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Mortal Online

This is it! Official homepage and forums are up and running for Mortal Online! Unreal Engine 3 is behind this new "sandbox" MMORPG with focus on PvP! Mortal Online is a first-person MMORPG in a fantasy setting you have never seen before! Sing up!

Author: MortalOnline

NDA / Beta Forums / Contest

Posted by MortalOnline Wednesday December 2 2009 at 11:50AM
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Lifting the NDA

The last months have been a real rollercoaster ride here at Star Vault, albeit a very positive one. Most of the core features planned for release have been introduced and tested in a controlled manner, and we’ve been extremely eager to see the reception each time. We are now at a point where we feel that although there is still a lot of work to do, it’s time to increase our efforts of marketing the game, and part of this process is the lifting of the NDA.

Mortal Online isn’t easy to market in a very straightforward way. The rules surrounding the game and its design are complex in their nature and sometimes very hard to explain to players with no or little previous experience of concepts such as “full-PvP”, “full-loot”, “sandbox” etc. Therefore we need the help of you, our faithful player-base, to help spread the word and reach places we can’t due to lack of resources and time. The NDA is now lifted so that you can start sharing videos, screenshots, go public with your personal sites full of information (we know they exist ;)), and of course, be able to freely talk about and discuss the game on our own forums as well as all over the web. This phase will end with an open, free-to-play Beta where we hope that as many players as possible will find and decide for Mortal Online.

We have aimed for Q4 and the last features we promised for launch will be there before the end of the year. Mortal Online is a niche game and we feel certain that these features will make for a great start while we continue the development. However, we would be lying if we didn’t admit we want more before official release. More polish, more tweaking, and of course, be able to walk those couple of extra miles that do make a huge difference, especially in an open-ended game where every new option is multiplied and multiplied again.

With this in mind we are approaching release, but the release date is not written in stone. Cynically speaking, the more people interested in and buying the game, the more time we will be able to invest in tweaking, polishing and even add more features before launching it. In turn, each day working on the game before release will mean more players stay thereafter. This will make the launch more stable, and a good economy base would enable us to progress the game even faster.

Beta Forums open for public

We decided to open up the beta forums to the public. If you are a registered member of the Mortal Online Forums you can now read all sections of the beta forums. Please note that only beta testers can post on the forum at this point. We feel that opening up the beta section is a very nice way of letting the public in on what went on behind closed curtains for the last few months, and as you know, honesty about our product is something very important to us.


Mortal Online Machinima Contest - 2009

Show us what you got. Jump into the game, get your mates, make a video and upload it to youtube. Show how you build your house, create an awsome piece of armor, re-enact Braveheart, or explore the wonders of Nave - it doesn't matter. As long as it's cool and will impress our judges.
The contest will run from today November 23rd until noon December 14th (GMT+1). As soon as you've uploaded your video, make a thread in this subforum, post the link and maybe a short description of what you are going to show us. Make sure you also link back to your thread in the video description on youtube.

We've upped the ante. To give you guys another incentive, we've thrown in a brand new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295! So let's see some nice videos guys. We've extended the contest for 2 more weeks so that you have enough time to prepare something awsome and are also able to use everything in the upcomming patch.

Rule of engagement:

* between 3-7 minutes long
* English only
* no nudity or at least blurred/blacked out (meh, youtube... whatcha gonna do)
* no copyrighted music
* you are allowed to dubb (in English)
* make sure you are not breaking youtube's TOS
* no material from the ingame event on Dec. 1st We need that for ourselves. :P

The 3 best videos will be awarded not only with the respect of the developers and the community, but also with these cool prizes. They will also be featured on
Note that the Avatars are handcrafted and approved by our 2D God, Lord Hannu himself.










Now go get crazy - it's the Emperor's will!

Mortal Online Community Challenge (Dota, DEV´s vs Community!)

Posted by MortalOnline Tuesday January 20 2009 at 8:06AM
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The Star Vault dev team has been challenged in Dota by the community in the IRC Mortal Online channel several times. So far we have turned the challenges down (as we didn’t want to hurt anybody’s self-esteem), but after numerous requests we have decided to put an end to this by showing you how the game is really meant to be played. It’s Devs against Community!

We have chosen Souljah to be in charge of putting together a team representing the MO community. If you are interested in playing in the Community Team pm Souljah or contact him in IRC for a tryout.

