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The Idea Shack

My thoughts on making a better MMORPG experience.

Author: MysticRyu

Honey, I Shrunk the MMO

Posted by MysticRyu Sunday November 22 2009 at 5:14PM
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Hello everyone!

This is my new blog, outlining the ideas I have had for various MMO projects.  I'll give you an overly-condensed rundown:  Some of these posts will be 5 pages on a certain game mechanic, while others will be a short paragraph on an entire game.  I just want to get my ideas out there to the public, and see what you guys think about the ideas.  I'm currently in college as a Computer Science major, and my goal after graduation is to open up my own independent MMORPG Development studio.  The goal of this company will be to release variety into the MMORPG Market.  It has become saturated with far too many general fantasy games, with the same type of gameplay.  That said, I may often stray a bit too far from the current idea of an "MMORPG" sometimes.  Feel free to leave any comments, opinions, rants, raves, or whatever you please in the comments, or send me a personal message.   Anyways, let's get started!

Honey, I Shrunk the MMO

The Idea

This is one of my less 'Crazy' MMO ideas, that I feel would lend itself greatly to the genre.  Rather than a specific game, I feel this idea could be implemented in numerous settings.  The gist is really quite simple:  You're tiny.  Depending on how small you are, the game world could be a room, house, neighborhood, or town. 

The Market

This type of MMO could easily be turned kid-friendly, and could also just as easily keep appeal to adults.  This would also be a nice escape for current MMO players who are looking for a change of pace from your every-day run-of-the-mill MMO.

Why I Like the Idea

Aside from having a huge possible audience, and also being very different, I like the idea because of its potential.  A developer could really do almost anything with this.  Yes, it would be possible to make another "Kill x ants, bring back y ant legs" quests out of this, but I see much more.  Firstly, there is the ability to incorporate two major storylines, the small world and the big world.  Secondly, expansions could be numerous and unique.  Let's say we have the Johnson House.  Maybe the first expansion will unlock their yard.  The second, the neighbor's.  Third, part of their sewer systems.  If we're looking at a slightly larger-scale expansion, the Johnsons' workplace or their kids school.  Museums, grocery stores, hospitals, parks, airplanes, malls, all of these in various places and cultures could be unlocked with expansions or even patches.  Maybe you could go all "HBO Voyeur" (Look it up if you don't know what it is.  I've seen it so many times,  yet it still somehow amuses me.) on it and watch the families' stories play out.  Maybe the next-door-neighbor is an axe-murderer, and the mailman has a thing for furries... The possibilities here go on and on.  The locations and story aren't the only thing that can be widespread.  Gameplay can be innovated with here too.  Because of the massiveness of the world around you, player housing not only fits, but makes sense.   This may not be a new idea, but others may be.  You try finding me an MMO where you need to get your raid group around the milk jug, across the fuzzy potato, and out of the refrigerator before you're shut in.


So there you have it, here's my first post.  I hope to be posting regularly, but my life is as hectic as always, so I can't make any guarantees.  If any of my ideas really stand out to you, for any reason, please let me know.  As someone who wants to be an Indie MMO developer in the future, community feedback is very, very important to me!  I want to provide innovation where the large companies won't risk it.  I believe listening to the community is the most important part of this process.  Some of my ideas will suck.  Maybe only a select few will be "good", but all it takes is one game to change the industry.   In any case, I'll stop rambling.  What do you guys think?