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The Angry Roleplayer

The extensive rantings of a man about his games and the companies who make them.

Author: Mystik86

Tips For Efficient Roleplay (Part 3)

Posted by Mystik86 Saturday October 10 2009 at 7:38PM
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After many months of blogging hiatus I am back to bring you the third installment of TFERP (Tips For Efficient Roleplay). In part 3 I'd like to go over some tips that will help you roleplay efficiently while being a power gamer, a feat many aren't comfortable with...

Tip #13:

DO - Level as fast as you like while stopping here and there to roleplay with your guild/clan or random folks. Make the leveling process into a "journey" and try to keep your head in the place of your character's.

DON'T - Assume the fun of roleplay can only be had at max level. From the beginning to the end your character can roleplay and be a force to be reckoned with. While you may not possess the literal power that others of higher level have, you can still pretend you are just as powerful as they are.


Tip #14:

DO - Play through a game's given content at any speed you wish, but try to pick up on the general storyline as you go. If no set storyline exists, relate what's going on to the original lore and make it into your own legendary tale to tell later.

DON'T - Rush through the content and form your own story based on what you saw without taking any time to read up on what has actually occurred. You may end up making a fool of yourself later.


Tip #15:

DO - Join groups or raids and roleplay your character. Sometimes a gigantic adventure is just what people need to breathe new life into an otherwise menial task. Keep in mind that you will usually require a guild that does roleplay to make this work. (See TFERP pt2, tip #7).

DON'T - Join a group or raid expecting to roleplay if most or all of the other members are purely power gamers. You'll usually be removed or blacklisted just because you enjoy roleplay... (I know, believe me, I do).


Tip #16:

DO - Attempt to incorporate roleplay into PvP (for the PvP power-gamer RPer). It can make for one of the single best experiences one can have during playtime...

DON'T - Roleplay in PvP at the expense of being efficient in combat. Your friends will disown you. Note that roleplaying during PvP is no easy task and usually requires a great deal of effort to accomplish. A speech before the battle begins or during a rest sequence or when you are safe for a moment are usually the best times to do this...


Tip #17:

DO - Use what you have and what you know as props for good roleplay. If you have a pauldron made of bones and fur, use that as a prop for a story to tell your guild/clan mates.

DON'T - Use novelty items that have no real use or lore behind them in the game as props. For example: The developers host an event that showcases a RL event such as the Olympics in the form of an Olympic tabard or t-shirt. Your proud character shows up wearing these things and claims he won them by competing in these RL sports. Not really lore-friendly or acceptable in the eyes of other roleplayers. This is unless the game is based directly on RL events, set in a time when the Olympics would occur, then it would be alright.


Tip #18:

DO - Be a contender in both technical aspects of the game and fantasy aspects. Be the best raider, PvPer and roleplayer. The experiences you have as a player can be translated nicely into your character's experiences for great roleplay opportunities.

DON'T - Be a jackass about it. Nobody likes an elitist... Not even a roleplayer elitist.