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The Angry Roleplayer

The extensive rantings of a man about his games and the companies who make them.

Author: Mystik86

Darkfall Online - NA-1 Fiasco

Posted by Mystik86 Tuesday July 14 2009 at 8:17PM
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First let me say that I have followed DFO, supported and played as a neutral party. I have been relatively unbiased and have kept to myself in regards to the "whose dick is bigger" type fighting. I have looked past all of AV's shortcomings and have suffered through an unintelligent and bitter community of e-thugs. I have chopped through flesh and bone to get to the very heart of the game and after all of that I think I am nearly through.

You see, recently the community has been dealing with the announcement and now launch of the NA-1 server, something a lot of people-myself included-had been looking forward to. I even looked past the part about having to buy the client a second time (though I hated the very thought of wasting even more cash on a game twice over), but everything has changed. Reports are surfacing in regards to AV being the sole publisher of DFO both in Europe and North America. There have been people showing solid proof that AV is still handling everything but the actual server hosting. Thus far it is looking horrible for Aventurine and I can tell you that I am not pleased by their performance one bit.

It takes a lot for me to really be bothered by a developer's actions, though it seems these days most devs act without really caring about their players and dump out a multitude of stupid, unwanted or just plain bad features for their game. Most of these things are just heat-of-the-moment decisions by anxious devs to try to make a change. Aventurine's blatant lies have no benefited themselves or their playerbase whatsoever. This goes far beyond butchering their own game and dives head first into completely shafting their core base of players. They have not only lied about the NA-1 publisher but are still asking that you pay them for it. They are doing this and yet are still asking you to wait 3+ months before you may transfer if you don't wish to pay them for a second client.

Where has this ever been acceptible? Where has it ever been ok to just suddenly change the story and act like it was the sole truth ever spoken? Other publishers will tell you straight up that yes you will have to pay for the game per region and yes you will most likely not be able to transfer, but AV has straight out covered up their own lies by stating that you are limited to 1 character per account per server. I mean, it sounds like complete bullshit. Why do we allow them to set the standard of good business dealings? This is a farce and should be treated as such.

I am betting some people are still wondering if it's just a big prank, well I can say that NO it is not. If you try to find out for sure, you are silenced, and maybe even banned. It makes absolutely no sense. How on earth can Aventurine and Tasos get away with it? Hell, when you buy the NA client through paypal you seem to be paying DIRECTLY to him. As in, he seems to be the only person getting anything out of it, and he is in charge of the EU development of the game. Is it me or is something terribly fishy here? Or are we all just a bunch of morons that we accept this kind of thing as normal and go on with our lives?

I say refuse to accept this kind of shit. Do not for a second think that what AV is doing is right and just. Fight it with every breath in you because I sure as hell will be. Hit those pricks hard and REFUSE to buy the NA-1 client. If they invested any money in starting up the server they will LOSE a lot more if you don't buy into it. Stop being a lemming and listen to logic. See the error of Aventurine's ways and learn how to fight against them.

This will make for a fine comic...