The Dev Team will consist of Markus, Charlie, Erik, Jens and Henrik - and we won’t accept any losses.

If the Community Team wins the match there will be the following rewards for the community:
A unique in-game Screenshot
The community may ask to see 2 concept drawings/models of whatever you want to see from Mo on the forum, and we will show them to you, in their current state, finished or not (if we have them at all). You may discuss and compose a list of which concepts/models you want to see on the forum. Souljah will ultimately decide on the priority of the list should the community be unable to do so.
A beta account for each player in the Community Team.
If the Dev Team wins the match there will be the following rewards for the community:

The game will be recorded and publicly released for the Mortal Online community
Dota 5vs5 version 6.58
Game mode –cm
Best of 3 matches
Date is preliminary set to Thursday 22th January 18:00 (GMT +1 time zone)
Ping will be checked before the match starts
All players have to check in on our IRC Mortal Online channel 15 minutes before the match starts
All players must be members of the Mortal Online forum
The game will be hosted at Star Vault’s office

Check it all out at: Challenge! and more info @ MO

Good luck!

The Flagging System!

Posted by MortalOnline Wednesday November 26 2008 at 8:00AM
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The balance of Mortal Online’s open-PvP relies heavily on its flagging system. Each player and NPC (Non-Player Characters, Creatures etc) in the game has a flag (color) that is visible to you when you highlight or target them. The color will tell you some basic facts about that player, for instance if it’s “ok” to attack him/her or not, although you will never be forbidden to do so by the system because of the full pvp. You too have a flag of course, visible to yourself at all times.

Getting to know the basics of the flagging system is easy when playing the game, but unfortunately rather complex to describe. However, when you first start playing, all you need to know is:


Neutral/Blue players are innocent (well, as innocent as they get) and it’s not ok for you to damage them. You may not steal from them, or cast suspicious spells on them either. Nor poison them. If you do so, you become Allowed/Grey. Kill enough of them and you will eventually be flagged as a Murderer/Red.

Allowed/Gray players have behaved badly in some way against you or someone else in the last few minutes, meaning you can attack them without becoming Grey for everybody else. But remember, if you attack them first, they have the right to attack you back! (Meaning they see you as Grey.)

Murderers/Red players have committed several murders, and you better look out for them. You can attack them without turning Grey for everybody else, but if you attack first, they have the right to attack you back! (Meaning they see you as Grey.)


Loot from other players and specific objects in the world share this system as well and will be colored accordingly. That means it’s ok to loot or interact with all Red and Grey stuff you see, but if you mess with Blue stuff you will become Grey yourself.


If you decide to join a Player Guild that is at war with another Player Guild, special rules apply. You will still see their flag/color, but they will be treated by the system as Grey – and so will you for them!


As the system itself will always allow you to attack, steal, enchant, poison or kill any color/flag you like whenever you want, you might ask what the colors/flags are for except decoration. The main reasons are:

Cities and villages may have guard zones, where it’s possible to call for the guards to capture or kill any Grey or Red player, if they’re not already doing so.


Certain merchants may choose not to trade with Grey or Red players.


Players of every color may take the opportunity to attack Grey or Red players, as they can do so without getting “Grey for all” themselves.

Red players may loose stats if they resurrect too soon after being killed. Also, most healers will simply refuse to resurrect murderers.


This is probably all you will need to know when first starting to play Mortal Online. However, the flagging system goes much deeper than this as it is the foundation for balanced conflict in the game. This section will be updated with more stats and specifics later on.



For those of you that are interested, we’ve decided to share most of the design we are using for flagging in our Alpha stage. We have to warn you though that it is very complex and fairly poorly commented (as this is what goes on behind the curtains and must contain each and every special case), but it is available for download here. We’ll also try to answer your specific questions on the forums!


Download MO_Flagging.pdf

New Playable Race, the Khurites (16-10-08)

Posted by MortalOnline Wednesday November 26 2008 at 7:49AM
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Warning, Wall of interesting text ahead :)

(click me)

Children of the Steppe

The Myrland steppe is a vast area in the heart of Myrland that borders to the cold Talus Mountains to the north and to the tropical March Jungles in the south. They are barren lands where it hardly ever rains, with a very poor soil and on occasions a high salinity level where only very resistant vegetation can survive. Besides, they are generally lands where salty lagoons form because the accumulated water cannot drain into the sea. Travelling Myrland on foot is not an option due to the vast distances and scarce civilization. Also, the predators are in general fast and adapted to stalk their prey to exhaustion. Among others a number of wolf species, giant wolverines, terror birds and the occasional sabretooth are constantly on the watch for a suitable prey. Though most of the animals on the steppe are mammals or invertebrates, a great number of birds frequent the environment. Of the former, the most abundantly present are rodents, foxes, deer, horses, wisent and mammoths. The animals that inhabit the salty bodies of water are amphibious such as frogs, lizards and salamanders, which feed off the large variety of insects that are found in surrounding areas.

