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This blog will contain information, news, updates, and feature articles about Mythos Global.

Author: MythosGlobal

Chapter 22: The Field and The Sky

Posted by MythosGlobal Thursday July 12 2012 at 10:32PM
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“Tomorrow” however, was too early for Lillin. She laid in bed for two days before finally regaining consciousness. The three adventurers prepared to set out once Lillin had fully recovered. They thanked the kind woman for letting them stay and bid her and her children farewell.
“So, we’re heading to another village?” asked Leo.
“Yes,” Grunt answered. “We will continue on protecting villages while searching for the other destined children.”
Leo thought about it for a while then blurted out, “What if you are the fourth destined child? We’ve been journeying together and Lillin turned out to be one of the destined children too!”
“What do you mean?” Lillin interrupted.
“Don’t you remember anything?” asked Leo.
Lillin shook her head. “None at all. All I remember was that we were fighting a huge force of undead.”
“You killed most of them in a single attack,” Grunt said.
Lillin was surprised. “Really? I don’t understand. What happened?”
“Do you remember charging up your rifle for one final attack?” Grunt explained. “Instead of your usual electric cannon, a gust of green cloud was released by your rifle. It seemed to be a very strong poison that killed a majority of the undead.”
Lillin remained silent.
“Grunt said you may be one of the destined children. And I think you are!” Leo said smiling.
“I am not yet sure about it but it seems that what triggered your hidden ability was the same as Chris and Leo,” Grunt speculated. “The elements that the three of you were able to control are different. If you are indeed a destined child, then the last one should be the one controlling the element of fire.”
“I’m still not sure about me being a destined child, but if one of the destined children controls fire, how are we supposed to distinguish him from all other pyromancers?” asked Lillin. “Among the four elements, fire was successfully passed on up to our time.”
“I don’t know,” Grunt said. “Let’s just hope that he stands out from the crowd.”
After two hours of walking, they saw sparkles and flashes of white and red in a distant field.
“What is that? It looks awesome!” Leo said with excitement.
“Come on! Let’s see what’s happening there,” said Grunt.

Chapter 21: The Gentle Poison

Posted by MythosGlobal Friday July 6 2012 at 2:45AM
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“Fall back!” Grunt ordered. “There are still too many of them for us to fend off.”
Leo and Grunt started to retreat but Lillin stayed behind.
Grunt noticed it and shouted, “Lillin! What are you doing? Fall back!”
“I’m not letting this village fall!” exclaimed Lillin. “Nature, please give me strength!”
Lillin charged up her rifle with all of her energy. The undead rushed towards her like a horde of wolves preying on a single sheep.
“Lillin, run! Your electric cannon will not work against them!” Grunt said while running towards Lillin to save her.
After completely charging up, Lillin fired her rifle. A strong gust of green cloud went out of the rifle which suffocated the undead. The raiders went down to their knees one by one, then died painfully and slowly. Only a handful in the rear survived the attack. Lillin collapsed due to exhaustion.
“Leo! Take care of her and make sure nobody comes near,” Grunt said. “I’ll kill all the remaining ones.”
Grunt easily defeated all the remaining undead then went back to see Lillin’s condition.
“Lillin is so strong! I never knew she had that ability!” Leo said with excitement.
Grunt nodded. “I was surprised myself. Perhaps, she is also one of the destined children.”
“Really? That’s great!!” Leo got even more excited.
“It’s still too early to say so, but at least we’re safe,” said Grunt. “Let’s go back to the woman’s house and let Lillin rest.”
Grunt carried Lillin and went back to the woman’s house together with Leo. He laid Lillin to a bed while Leo knocked on the floor where the small compartment is located. The lid opened slightly. When the mother saw that it was Leo, she slowly went outside and asked what happened.
“Are you sure?” asked the mother.
“Yes. The village is safe for now,” said Grunt. “The other villagers need not hide inside these small compartments at night and you can also ask the other villagers who left to return.”
The mother let out a sigh of relief and asked her children to go out of the compartment. “Thank you so much, adventurers! We will forever be grateful. You may come here anytime if you need anything.”
“Thank you so much, Madam. We will probably just rest here tonight and leave tomorrow once our comrade has recovered,” Grunt said politely.

