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The Angry Roleplayer

The extensive rantings of a man about his games and the companies who make them.

Author: Mystik86

Portal to the New World

Posted by Mystik86 Saturday May 30 2009 at 3:44AM
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Last week I began my journey into the world of Vangaurd: Saga of Heroes and as such, I am here to tell you about my experiences upon my return to the game and my play-through of the Isle of Dawn.

It came as no shock to me when I jumped into the game and immediately felt immersed in it's richness. The isle was full of life, as usual, and it could be said that a sense of comfort washed over me as I realized I wasn't alone in this new and beautiful world. I picked a dread knight this time around, and figured I would go for the heavy armored type, perhaps do some tanking later on in the game. I also chose to be an Orc due to my love of the race and felt it was a perfect match for the class.

At first glance, the armor I started with reminded me of EQ2's and I felt for only a brief second the discontent of one who played and quit EQ2 after only a couple short months. I quickly realized that I wouldn't be doomed to this armor for long and that eventually I could break free of my noob garments. It wasn't long after this revelation that I picked up my first bits of new armor, and though it was similar to the starting equipment I decided that it didn't really matter at that point and continued on with my journey.

I took my first few quests and leveled up rather quickly. Levels 1 to 6 were extremely fast, just the way I like them. The majority of those levels are spent in or around the swampy area behind Ten Trees. After completing the tasks given to me there, I was told to journey outward towards the next village and so I did. Upon arrival I was given yet more quests, slightly more difficult than my previous ones but set out on them nonetheless. The Earth Den, oh how I despised that place. I always remembered that I hated that particular place because of the extremely fast respawns and constant sense of paranoia that I was to be jumped by yet another hobgoblin. The bastards just popped up out of nowhere and attacked me, often doing vast amounts of damage. Even with heavy armor equipped, I felt as if it was doing me no good.

This brings me to my thoughts on armor in Vanguard. In the beginning it really feels like any class you pick is relatively squishy even if they're not meant to be. It disappointed me at first that my dread knight was being ripped apart by mere hobgoblins, but I kept going on. By the time I finished with the Isle, I felt quite strong. Only level 10 and my class was starting to feel like it could handle itself out there. It didn't take long before I hitched a ride out of that place and traveled to parts unknown. I left off in a desert area of which I cannot remember the name but know it was awe-inspiring to say the least. I highly suggest heading to the desert area after the Isle, if you enjoy middle-eastern influenced stuff.


Roleplayer's tip: Be who you want to be, first and foremost. Do not let others dictate to you what you should be and how you should play it. If you wish to be an orc bard, by the Gods do it!

New Lands For The Taking

Posted by Mystik86 Friday May 22 2009 at 1:44AM
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Finally I am starting what I hope to become an informative and enjoyable read for anyone seeking out advice on roleplaying, which games to play and other such things. It feels good to start fresh here and I think it will be beneficially for myself and others who enjoy this sort of thing.

So, earlier on I purchased a copy of the game, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and am as of now at approximately 84% finished with the download. I'm excited, moreso than usual, as they've seemingly added quite a bit to the game since it's launch. It looks good and perhaps just what I need to get myself enthused about MMOs while I wait for new and exciting things to happen in the industry. I'm going to be going over my experiences both in and out of character over the course of the next few weeks and hopefully you'll find it to be a "make or break" type read in regards to the game.

As the loading bar widdles down to it's last bits I suppose I can enlighten people with my hopes and dreams, what I will be roleplaying as and how to best do it within the VG world.

There's been a lot of things said about VG even leading up to the present as the game, with one of the worst launches I've yet seen, has seemingly become much more than fans could have hoped for. Though I won't speak for everyone I will say that from the latest bits of information I've gathered it certainly seems delightful for anyone wishing for a true taste of adventure. It feels good to know I'll actually be able to leave the island this time in search of more than just a humble beginning. I know the island well and I am certain it will be a breeze finishing it quickly. With luck I will be done with it in only a short few hours and ready for my journey to the top.

If anything can be said now, and from the perspective of someone who has never played past the new starter zone, it's that I have high hopes for this seemingly blank canvas of a game and truly believe I will be able to develop and use a character to achieve my many goals, not only as a player, but also as a person living within that world. My only real concern at this point is the population and the existence of roleplay guilds. Beyond that, I'm prepared for what awaits me.

Tip for fledgling roleplayers: When entering unfamiliar territory, be sure to read up on the game's lore and talk to people out-of-character about things before you truly try to develop a character. Knowing the basics of how the world works will do a newcomer wonders.