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In search of Excellence

Seeking the True Sandboxed MMOrpg

Author: Morons

In search of Excellence

Posted by Morons Wednesday September 2 2009 at 11:25AM
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Ever wanted to get RID of the End-Game?

I have been dreaming of an game, not unsimilar to the current WoW, LoTRO, WaR etc that is totally sandboxed.

This can easily be done.

You need to start an character - any gender any race.

You gain ALL your Attributes, this include Stats as well as skills and abilities via learning (Much like EvE-Online)

You enter the library/college etc. pay for or been given skills and upon completion attributes are allocated.

This game will have ZERO Xp or levels whatsoever.

Progression is then natural so that after you completed the full learning tree for lets say an "Mage" type you can add bits of healing or tanking mix and match maybe combine Archery with Master Swordskills.

This also mean that Dungeaon will have required skills rather than levels.

Also this mean you can play with the big boys directly after creating the toon, not "you are nothing till end-game" pandemic!

Gear can then increase as an factor of your skill in equiping / deploying or managing it.

Even guild management must then be learned

It will make a game the does NOT have end-game and the game developers can no consentrate on balance, bugfixes and richer content.

Expantion is via new areas, new skills, new equipment - enhanced storyline etc.

Money is then "real" and a good trade sytem with game scale economy can then enrich those seeking to MAKE gear.

Tradeskills/money can be that of social*, gearmaking, consumable making, real-estate / property value rental of the above. * Similar to SWG were yu could entertain via song and dance!  Nice for random RP players.

Real-Eestate and property can be that of an instanced pvp "guildhouse" fort or keep or sumthing that can be built, maintained and cared for by the guild members as well as include an "Home" for each player were he can make decorations - have pets gardens and tradeskill benches.  Sell and resell marketplaces.

Skill can be learned (like EVE-Online) in Realtime and thus capturing constant player retention and a will to see the outcome of new skills.

This would be Ultimate fun. 

With this kind of proposed game, players can spend and INVEST time because they will keep growing, never hit a ceiling that colapses at the next expantion!

... I can only dream!



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Wed Sep 02 2009 11:47AM Report writes:
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