Life on the Myrland steppe also affects its human children, the Khurites. The Khurites are among the best riders in the world, and the horse and mammoth play important roles in their culture and society. The Khurites don’t regard themselves as one people instead the difference between the various tribes and one’s ancestry is important. They all live on or in connection to the steppe, however the steppe has no set of firm borders.

The tribes have no name for their land, only for smaller regions and territories. Except for Morin Khur which is the only permanent Khurite settlement, the Khurites are nomads who each year move their settlements between new pastures. The villages consist of gers, which are tent-like living quarters that are more or less transportable, and by making camp in a specific area the tribe claims it and the surrounding environment as well. There are a great number of different tribes and areas which they occupy and the name of a tribe is often related to its totem animal, while the regions often are named after an important landmark in the surroundings.


The Khurite tribes have a long history of civil war and conflicts, and a united Khurite nation has never existed except in legends. However, according to tradition a collective gathering among the tribes is held every fourth year where trade, wedding ceremonies, competitions and storytelling take place. Since the Conflux the tribes are becoming more unified than before, this is probably due to the increased pressure from the Orcs in the North East and the reptilian tribes in the South. The city of Morin Khur has increasingly come to fill an important political role in the negotiations between the Khurite tribes, but also towards the Tindremic Empire to the West and in some regards the Húergar to the North. Worth to mention is that despite the fact that the Empire is considered an ally by Morin Khur some rumours tell of Tindremic emissaries spotted among tribes which have later on begun to wage war with each other. A few men of power in Morin Khur suspect this to be a tactical scheme by the Tindremenes to keep the Khurites from growing too strong.


Life in a Khurite Tribe

Every tribe is ruled by a Mogul, which can only be male, and the title is usually passed on to the Mogul’s sons if they can prove themselves in hunting and battle. A Mogul often has several wives but his first wife, Hatun, or queen is always the one who enjoys a large amount of respect from the tribe. She is also seen as capable of leading the tribe until a new Mogul is chosen, should the Mogul pass away before choosing a new heir. The spiritual leaders or shamans of the Khurites are called Angaq and possess a major influence on the tribe and its Mogul through predictions, enchantments and music. The Angaq in a tribe is responsible for communicating with the tribe’s totem animal, Miigi, which is seen as a powerful spiritual allied. The Miigi is said to sometimes incarnate in or possess a corresponding animal on the steppe, and therefore all animals of that totem is regarded as sacred by the tribe.


A settlement of the Khurites is a Khuren, which means circle and refers to the shape that is formed by the gers. In the centre of the circle the ger of the Mogul is placed. The Khuren is often built against a cliff formation and then minor bone and stone palisades are raised as a defence, surrounding the camp. Wood is scarce commodity for the majority of the Khurites who spend their lives on the steppe, therefore stone is used as a base and low walls to the gers, and they are then constructed with supporting bones from large animals and covered with large tent canvases of leather. The ground on which the camp is built upon is carefully chosen by the tribe’s Mogul and later blessed by the Angaq, making the water drinkable and the pasture for the sheep and goats remain rich until the time has come to move on once more. The tribes often construct watchtowers, outposts and monuments located on the highest hills in the surroundings, which acts as signal beacons for the villagers, sometimes offering a limited range of food and water supplies for travellers.


Day to day life in a Khuren is fairly peaceful but is still characterized by constant expeditions to the outskirts of the territory to track game or to scout for anything that might threaten the tribe. In addition to the steppe horses, birds and wolfs are caught and tamed and later used for scouting and hunting. The animals are often caught young and in the wild since they then in comparison to animals born in captivity are believed to have strong souls and a deeper connection to Akana, the Earth-Mother. Although the horses on the steppe are considerably smaller than many of their relatives they possess great stamina. These reliable animals constitute the back bone of the Khurite tribes, and a popular saying is that a true Khurite learns how to ride before learning how to walk. Men and woman alike are taught to fight equally well from the saddle as on foot, and a selection of traditional scimitars and pole arms are used in close combat while the asymmetrical Khurite horse bow is used for archery.