Chapter 20: Against All Odds

Posted by MythosGlobal Wednesday July 4 2012 at 9:09PM
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Night came and it was very peaceful and quiet. The villagers who stayed behind went down to their small compartments to hide and sleep. Grunt, Lillin, and Leo waited near the village gate and prepared themselves for the arrival of the undead.
“Do you think they will come back?” asked Lillin.
Grunt shrugged his shoulders. “I am not sure but it’s better to stay here for at least one night. We might also find some clues.”
The three waited for several more hours. At around twelve midnight, silhouettes rose from a nearby field. Leo immediately prepared his widgets and scattered them outside the gate covering a large area.
“Judging from their figure, it looks like they are indeed, the undead,” Grunt said.
Lillin and Grunt hid behind the village walls while Leo remained visible from outside. The undead saw him and rushed towards him. Their numbers are overwhelming and their faces are terrifying. Among them are the Skeleton Knights, Zombies, and Shadow Bats. When the front was almost near the gate, Leo activated his widgets. A tremendous electric current ran through each of the small widgets, releasing a devastating electrical attack. The raiding undead were electrocuted and couldn’t move, but only the shadow bats died from the attack.
“Grunt! Lillin! Help!” cried Leo.
Lillin and Grunt immediately went outside and saw what happened.
“Since when did the undead become immune to lightning attacks?” Lillin asked in confusion.
“I don’t know but we have no time to waste!” Grunt said. “Kill as many of them as possible while they still can’t move.”
Almost immediately after Grunt said this, the undead started to move.
“Leo, can you activate the widgets again?” asked Grunt.
“I’ve only used it once at the most, but I’ll try it again,” Leo said.
The widgets then released another strong electric current.
“Lillin, continuously fire at them with or without the electric current!” Grunt ordered. “They are electrified for ten seconds at the most. I will kill as many as I can near the gate and return inside before they can move again. Leo, activate it once they start running again!”
All three followed Grunt’s strategy and were able to kill a quarter of the enemy force. However, when Leo activated the widgets for the fourth time, the widgets shattered into pieces. The undead rushed towards the gate with frenzy.
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Chapter 19: Dusk and Darkness

Posted by MythosGlobal Thursday June 21 2012 at 11:18PM
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The mother cried, “Oh my beloved husband… is he still alive?”
“We don’t know. But you should evacuate now since there are nobody else here,” answered Grunt.
“Not all villagers left the village. Many houses here have small compartments so there should still be a number of people here who are just hiding,” said the mother.
“Can you tell us what exactly happened?” asked Lillin.
Wiping her tears away with her hands, the mother replied, “We were sleeping very peacefully last night. Suddenly, we were awoken by screams from nearby. We found out that the undead was raiding our village.”
“Undead? I thought most of them perished a few years ago,” Lillin said with surprise.
“And we were gravely mistaken,” added the woman. “My husband and some other men quickly took their swords to repel the undead. Some of the villagers ran away while others hid in these small compartments.”
“I see,” Grunt remarked. “With all the recent happenings, I can only say that someone or something must be controlling them. Forest animals attacking other people, enemy captains and leaders with tainted eyes, and the undead being resurrected, we’re up against one tough foe.”
“God Chaose from the prophecy?” Lillin asked.
Grunt nodded in affirmation.
“We’ll wait here and see if the undead will come back. You should take this time to run and find a safe place to stay,” ordered Grunt.
The mother continued to cry. “There is nowhere else we could go. We’ll just try and live our normal lives on day time and hide here at night.”
“Poor lad,” Lillin said then hugged the woman. “Isn’t there anything we can do, Grunt?”
“We’ll stay here until midnight and wait if the undead are coming back,” Grunt said. “If they arrive, we have to defeat them and banish them from Uld forever!”
“You’re really a brave guy, Grunt. Let us prepare, then, for this huge battle,” Lillin remarked.
“Count me in!” shouted Leo.
The three adventurers stayed with the mother and her children inside her house and comforted the family from the loss of a husband and father. It was a very touching scene, very different from the vicious battle that’s going to happen that same night.

Review of the Latest Content Update for Mythos Global

Posted by MythosGlobal Monday June 18 2012 at 10:33PM
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Hi everyone! The level 60 patch update was implemented a few weeks ago and we are wondering how everyone is doing. Are you liking it so far? While checking on some websites, we found a short but nice review that covered some of the contents included in our latest patch. Here's a copy of what he said:



Last May 24, Mythos Global released its latest and biggest content update so far. The update included an increase of level cap from 51 to 60, a new zone called Land of the Dead, several new dungeons, and tons of new monsters and loots.

