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Mortal Online

This is it! Official homepage and forums are up and running for Mortal Online! Unreal Engine 3 is behind this new "sandbox" MMORPG with focus on PvP! Mortal Online is a first-person MMORPG in a fantasy setting you have never seen before! Sing up!

Author: MortalOnline

Mortal Online Community Challenge (Dota, DEV´s vs Community!)

Posted by MortalOnline Tuesday January 20 2009 at 7:06AM
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The Star Vault dev team has been challenged in Dota by the community in the IRC Mortal Online channel several times. So far we have turned the challenges down (as we didn’t want to hurt anybody’s self-esteem), but after numerous requests we have decided to put an end to this by showing you how the game is really meant to be played. It’s Devs against Community!

We have chosen Souljah to be in charge of putting together a team representing the MO community. If you are interested in playing in the Community Team pm Souljah or contact him in IRC for a tryout.

The Dev Team will consist of Markus, Charlie, Erik, Jens and Henrik - and we won’t accept any losses.

If the Community Team wins the match there will be the following rewards for the community:
A unique in-game Screenshot
The community may ask to see 2 concept drawings/models of whatever you want to see from Mo on the forum, and we will show them to you, in their current state, finished or not (if we have them at all). You may discuss and compose a list of which concepts/models you want to see on the forum. Souljah will ultimately decide on the priority of the list should the community be unable to do so.
A beta account for each player in the Community Team.
If the Dev Team wins the match there will be the following rewards for the community:

The game will be recorded and publicly released for the Mortal Online community
Dota 5vs5 version 6.58
Game mode –cm
Best of 3 matches
Date is preliminary set to Thursday 22th January 18:00 (GMT +1 time zone)
Ping will be checked before the match starts
All players have to check in on our IRC Mortal Online channel 15 minutes before the match starts
All players must be members of the Mortal Online forum
The game will be hosted at Star Vault’s office

Check it all out at: Challenge! and more info @ MO

Good luck!

Jupsto writes:

sounds like fun...

*googles WTF dota is... warcraft 3*

meh, would rather a far cry 2 or team fortress 2 game.

Tue Jan 20 2009 10:02AM Report
pileopoop writes:

"meh, would rather a far cry 2 or team fortress 2 game."

Maybe if those games were balanced.....

Tue Jan 20 2009 1:20PM Report
onikageninja writes:

Indeadly, pileopoop,
and Consesus, Dota isnt the average Warcraft, and nowhere near WoW if you think that, its where you control a single unit in attempts to destroy the other base, teams of 2v2 threw to 8v8...
So insted of bringing up FPS games, how about bringing up how you would rather another play another RTS or ThirdPerson RPG....and i dear you to say WoW..

Wed Jan 21 2009 1:44AM Report
Sp00sh writes:

Sweet, whoever is on the community team...Kick some ass! I want more concept ART!

Wed Jan 21 2009 1:51PM Report
zelldevil writes:

onikageninja  don't talk about stuff you do not know.

its 1v1 - 5v5

Dota in its own right has established itself as the most popular mod on Wc3 for several years now.  I remember version 1.0, and that came out 8 years ago.  Unfortunately the Dota community is generally made up of people playing drunk and/or high.  If you make a single mistake you will be ridiculed by everyone and its almost as if talking shit is half the game. 


its funny cuz the version of dota they listed isn't balanced, its just the newest.

Wed Jan 21 2009 4:07PM Report writes:
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