Crimes are very rare in a Khuren since the majority of the Khurite tribes are relatively small and their survival depends upon their ability to cooperate. Traditional rules and resolute leadership handle most of the quarrel which may arise in the close knit community of a Khuren, additional to this most of the Khurites possess a strong social sense of honour. Theft is unusual and jealousy is regarded as nonexistent. A Khurite husband or spouse may share their bed with whomever they desire in the tribe, and are expected to do so with a willing visitor since sexual activities are regarded as a natural part of the social trade exchanges, or as a Khurite would put it: “It keeps the blood of the tribe from getting too thick”. In the few cases when a dispute proves to be impossible to resolve, the Mogul can decide to expel an individual or a family from the tribe which is considered the worst existing scenario. The tribes very rarely accept a drifter and an individual or family often face an early death on their own.


The Physique and Appearances of the Khurite

The most apparent characteristics of the Khurite race are their almond-shaped eyes and their skin tone, which ranges from a deep brown to reddish. Beard growth is only observed in Khurites of old age, and even then many stay beardless. The native Khurites have good physique with trimmed and hardy muscles and are accustomed to a life on the steppe, where the temperature changes can be dramatic and drinking water is scarce. To further cope with the changes in weather they use different pastes of animal grease mixed with herbs on their exposed body parts, which has given them a reputation of being “smelly and unclean” in other societies. Contrary to the popular belief that the Khurites are unclean, tribe members often swim in the salty lakes and streams near their Khuren and use vapour baths, or sweat gers, in the winter. Swimming is learned at a very early age by both sexes, and sweat ger competitions are a common way of settling arguments.


Most Khurites have sacred tattoos, Tamko, that is carved into the skin rather than punctured, leaving grooves and dents. The first Tamko marks the important transition between childhood and adulthood, and the following marks status, rank and achievements in the tribe. Men and women have different parts of their bodies tattooed, most often faces, buttocks and arms for men - lips, chins and stomachs for women, but this varies from tribe to tribe.


Khurite Technology and Culture

The Khurites live a nomadic life on the steppe, and their intergroup technological advances and organization may be hard to detect for the uninitiated who can only observe their primitive resources and tools. The Khurites do not use or forge that many metals but they master those which are used to perfection. The composite Khurite horse bow, Ikil, may look strange and rough at first sight, but the making of a bow of that kind can take up to a year and involves soaking and drying processes in several layers and a material composition which has taken several centuries to develop. The largest of the bows, Mor-Ikil, are used for hunting mammoth and are surrounded by a number of traditions and rituals. They are exceptionally tall, often surpassing the height of the archer, and the draw force is comparable to lifting a fully grown man by two fingers. Neither do the clothes of the Khurites reveal the measure of care used in their manufacturing, but the typical Khurite leather armor is extremely flexible and durable, useful in heat and cold alike and it has metal plates sown into it to better withstand arrows. Life on the steppe usually requires practical craftsmanship and reliable tools, and it’s first when you come to see the ritual dresses or the musical instruments of the Khurites when you are able to truly appreciate the level of craftsmanship involved in their making.


Music is an essential part of the Khurite culture with both shamanistic and social value, and have unique features not found anywhere else in the world. Among the most known are the Urtunye, Everlasting Songs, where each syllable of text is extended for very long durations. The spiritual ‘throat singing’ known as Oomii is another example of specialized vocals, where the greatest performers can produce up to three distinctively audible pitches at the same time. Instruments range from drums and tambourines to flutes, and the Mornur - a mammoth-tusk horn believed to have superior magical powers. At important occasions the tribe gathers in dancing rituals, Yange, through which they enter a trance with the help of music and Yage, an herb extract which grants contact with the spirit realm.

Do you want to see your own created creature in Mortal Online? Contest - check it out!

Posted by MortalOnline Wednesday September 24 2008 at 8:14AM
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This month we want to see the community contribute with a creative and interesting creature that fits the Mortal Online universe. As inspiration we have added some new Concept Art. The winning creature will be included in the Mortal Online world.

Read about the contest here!