I've been playing Mythos Global ever since its OBT and I'm still playing it until now. Like many Mythos players, I've also been waiting for this update for quite some time. As such, here are some overview of the new stuff implemented with the latest patch.

First is the new area called Land of the Dead. This area is very different from the previous three zones of Mythos. The first one being very vibrant and green with all the lush forests. The second is orangey with all the sandy deserts and rocky mountains. The third one is a cold snowy terrain. Land of the Dead is much darker and lurks with hideous undead and other deformed creatures.


Next are the dungeons. From level 1 to 51, I rarely died inside dungeons. If ever I die, it's most likely because of carelessness. Although, I didn't say the relic dungeons since those are much tougher. It's quite hard to solo those relic dungeons. However, most of the normal dungeons are quite manageable given the right skills and gears. This has drastically changed when the update came. The new dungeons are very challenging. The normal mobs are much tougher and also deal quite a lot of damage.

If the new mobs got stronger, then say hello to the new bosses. My character is not the tanking type. I killed bosses mainly by summoning turrets and widgets (the flying thingies), while I run around and kite the boss. This became very difficult to do when fighting the new breed of bosses. Not only do they have larger HP, they also have much higher damage. They even have skills that can easily one or two shot my character if I get just a tad bit careless. Furthermore, some bosses even run VERY fast! The kiting strategy are much less effective against those enemies because whenever I stop for a second to throw a new tower, they are right there behind me, even with a speed increase potion activated. In a few days alone, I find myself dying quite a lot! I had to get a new skill just to increase my survivability.

The last thing that I would like to talk about in this patch is the new mode called Crystal Defense. As the name implies, it is a mode where you have to protect a crystal from several waves of monsters. The group mode is unavailable yet so it's only solo for now. Although I haven't reached the level cap yet, it's definitely tough. The highest I got was stage 3 or 4 (I can't remember exactly). Basically, it's just a matter of defeating enemies as fast as possible before they can attack the crystal that you need to protect. It's a fun challenge especially to those strong enough to repel the enemies for a long time.

Result of one of my runs. Haha.

So that's my short overview of the latest patch update for Mythos Global. It definitely brings a lot to the game. Besides the typical increase in level cap, new zones, quests, monsters, and items, it added a lot of challenge to the game. One doesn't just walk happily inside those dungeons since the danger is much higher. The new crystal defense mode is also a good addition.

I highly recommend playing this game. If you like dungeon-crawlers like that of Diablo, then Mythos Global is certainly a decent alternative. To new players, it is never too late to join the fray. There are people and guilds that actively help low level players. To those who have have the urge to go back to the game, the latest patch certainly will give you extra hours of fun and excitement.


We are very much pleased to see that our players are enjoying the game and getting challenged at the same time. We hope to hear more from our beloved players. Reviews like this are always appreciated. Thank you so much for the support! :)


Mythos Global Website:

Chapter 18: Journey to the Village of the Humans

Posted by MythosGlobal Thursday June 14 2012 at 10:56PM
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“I’m surprised that for a young kid like you, it didn’t take long for us to convince you to accompany us,” said Grunt.
“My destiny is to save Uld! How can I not want that?” replied Leo. “I will do my best and be a hero! My father is watching over me. I’ll make him proud.”
The three adventurers peacefully crossed the Field of Grasswind. It was a nice escape from the grueling battles and experiences that they have had during the past few days. The blades of grass are dancing beautifully with the wind, swaying their tips as if greeting the adventurers.
“It’s good that this field remains untainted by the filthy hands of the Discordians!” remarked Lillin.
Grunt nodded. “Indeed. It would have been a waste if such a calm land will be ruined by the enemy.”
“Hey! There’s the village of the humans!” Leo interrupted.
“It looks like the village is still safe,” Lillin said with relief.
When they are near the village, they noticed something is amiss. The village is extremely quiet and the smell of blood travels with the wind.
Lillin gasped. “It can’t be! Are we too late?”
“Seems to be that way. Let’s search the village and see if there are any survivors. Hurry!” Grunt ordered.
“Wait! These widgets can detect the electric current running from a live body. Let’s follow these.” Leo said.
The widget floated in the air and released a weak electric flash. It started to move forward so the three adventurers followed. The widget turned right after the second corner and went inside a small house. Afterwards, it went under a wooden table and stayed there. Leo and Grunt looked at each other in confusion while Lillin moved the table aside and knocked on the floor.
“Anyone there? I am Lillin, a Satyr travelling alongside my friends. If anyone is in there, please answer me.” Lillin said.
A few moments of silence passed, but after a while, the floor was lifted revealing a small compartment. A female human peeked and then went out, followed by her two children.
“Who are you? What happened outside?” asked the mother.
“We just came here and found a number of dead soldiers in your village. It seems that the village has already been abandoned.” Grunt replied. “Can you tell us what happened?”

