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The Angry Roleplayer

The extensive rantings of a man about his games and the companies who make them.

Author: Mystik86

The Secret World - The Undeserving #1

Posted by Mystik86 Saturday April 20 2013 at 10:31PM
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I posted this in a thread about TSW being the current number 1 MMO on the site and didn't want my opinion to fade into obscurity:


Going to throw my two cents in here.

First off I cannot even begin to understand why or how this game is #1 for released games right now. I'll give some examples of why it shouldn't even be part of the top 5. Before I begin I will say that I beta tested, preordered, and played this game putting in several months and reaching rank 10 gear/skills before I became absolutely bored as tits and left. I'm also a huge fan of the urban horror genre and it takes a lot to make me sick of a game in that genre. 

Going to list some reasons in numbered points with explanations:

1) Character creation is just bad. As a fan of character customization and uniqueness I was sorely disappointed with TSW's character creation system. It didn't even come close to Age of Conan's which featured enough customization to, for the most part, create a unique looking character. It boggles my brain why both games run on the same engine yet TSW, the newer game, has far inferior character creation going almost as far as making WoW's chargen look better by comparison. In a battle between presets and actual sliders the presets always lose, especially for a roleplayer.

2) Combat is plain and boring and worse than button mashing. Again, it's got a dramatically downgraded combat system compared to Funcom's Age of Conan which in my opinion has the best combat system out of any MMO that isn't twitch-based. There is no skill required and sitting there hitting 1-3 abilities over and over again doing dick all damage to the mobs is quite frankly more boring than LotRO's sorry excuse for combat. This is by far the biggest fail of TSW.

3) Small zones which purposely encourage developer laziness and a poor excuse for no mounts. The zones are so small that there is no way we will ever see mounts in the game. You'd think with a slick ubran horror game with all it's touted features it'd have larger zones, even adding 10-30% more landmass to each zone would make vehicles/riding animals viable. Nope, Funcom decided against one of the biggest staples of MMOs. Some may disagree but walking and running is boring and the lack of mounts takes away an important layer of gameplay.

4) A themepark MMO wrapped in a psuedo-sandbox skin. The game mechanics were designed, in my opinion, for a much larger world with some sandbox elements yet for whatever reason (likely laziness, lack of funds, creative drive) Funcom decided to turn it into a cleverly packaged themepark. Looking at the amazing investigation missions, the only part of the game requiring skill, you'd think they'd fit better in a sandbox.

5) Small population. Population always felt small. Never saw many players running around and getting groups for missions and dungeons was difficult at best. Even if you did manage to get a full group for something it seemed that almost ever tank I ever found was improperly decked or geared. The deck system favors certain builds and many of them were DPS. It was very difficult to find player-made builds that worked well to rank 10 and coupled with the lack of players it made group play a rare but disappointing feat.

6) Informed players spoke, nobody listened. As a result the game goes B2P with paid DLC. The players who would have otherwise kept TSW from going that route left because of some of the stuff I've stated above. People would have been willing to pay a monthly sub and continue playing if we didn't have to pay for DLC or waste time with a cash shop. I'm sure 80% of TSW's original supporters would have stayed if Funcom had made the game a little more vast, a little more open and a little more sandboxy as well.

My biggest gripes with TSW are points 1 to 4. 6 isn't so bad, but I will likely never play the game again or pay for DLC. A game with these flaws doesn't deserve to be #1 nor a top 5 candidate. Out of the total amount of MMOs on the market today I'd say TSW should fall between the #10-#20 range. Pretty graphics and a decent fully-voiced storyline do not compensate for the failures I've listed. Sorry fanboys. Sorry Funcom. You fail.