More on this months release:



More from GC 2008
We have added some of the video interviews from the Leipzig Games Convention in our media section. Check them out (click here)


Status of Mortal Online
The production of Mortal Online is currently in a stage where we are migrating the game content into our new network solution. The main reason for not sharing much game information (such as detailed gameplay, combat, in-game videos) at this stage is because we want to make sure we can deliver what we will be showing. As soon as our large systems and features are in the network solution, and this might take some time, we are going to show you more of Mortal Online.

New Race and Location
This month we have started to add information about the Tindremic Empire in the new Locations section (click here). A short summary of the Tindremenes themselves can be found in Races (click here). Both texts will be continued as soon as they are translated.
New concept art and a screenshot shown in this new info are added in their respective sections.

Mortal Online Creature Concept Contest!
(and new creature concept art)
Now we want to see the community contribute with a creative and interesting creature that fits the Mortal Online universe. As inspiration we have added some new Concept Art in that section.
Join the Creature Contest now! The winning creature will be included in the Mortal Online world. Read more about the contest and rules here (click here).

Ending notes
That's all we have to offer this time. Don’t forget to check the forums (click here) for upcoming releases and other fun stuff. Don't forget that the developers are also active on the forums whenever possible, to read or answer your questions.


The Mortal Online team is back from Games Convention in Leipzig!

Posted by MortalOnline Tuesday September 2 2008 at 4:53AM
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Star Vault recently got back from our booth at one of the world’s largest marketing events for games, the Leipzig Game Convention, Germany. The main reason for the trip was to step up our marketing efforts and spread the word about Mortal Online.

The feedback on what was shown in our booth was very positive. A number of Mortal Online followers from our online forum showed up to visit us, and we got to meet a lot of new forum candidates and potential players. We also did quite a few interviews for magazines, radio, TV and web, both on- and offline. What surprised us most was the number of publishers interested in Mortal Online, and although we are still planning to release the game ourselves we look forward to have a closer look at their different offers.

All in all, the trip was over our expectations, but we’re happy to back home to continue working on the game.

For pictures of the Mortal Online booth, check out our new media section here

Interview with the CEO at place with loads of goodies and info in it:
-> HERE <-

The forums!

Hoping to be on the games list  soon ;o)

Reward for faithful followers regarding beta testing! - Check it out!

Posted by MortalOnline Tuesday July 8 2008 at 5:47PM
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Reward for faithful followers regarding beta testing!

Are you a member of our forums today?

Dont miss this out, sign up today! We need YOU!

If not, increase your chance of being part of beta testing Mortal Online by signing up on our forums. Dive in on our discussions and help us shape the world of Mortal Online!


We are interested in active members that stay onboard for a long time and give us interesting and helpful feedback regarding the development of Mortal Online. Please note that we won’t base our decision on “number of posts” (spamming won’t get you anywhere), rather the quality of your posts and the helpful critique we and other members receive.


There is no beta date set for Mortal Online yet and there is no guarantee that you will get into the beta test of Mortal Online by signing up on our forums. We will go through our forum members when it’s time to choose our Mortal Online testers. We have noticed that there are many mmo veterans on our forums and what could be better than having you guys into our beta test?


We will announce when the beta test will take place at a later time.


Mothly game information
Unfortunately, due to our visit to Epic Games and the upcoming Game Convention we are not going to release any new information for Mortal Online this summer (July/August). Due to our tight schedule we have to prioritize working on the game itself and the surrounding development (as well as getting some rest for a week or two). We are sorry for this and promise to do our best to compensate for it when time allows us to.


However, we are preparing a small surprise, so keep your eyes open on the site ;-)


Our members have requested an official IRC chat room which we now have published. You can log in via our web client in the menu Community -> IRC (

Join now to chat live with the members of Mortal Online.

New wallpaper
Don’t forget to download our latest wallpaper, published on request!

Mortal Online - Extended Partnership With Epic Games

Posted by MortalOnline Tuesday June 17 2008 at 9:07AM
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Star Vault has chosen to expand cooperation with Epic Games to include Epic Games China. The purpose of this collaboration is to develop the best possible network solution for Mortal Online using Unreal Engine 3 .

Some other news:

Star Vault goes to America:

Star Vault will be going to America to visit Epic games in July. The trip will be an opportunity for Star Vault to get to know their American colleagues better, and discuss how to further improve some of the main features of Mortal Online.


