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Mythos Global Blog

This blog will contain information, news, updates, and feature articles about Mythos Global.

Author: MythosGlobal

Chapter 18: Journey to the Village of the Humans

Posted by MythosGlobal Thursday June 14 2012 at 9:56PM
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“I’m surprised that for a young kid like you, it didn’t take long for us to convince you to accompany us,” said Grunt.
“My destiny is to save Uld! How can I not want that?” replied Leo. “I will do my best and be a hero! My father is watching over me. I’ll make him proud.”
The three adventurers peacefully crossed the Field of Grasswind. It was a nice escape from the grueling battles and experiences that they have had during the past few days. The blades of grass are dancing beautifully with the wind, swaying their tips as if greeting the adventurers.
“It’s good that this field remains untainted by the filthy hands of the Discordians!” remarked Lillin.
Grunt nodded. “Indeed. It would have been a waste if such a calm land will be ruined by the enemy.”
“Hey! There’s the village of the humans!” Leo interrupted.
“It looks like the village is still safe,” Lillin said with relief.
When they are near the village, they noticed something is amiss. The village is extremely quiet and the smell of blood travels with the wind.
Lillin gasped. “It can’t be! Are we too late?”
“Seems to be that way. Let’s search the village and see if there are any survivors. Hurry!” Grunt ordered.
“Wait! These widgets can detect the electric current running from a live body. Let’s follow these.” Leo said.
The widget floated in the air and released a weak electric flash. It started to move forward so the three adventurers followed. The widget turned right after the second corner and went inside a small house. Afterwards, it went under a wooden table and stayed there. Leo and Grunt looked at each other in confusion while Lillin moved the table aside and knocked on the floor.
“Anyone there? I am Lillin, a Satyr travelling alongside my friends. If anyone is in there, please answer me.” Lillin said.
A few moments of silence passed, but after a while, the floor was lifted revealing a small compartment. A female human peeked and then went out, followed by her two children.
“Who are you? What happened outside?” asked the mother.
“We just came here and found a number of dead soldiers in your village. It seems that the village has already been abandoned.” Grunt replied. “Can you tell us what happened?”

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