Chapter 17: Endless Cold

Posted by MythosGlobal Thursday June 7 2012 at 10:41PM
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“Ugh… where am I? Why is it so dark in here?” Chris’ voice echoed in the midst of a vast lightless void.
“Lillin? Grunt? Can anyone here me!?” he shouted. “This is probably just a dream.”
Chris hit himself hard but he did not feel anything.
“I knew it! This is a dream! But why does it feel so real?” Chris was so lost in thought.
A small light emanated from afar, and in a split second, everything became bright. When Chris opened his eyes, he found himself in an icy terrain surrounded by mountains. The ground is covered entirely with snow.
“From total darkness, now I’m in a snow-covered land. What the heck is happening? I still can’t feel a single thing!” Chris remarked to himself, slightly annoyed by what’s happening to him.
Chris started walking to look for a village where he can stay. After a few minutes of walking, dark clouds started to form. Chris knew that a blizzard is coming. He was right. Seconds later, strong winds built up. Temperature is getting lower and lower but Chris’ numb body couldn’t feel it. He found a small opening that looks like a cave and went inside.
For nine days and nine nights, the blizzard didn’t stop. Chris stayed inside the cave, without the feeling of cold, hunger, and thirst. The cold blizzard also blew away Chris’ anger, boredom, and all his emotions. He just lied inside the cave and waited for the blizzard to end.
When Chris woke up the next morning, his body was sore and his stomach was grumbling with so much pain.
“Aaaaarrgghhhhh!!!!!” Chris screamed from the sudden pain that he is feeling.
“So this must be what Grunt was telling me… On the tenth day, I will feel everything that my body should have felt during those nine days…”
Chris became like a madman. He punched the cave walls and banged his head in agony. His screams echoed inside the cave. It is a scream of pain nobody else has endured before.
“Is this the challenge you want, huh!? Lillin, just give me one day and I’ll be able to craft you a beautiful ice crystal.”
His body is shivering nonstop and the pain in his entire body is like a thousand needles piercing repeatedly through his skin. He let out a big, tormented shout and then he collapsed.

Mythos Global Lines Up Three Facebook Events this June

Posted by MythosGlobal Monday June 4 2012 at 11:04PM
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The level 60 patch update has been up and running for a few weeks now but players are still barging through planet Uld for a taste of nonstop action in some of the most dangerous dungones the genre has ever seen.

To welcome both old and new players, the Mythos Global team has prepared not only a lot of in-game events, but also three fun Facebook events where players can participate. Just like the Facebook fan page of Mythos Global at: and you can participate in the events that we have created just for you.

For the event line up, the "Patched Up Memories" comes first. The event is as simple as getting a screenshot of what you like most about the level 60 patch update and post it on the fan page. ALL, and we mean all players who do so will get rewards. Here's the banner that contains the entire mechanics.

Next is the "Answer Me, GM!" event. This event will test the knowledge of the players and the GMs and see if there are questions that even the GMs can't answer. All players whose questions are not answered correctly will get a reward. Shown below are the mechanics:

Lastly is the "Online Bring Me" event. Unlike the first two events which will only run for one week, this event will run for two weeks! All players have to do is stay tuned in the fan page for the scenario that will be posted at random times every day. Once the scenario is posted, players have to get a screenshot that satisfies the condition given and post it on the fan page. The first three players every day will win a reward!

These are the Facebook events of Mythos Global this month of June. Be sure to participate since we are more than willing to give out prizes to our happy and loyal players!


