful and intricate 3-D worlds that the players take for granted? What's relaxing about the constant need to grind to be better? I see nothing but complaints in forums for these games telling everyone how something is unfair, how they should be getting the benefit of this or that, how the game company sucks for nerfing this or that, etc.

I don't know, I personally level at about half the speed of the people around me. I try to talk to people, which isn't easy sometimes. I love to explore. I mean, just running to the very eastern most part of the game map because I want to see what's there is a good time to me. No, it doesn't gain me anything, usually, but sometimes I make a discovery that translates to help in the game eventually.

My point, maybe it is time people slow down, quit complaining, make some good friends and actually enjoy the game as the entertainment it is supposed to be. I'm trying a social experiment, I just stared a casual gamers guild on what most of the grinders consider a PvP only MMO, ArchLord. I expect that there are others of the same mind as me and see more than the PvP. We'll see. I am expecting the negative remarks from the grinding uber-players. Oh well. I don't have anything to loose except some time and, as long as I am enjoying myself, isn't a waste.