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The Angry Roleplayer

The extensive rantings of a man about his games and the companies who make them.

Author: Mystik86

And Then There Was Aion

Posted by Mystik86 Saturday June 20 2009 at 11:37PM
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It may seem odd that I've bounced from Vanguard to Darkfall to now Aion, however I think that it is a natural thing for any gamer on the hunt for the perfect game. The hunt continued today...

While I was out today (read as yesterday, it's 12:18AM EST) I had the chance to hit up my local EB Games. As usual I had that plastered-on face showing my complete joy of being at my former favorite game shop (more on why it's my former favorite later). I walked inside and found myself headed straight to the back where the seemingly unimpressive rack of PC games stood. Much to my dismay, it was still the way it had been several weeks prior with it's stock in poor shape and form. There were no truly new and interesting games in that section, an insult to any PC gamer if I ever saw one.

So, after mindlessly scanning over the various older titles I decided that true enlightenment lay in the clerks minding the front desk. The first thing I asked about was if there were any copies of SWG in stock. The clerk told me that they hadn't had it in stock for a LONG time and tried to ward me away from it. His words didn't phase me, I knew what I wanted and he wasn't going to change that. Then I asked what new PC games were out that were worth looking at. The one clerk said that, and I quote, "There hasn't really been any new PC games released in years. The only thing new is Prototype."

I quickly responded with, "Right." and just as quickly the clerk came back with what almost made me launch a nuclear strike of rage on him.

"In all honesty," he said, "the PC game scene is dying slowly but surely."

At that point I knew he was your typical console gamer who believed that outside of console gaming there was nothing better and nothing worth looking at. He continued on to ask me if there was anything in particular I was looking for. I thought about it for a second and told him I'd been interested in Aion. His eyes seemed to light up as he went to the cupboard of treasures and pulled out a preorder box (read as a thin plastic container shaped like a normal PC game but significantly thinner). He handed it over and I began reading over the back for information.

I knew what I was looking for though and I guess I just settled on Aion since I didn't want to leave empty-handed. Afterwards I took his attention again to ask if they had Red Faction: Guerilla in for PC. The clerk stated that he didn't think so, and at that another clerk asked if I would like him to check. After a short wait he returned and told me that they hadn't ordered in any PC copies. Again I was flabberghasted. It was at this point that I knew that EB had shut out it's PC fanbase and suckled on the many tits of the console gaming horde.

Extremely displeased I purchased my preorder and waited for my sister to finish with her business. It didn't take long after for me to leave the store and ever since then I have been thinking about the entirety of this situation and how I no longer hold any joy in seeing or going to an EB store. It truly bothers me that these morons actually believe that the PC scene is dead, and yet I see it living on vigorously, immortal in all it's chunky goodness.

All that said, when I got home I was eager to plug in my Aion preorder code and get the game downloaded. It's still only sitting at 33% after roughly 7 hours or so. During that time I have managed to have a nap, play some SWG, chat on Second Life and now write this blog. I've also been going over various threads in regards to Aion and am finding that it may be the game I was looking for (though I already know it lacks a few things I need).

The hunt still continues and perhaps soon it will pay off with juicy goodness.

tristren84 writes:

damn thats shitty, all i have is an EB games in my town and im a big fan of PC games. How would pronounce Aion....trying to not look like a complete dumbass when i go look for a preorder. Not that the clerk will kno the difference but i dont feel like asking for the game that starts with an A and ends in Ion.

Sun Jun 21 2009 12:23AM Report
Death1942 writes:

I moved to my local Game Traders as soon as it opened.  I now know the owner and get discounts left right and centre for being an awesome customer.  As for the PC game scene dying, hes right in some respects.  Its dying in his eyes because hes selling boxed copies of games, which is slowly dying out in favour of (cheaper) online deals.

Game shops down here mark up games by nearly 30%, why would people put up with that when they can get the same item online for cheaper?

Sun Jun 21 2009 3:24AM Report
reploidx writes:

Gamestop doesn't buy or sell used PC games anymore because "we don't take PC games anymore, they have codes." But everytime you say PC game, the clerks automatically think WoW. Its terrible that the "PC scene" is WoW to the typical non-informed Gamestop clerk, but when i worked there, i would chat up PC gamers because i was in the know about PC games (which is probably why the people didn't like me). Good article, though you're better off looking on their website, or just browse through Amazon.

Sun Jun 21 2009 3:04PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

Yea I actually have more respect for Best Buy now than EB. They still have quite an active box section for PC games.

Sun Jun 21 2009 4:41PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Great post mystik!

I hear you on the console-only stores,  I have had the same experience in my local Gamestops. You know it's bad when I have to sit there and explain Aion to someone who works for gamestop. 

He was clueless, LOL!

Thanks for the comment on my post, the finished product is up!


Mon Jun 22 2009 12:04AM Report
Ritsuka81 writes:

 I won't lie.  I prefer PC gaming. I grew up on PC gaming (Wing Commander, anyone?). However, this thing called budget keeps me from playing much with my PC. My current setup leaves me out on the dark with nearly all new releases, and the cost of bringing the box back up to a respectible level along with new games is totally prohibitive.  

Mon Jul 13 2009 8:17PM Report
Tymora writes:

My local Gamestops are the same way.  There used to be a wall full of PC games.  Now the PC games are very few and in the back of the store.  I asked about it and the answer I got is what I expected.

The stores are making more room for console games, most PC games are no longer going to be stocked unless pre-ordered.

I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360 and I enjoy the games for my consoles, but I will always preferred PC games

Fri Jul 17 2009 3:43PM Report writes:
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