Akuja writes: so what you are saying is that, you, a minority, got bored and your opinion of the game is what matters to everyone else and should thus effect the outcome of society right ??? Head up ass much ?? Sun Apr 21 2013 8:02AM Report
Ortwig writes: Thanks for your opinion. Sun Apr 21 2013 9:11AM Report
Akuja writes:

Actually to point number 6, they never intended it to be a long term Subscription based MMO, hence why they marked and implemented the Cash shop at launch... They capitalised on the Subs for as long as they could to get the prospected margin of Cash out of it, then removed the Sub for the intended Cash Shop idea.. It was a good marketing ploy by then.. This way they didnt have to fund previous subscribers and tweak with the game mid way, or take the servers down for a short time "loosing money" in order to switch...

Character creation, yes was a little mundane, but then again, if you arent playing a Korean/Japanese made game that has been converted to English for the masses after it has been out in the respective country for about a year or 2, then you have to put up with the limited Western style MMO character creation.

I never had a problem finding groups while i played, normal or hard modes.. There was plenty of people spaming like crazy in the main "lobby" of the Agartha. So unless you were some silly person not utilising this, then yeah you would have had a hard time with grouping.

People who rely on the "player made" builds like those from soo many MMO's who need the "in" build to maximise their game play because they cant for the life of them take a couple minutes with some common sense and answer the age old addition, 1+2 = 3, and come up with a build using favored weapons and make it into something that works, should just be shot.. If people need to be handed things on a platter then again they need to be shot.

Comment about the Investigations being the only things that needed skill and should have been in a more "sandbox" type game, really missed the point about the game's content.. It is about the "hidden messages" the secret codes and all that in our own world. Messages and signs that were left or coded messages that lead to great discoveries.. Its not a sandbox idea, it was the idea of TSW and it worked in well.. Those people who wanted to bake their noodle did and felt a sense of accomplishment when the task was completed..

As for mounts... well it really would have made no sense to the zones to have mounts.. Yes they were small, but not that small... Running wasnt an issue especially since most the objectives were relatively close to the quest hubs in most cases. Mounts in my opinion would have ruined the game play and the atmosphere of the game and the games idea.

Sun Apr 21 2013 5:21PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

Just my opinion and by no means represents the entirety of what people think and feel about the game.

I got a lot of enjoyment out of TSW so I have no regrets about buying, subbing and playing it. A few things I don't like do not necessarily mean the game is bad by any means, just not as good as I feel it could be.

I think, looking back, the biggest issue I truly have with the game is the combat. It really took a step way backwards and is just boring and unengaging. If they reworked the combat system to be more akin to AoC or moved in the twitch-based direction then most of my other issues with the game would be minor and I'd even consider a return.

Mon Apr 22 2013 4:24PM Report
Dinglewood writes:

Sorry for my english, will try to make it at best.

1) Character creation is far better as WoW or LoTRO or Rift, equivalent to SWTOR and more intersting as manga style GW2.

But most important, a good part of character cutomization come from clothing, and the result is far more choices as all this game ... or a game such as Aion or GW2.

2) Your forgot to mention that you need to move a lot in this (don't know why peoples talk so much about telegraph system of Wildstar, it allready exist in TSW) and you need to constantly adapt your deck to your ennemies.

You are not playing a game with 36 powers on your bars (with most powers you will one time in the battle cause CD is so long), this is much more as GW1 : you are playing with decks and a lot of the tactics will depend on you abilities to make these decks.

3) Yes zone are to small. Would like to have a huge dark forest, less monsters per surface and more surprises.

But each zone is far more detailed as ... mmmhhh ... mostly outdoors boring zones of GW2.

First game I know where you can find clues while checking an area, where you can always find tiny details if you are not running thru.

And mounts ... give a break with mounts. I run faster in TSW as in GW2 where I need to take a power to be able to run at a decent pace. A ok, going faster ... faster for what ?

And while going faster, you will miss a lot of details ...

4) What's the point ? Good ideas are only allowed in sanbox ?

5) No problem with this. Really no problem. Can group if I want, my only problem is to be able to group with peoples wich allow me not to be a "über-player" and not wanting to rush everything.

Fri Apr 26 2013 4:31AM Report writes:
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