We have a very interesting summer to look forward to!  :o)


Mortal Online - Race revealed, Half Orch!

Posted by MortalOnline Sunday June 15 2008 at 8:35AM
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Thieves, traitors, beasts. The fear of the half orcs has brought them many undesirable names. As sons and daughters of the unspeakable crimes committed in the wake of a war, the half orcs’ life stories are often stained by tragedies. The majority of the half orcs are doomed to roam aimlessly in a world where the full blood orcs look upon them as weaklings and the civilised world despise them as witless barbarians and fear their orcish heritage. However, few surpass them in strength and stamina, on the battlefield or in the arena, and the non-human heritage in their blood and mind make even veteran soldiers cautious.

Female Half Orc


A half orc’s childhood
The half orcs are the result of a union between a human and an orc. A union tragic in its nature since the two races have never had lasting peace between them. During the wars and the clashes between the human race and the orcish tribes the females tend to fall victims to abuse, and often these cases of abuse lead to a mix of the two races. Sadly the half orcs are met with suspicion on both sides and are often loathed due to the abominable thought of a union between the two races. The majority of the half orcs is sterile or suffers great difficulty of producing offspring.


It is very uncommon for a half orc to be brought up by orcs, even though most of the half orcs with an orcish mother are born into such a community. A half orc is seen as a burden for the clan and have no chance of earning a rank. Therefore an orcish mother often abandons her child on the outskirts of a nearby village or farm, in hope of a better future for the child. Despite the fact that the humans often consider the orcs as violent and primitive the truth is that compassion and motherly love coexist with a strict hierarchy and the mentality of “strength-is-power” in an orcish tribe. To abandon the half orc child instead of simply killing it is regarded a better option for both the tribe, the mother and the child.

If the mother of a half orc child is human she is often looked upon as befouled by the rest of society, and that is the reason why many women give birth to their bastard children in secret. Like the orcish mothers the human mothers also tend to abandon their children, so that they might be raised by beggars, the very poor or farmers in exchange of a smaller amount of gold.
Only a minority of the half orcs is lucky enough to be brought up in one of the few and distant located half orc societies, who gladly receive them due to lack of offspring and fading in numbers.


The half orcs possess great endurance and a talent for survival making them able to stay alive in miserable conditions during the early years of childhood. Those of them who end up in the larger cities soon realise that begging won’t pay off since no one is willing to donate to “the thieving bastard children”, forcing them to support themselves by theft or violence, and therefore reinforcing the already widely spread prejudice. Instead of begging, a half orc growing up in a smaller village is often forced to perform hard manual labour and allowed to stay until puberty, which occur in a fairly early age, before being cast out into the wild or the larger cities to support themselves.


The half orcs who can’t rely on hunting and fishing for survival will face great difficulty receiving employment in the big cities, which is why many sell themselves as slaves. Owing to their endurance and strength they are considered formidable rowers on various ships, gladiators in an arena, workers in the sewers, or carriers in everything ranging from construction sites to army caravans. After several years of heavy labour some half orcs are able to buy their own freedom and possibly be employed. Many are driven by their nature to become recruits in different mercenary camps, where they are still looked upon with great suspicion but are able to rise in rank thanks to traits such as discipline, authority, fearlessness and fighting spirit. Some half orcs settle outside the unwelcoming cities and form their own communities, keeping to themselves and remaining passive in order not to suffer any attacks or ravaging.


The physique, mentality and appearances of the half orcs

Male Half Orc
The typical half orc inherit a strength and endurance which greatly surpass the same characteristics in an ordinary human - an animalistic power reserve displaying their orcish origin. They are usually taller than humans and have like the orcs a flesh that heals readily. Due to their size and robust bone structure the half orcs tend to be somewhat clumsy but compensate this with good reflexes, resulting in the fact that they rarely wear heavy armour.

Only large warhorses, bullhorses or even larger mounts are able to carry an armoured half orc.


When it comes to intelligence it is hard to compare a human with a half orc since the majority of the latter lack any form of organized education, but there is nothing to indicate that the half orcs are less capable of mental activity. The half orcs who have grown up in the streets develop the same sly cunning as their human counterparts, and those who rise in rank within a mercenary faction are often shrewd tacticians and have a talent for strategy. In natural environments, such as the woods, mountains and grottos, a good sense of locality unfolds within the half orcs but they have a poor sense of direction in habited areas.


