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Mythos Global Blog

This blog will contain information, news, updates, and feature articles about Mythos Global.

Author: MythosGlobal

Chapter 8: Calming of the Waves

Posted by MythosGlobal Wednesday April 4 2012 at 4:34AM
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“So before we reach the Cavern of Firefall, we have to pass through Dustwind Valley, right?” Chris asked for confirmation.

Lillin replied, “Yes, which means that we probably need to kill the green goblins first before we reach your real enemy. Let’s proceed silently and keep confrontations at a minimum.”

“Who cares? Green or fire, they’re all goblins and they are all enemies. Let’s kill whichever goblin is on sight,” Chris arrogantly said.

“I’m taking back what I said to you before,” Grunt intervened. “It seems that you did not inherit your father’s courage. You are just plain stupid and arrogant.”

Chris retorted, “Coming from a war-freak Cyclops? You’re just following us so keep out of this conversation.”

Chris continued walking. Lillin briefly talked to Grunt and apologized for Chris’ behavior. They followed him shortly after. While striding through the scorching heat of the valley, the two noticed that Chris is walking very carefully, cautious of his surroundings. Lillin and Grunt looked at each other with a smile.

“Stop!” Chris suddenly but silently exclaimed.

A group of green goblins walked through a narrow passage, and then disappeared from sight. Lillin and Grunt became even more astonished and intrigued, but they went ahead without uttering a single word. After a few hours of careful travelling, the three successfully passed through Dustwind Valley without being seen by the enemy.

“There’s the Cavern of Firefall,” Lillin said.

Chris looked back and gave a smile.

The three travelers carefully entered the cavern. Inside, they saw fire goblins that are busy mining something from the site. Confrontation is inevitable. They rushed towards the goblins and killed as many as they can before the goblins could alert their leader. They pushed deeper and deeper into the cavern until they came upon a huge room.

Waiting for them are several fire goblins, and their leader Purete. The size of their leader is almost ten times the size of a normal fire goblin. Chris, however, is so determined, he didn’t even show a sign of fear.

Chris and Grunt ran towards the horde, while Lillin stayed at the back to support them.


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