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The Angry Roleplayer

The extensive rantings of a man about his games and the companies who make them.

Author: Mystik86

What Happened?

Posted by Mystik86 Tuesday April 9 2013 at 4:55AM
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Well friends... I haven't published a blog entry in several years. Funny that even though I'd practically all but forgotten about this site that I still occasionally stop by to check in. I haven't done a whole lot since 2009 (wow, a whopping 4 years or so since my last post!) but it is safe to say that I haven't strayed far from the genre.

The last time I posted a blog entry I had begun to lose hope that a good MMO would ever be released again. A few games came that I tried, enjoyed and inevitably quit. I recall returning to WoW a few times to check out expansions. After Mists of Pandaria I lost all hope in Blizzard's ability to do anything. For the past four years I've juggled games like Fallen Earth, WoW, FFXIV, APB, SWG, Tera, Rift, Age of Conan, Champions Online, Star Trek Onlne, GW2, TSW and SWTOR. TOR was my main game for several months, with two long breaks in between and a planned and likely brief return for the new "expansion" coming in a few days. I've currently been playing Fallen Earth again and enjoying it though I'm finding there isn't enough to do even with it being a sandbox.

My tastes haven't really changed in four years but I still yearn for a better game. The hope I once had for that ever happening was lost but has briefly at times been rekindled. Recently I'd hoped that Defiance would have been a great new title to play but after reading about it I'm back on the fence on whether to buy or not. My hope was very much rekindled when I learned of Elder Scrolls Online but I've since lost the feeling of it being the MMO saviour. I still actually have high hopes for World of Darkness Online if it ever sees the light of day (no pun intended).

Many new releases have come and gone. Nothing has really struck me as that great. Game companies have seemingly stooped to even new lows what with crapfests like The War Z and the endless supply of new WoW clones still being pumped out of the redundance machine and yet more companies seem to be pumping out terrible quality "Korean grindfest" type games both in mechanics and graphics. I'm even seeing a ton of indie developers trying to pawn off this side-scrolling/2D bullshit attempting to capitalize on people's nostalgia. Sickening really.

It would seem that game companies, especially those of MMO titles still haven't learned a good God damned thing. SWTOR is one of many living proofs of the current MMO trend. I'm really sick and tired of holding my breath for something worth playing. It really has been some deviant plan all these years as game companies treat their customers like idiots just waiting to suck up any and all cash they can muster up. Why the hell on earth are you people still giving them your money? Hell, why the fuck am I still giving them my money? We truly are the idiots they think we are and we are perpetuating our own misery.

When I stop to consider it all it really makes me sick how pathetic and desperate we MMO players truly are. We'll latch on to anything that looks remotely decent merely because it's all we have. I feel that as a gamer and hardcore MMO/RPer that something truly needs to be done. The problem is that I suspect the trend will continue. Companies will keep doing what they are doing which is ruining the entire gaming industry and actually helping to make the next generation of kids dumber than ever.

What happened people? What the fuck happened?