Difficult mental experiences do not affect half orcs to a great extent. Despite their often troubled childhood, psychic traumas among the half orcs are rare. The reason might be their pragmatic orc-like nature, making them live in the present to a great extent and also resulting in the fact that half orcs make bad theorists. The half orcs also share the orcs’ inability to understand, and fear of, magic and spells, something that can probably be traced back to the origins of the orc race. A few half orcs develop abilities resembling those of the orc shamans, but without guidance or tutoring these abilities seldom grow strong.


On most half orcs markings will appear on different parts of the body. On full blood orcs these markings are related to age and social status, but on half orcs this function is lost. Half orcs have thicker hair than humans but have in general less body hair. Their eyes are often completely dark yellow, dark brown or black, it is extremely rare to see a half orc with a bright human-like iris. They have good vision even in faint light although they can’t see in total darkness, but this comes at the expense of a slightly poorer colour vision. Half orcs also have a good sense of hearing compared to humans, but they have difficulty hearing higher frequencies.


Half orcs in the world
The half orcs live difficult and hard lives in the human civilisation, even though it is the only community who at least partly accept their existence. Some perform tough and demanding labour as slaves or workers, others fight for money in the arenas or mercenary armies. Many make their living by theft, assassinations or fencing and are constantly sought after by the long arm of the law. Most humans are prejudiced against half orcs and they are often more severally punished in court than humans are. Only a handful half orcs have gained fame and glory in the books of history, and these individuals have been gladiators, commanders of mercenary armies or master tutors at training camps.


The half orcs regard the world with the same scepticism they themselves are met with; by gaining wisdom from their past experiences they become vigilant and suspicious of the world but accept their fate with their half orcish pragmatic nature. They never or seldom complain since this is seen as a sign of weakness, they regard drawn out discussions and thoughtfulness as a lack of the capacity to act. These characteristics of course contribute to the stereotypes of half orcs being stupid and taken advantage of, but as it is against their own nature to approach the situation differently they let the matter rest. If the relationship between humans and half orcs is strained then the bond between full blood orcs and half orcs is nonexistent. The half orcs fear and avoid the orcs, who place them on the same level as humans, or worse.

On the outskirts of the larger human settlements it is possible to find smaller half orc villages such as Kranesh outside of Tindrem and Obrig on the plains of Myrland. In these villages, other half breeds, outcasts, outlaws and freethinkers are accepted but the order is kept to avoid any conflict with the rest of civilisation. These half orc villages are often ruled by moguls and are seen as barbaric by the larger cities. The villages are rather autonomous but deal in fish, wood, stone and agricultural products. The half orcs lack their own culture, traditions and craftsmanship, they are therefore forced to adapt and be shaped by the world around them.


The largest half orc settlement is Gaul'kor in close proximity to Herabalter. Gaul'kor is a somewhat chaotic place which besides being home to fencers, thieves and bandits, also have a small full blood orc population. Those half orcs who are unable to adapt to civilisation due to their orcish nature or upbringing end up in Gaul'kor, together with all sorts of scum. More civilized half orcs look down on the city as it only contributes to their already torn reputation.


Mortal Online - Latest news! -Attributes and Skills Overview-

Posted by MortalOnline Saturday May 17 2008 at 5:11AM
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Character skills are very important in Mortal Online, as it is your skills and not any "character level" that define what you can and cannot do in the game. The skill system itself is very dynamic, meaning attributes and skills are dependent on each other, and that training one of them also improves the other. It also gives you the opportunity to fully customize your character. Unfortunately, this system may seem a bit confusing at first, especially when reading about it, but let’s look at each piece of the system one at a time:

Attributes and Skills

Your character will have different types of attributes
. Here are the three most important ones:

Basic Attributes contains your Name, the Name of your Deva, Race, Sex, etc. Most of these attributes are permanent or at least won’t change very often.

Primary Attributes are attributes such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc. These are the attributes that define the core of your character and gives you the possibility to train certain skills, and limits to what extent you can train others. You start the game with a certain amount of points that you distribute on the different attributes, and when playing the game you will slowly improve the attributes by using skills. Also, improving an attribute will give every skill based on that attribute a small boost. However, the Primary Attributes have a "cap", meaning once you have reached a certain number of points in all your attributes, you cannot increase them anymore, at least not in the usual way. To increase your Strength for example, you’ll have to obtain those points by decreasing another attribute of your choice. This means that you can never max out on all Primary Attributes, rather you’ll have to choose what will be the strengths and weaknesses of your character.