Mythos Global Website:

Chapter 16: The Second Destined Child

Posted by MythosGlobal Sunday June 3 2012 at 9:44PM
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“Impossible! Could he be…” Grunt exclaimed.
Lillin nodded. “Probably.”
The two rushed towards the young Gremlin and checked if he’s alright. The villagers, on the other hand, were all confused but started to return to the village.
“Leo!” a beautiful female Gremlin ran towards Leo. It was his mother.
“He seems to be completely exhausted but he should be fine,” assured Grunt.
The female Gremlin hugged her child and carried him slowly to their house. Lillin and Grunt followed. The rest of the villagers went to mourn for their loved ones who have fallen to the hands of the raiders.
“Good afternoon, Madam, can we stay here as well?” asked Grunt. “We would like to ask a few things from your son once he has recovered.”
“I am Loreen. What are you going to ask? Maybe I can answer them for him,” the mother replied.
Lillin and Grunt looked at each other, then Grunt spoke, “I’m sure you’ve seen what your child did to save your village. We believe that your son is one of the destined children who can control one of the four elements.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Loreen said. “The story of the destined children is just a legend. Nobody believes it.”
“Please believe us! One of our companions is a destined child. He can control the element of ice, an ability that has been long forgotten,” explained Lillin.
Loreen looked at her son. Finally she said, “Who are you? Why should I believe your stories?”
Grunt answered, “I am Grunt, one of the generals of the Cyclops. I am travelling with Lillin and a fellow named Chris who is one of the destined children. I was asked by our village chief to protect Chris and find the other destined children who are prophesied to save Uld…”
“Please I don’t want to hear any more!” the woman interrupted. “I just lost my husband and my son is trying his best to recover. I don’t want to hear any make-believe lore of the past.”
“I just lost my village, my friends, my comrades, and the village chief…” Grunt sadly recounted.
“What happened?” asked the female Gremlin.
Lillin responded, “Just like Steeltop, his village was also raided by the Discordians. However, unlike your village which was saved by your son, Ishrock was completely destroyed. The village chief used a spell that killed all the raiders, but also burned the village and its residents in the process.”
“I… I can’t believe it!” the mother gasped.
“It is true,” Grunt said. “The prophecy is happening and we need your son to help us protect everyone from the attack of the Discordians. Our village has already fallen and yours barely managed to carry on. We need the aid of the destined children to protect the other villages!”
“I don’t know what kind of destiny awaits my son, but I don’t want to lose him, not after losing my husband…” Loreen started to cry.
Lillin hugged Loreen. “We will do our best to protect him. Grunt and I are not one of the destined children but we have a firm resolve to protect what has been entrusted to us. Please believe in us, and more importantly, believe in your son. He is destined to protect Uld.”

Chapter 15: Electricity's Current

Posted by MythosGlobal Wednesday May 30 2012 at 9:49PM
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“Leo, run with the others and find a safe place,” said a grim-looking Gremlin. “Promise me that you’ll protect your mother.”
The teenage Gremlin shook his head. “No! I’ve been working so hard on my toys. I should be able to help! I’ll protect the village!”
“This is not a game, my son. You are still quite young to experience a grueling battle such as this,” the Gremlin’s father said. “My comrades will protect this village. You do your part to protect your mother and the other women and children. I have high hopes for you.”
Packs of wolves and giant bears are relentlessly raiding the village. Grunt and Lillin hurried towards Steeltop to protect the civilians. The battle near the front gate is so fierce, an untrained warrior would shiver just by looking at the battlefield.
“We have to hold our ground until all the villagers have safely evacuated! Fire at will!” shouted the Gremlin commander.
“Sir, there are still a lot of them! Our bullet supply won’t be enough!” said one Gremlin private.
The Gremlin commander gave a sad smile. “We won’t be able to kill all of them. All we can do is keep them from chasing our beloved families. Are you willing to do that, private?”
“Yes, sir!”
Lillin and Grunt approached the evacuating villagers at the rear gate, until they noticed that the Gremlin soldiers are slowly being overwhelmed. At a short distance came a shout.
It was Leo. His father was mercilessly killed by the wolves, and the other Gremlin soldiers suffered the same fate. It is only a matter of minutes before the raiders could catch up with the escaping villagers. In a desperate act, Leo ran towards the front gate.
“Wait, child, no!” Lillin shouted.
The boy did not hear Lillin, and instead continued running. When he was near the group of raiders, he threw several metal pieces which started to float.
“Are those… tiny widgets?” Lillin asked.
Almost immediately, the tiny pieces of metal started to conduct electricity.
“Father, I will avenge you!” was the tearful shout of the little Gremlin.
The electrical charges of the metal shards started to become larger and brighter. After a split second, the pieces gave a large discharge of electricity covering a huge area. All the wolves and bears were electrocuted and died. Leo fell down to the ground as the tiny pieces of metal started to fall one by one.
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