To sum it up:
1. A Primary Attribute increase when using a Skill connected to the particular attribute
2. Primary Attributes have a common cap

Secondary Attributes are attributes that are calculated from other attributes, like Health, Mana, Stamina, Movement, etc. Skills may also affect these attributes.

There are two main types of skills in Mortal Online: Primary and Secondary Skills

Primary Skills
The Primary Skills are the most basic skills in the game and also the foundation for the rest of the skill tree. All characters have these skills from start, but it’s up to you which of them to train. The different Primary Skills “unlocks” different Secondary Skills in the skill tree; for instance you will need to train the Primary Skill “Acrobatics” to a certain value to be able to learn the Secondary Skill “Climbing”. Like the Primary Attributes the Primary Skills have a common cap, meaning you can never fully train each and every Primary Skill. It’s up to you to find the perfect balance for your character, as you can train and “untrain” these skills how many times you like

Secondary Skills
Secondary Skills are the bulk of the skill tree. They are of a vast number of skills that are connected to each other in a very complex network. Secondary Skills have to be discovered and learned in the game by books, tutoring and/or to a lesser extent by other means like magic or achievements. The prerequisite of a Secondary Skill may be another Secondary Skill, a Primary Skill, any Attribute or any combination thereof. For example, learning the Secondary Skill “Advanced Poison Making” may require you to have the Secondary Skills “Beast Lore” which in turn is based on “Zoology”, as well as “Poison Making” that is based on “Basic Herbalism” that is based on “Botany” and so on.

The major difference from the Primary Skills is that Secondary skills don’t have a common cap. You can learn any number of Secondary Skills you like, but the skills you can learn are restricted by your Attributes and Primary Skills. The restrictions also mean that if you “untrain” a Primary Skill or Attribute that is a prerequisite for one of your Secondary Skills, you won’t be able to use that Secondary Skill any more. However, should the prerequisites once again be met it can be used as before (so you don’t have to train it over again). In short, you can explore any area of the skill tree without the fear of getting stuck, as you can always “leave” and “come back to” your Secondary Skills that are already trained with the help of a little time.


Skill Categories
Every skill in Mortal Online is either an Action Skill or a Learning Skill. Some of the Secondary Skills are also tagged as Deva Skills (or “Account/World Skills”).

Action Skills
An Action Skill is trained by using it in the game. By using your Arming Sword you train the skill “Arming Sword” (and also, to a lesser extent, the skills and attributes that have a connection to it like “1H Swords”, “Light Weapons”, “Strength” and “Dexterity”).

Learning Skills
A Learning Skill is passively trained by “reading a book” or “studying it mentally”. This takes time, and the more difficult the skill, the more time it takes. You can only train one Learning Skill at a time, but during that time you can of course train any number of Action Skills as their training is dependent on your actions in the game. Although most Learning Skills are passively trained, some of them will also benefit from certain “actions” in the game, i.e. the Learning Skill “Zoology” might increase each time you discover a new creature. (In this case, the skill don’t have to be the one “currently studied” to increase.)

Deva Skills
Some of the Secondary Skills are tagged as Deva Skills. (The Deva is your “shared soul” that connects all your characters on your account.) When a Deva Skill is trained, all your characters will benefit from that training. As all Secondary Skills have prerequisites it does not necessarily mean they can use the skill, but it means it will be there, trained to the same level as for the other characters, and once the prerequisites are met the skill will be active and ready to use (see Secondary Skills).

Classes and Class-Restrictions
Classes in Mortal Online will work rather different than in most other MMORPG’s. You don’t begin the game as a specific Class, although you may choose from different presets to get some help along the way to become one. Classes are managed by special Guilds in the game (meaning “traditional” labor- or profession-guilds like merchant-guilds, blacksmith-guilds, thief-guilds and so on) where you have to apply and get accepted to get the specific Class-title. (You may choose whether to show the title publically or not).

Classes will have prerequisites in the form of skills, attributes or sometimes even things like reputation, social status or wealth. In essence, you will have to give up certain attributes and/or skills in favor for others, meaning your choice of skills will be restricted. In turn, you will benefit from certain Class-bonuses as long as you stay true to your Class by meeting the prerequisites. Whether it’s worth to make that sacrifice or not is of course up to you.

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