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The Morgue

A collection of thoughts that are probably better off being left in a cold dark room...

Author: Morgaren

Gave Darkfall a try

Posted by Morgaren Tuesday November 24 2009 at 1:06AM
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I've given Darkfall a try and I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the game thus far. Its not the overwhelming gankfest that some people have made it out to be, at least not for me. It does require you to play smart, and avoid people when your vulnerable. For instance, if your in next to no armor, and out collecting materials for craft, when you see someone coming for you, Run, Run like a little girl, run till your muscles are on fire and your heart pumps battery acid, then run some more.

Joining a clan is also crucial, cause the game is pretty brutal, and people will kill you, so its good to have freinds. But to the good stuff,

I like to explore in a game, if the land isn't stale, which the land isn't, mobs aren't everywhere, and they tend to gather near certain land mark areas. The AI for mobs is impressive, and you rarely have the exact same fight. although some people will be turned off by the idea, when you have a sword equipped the only thing you can really do is swing it....

However, go pick up a sword, and let me know how many spectacular feats you do, that doesn't invlove swinging it.

I like the skill system, skills for everything, running, sprinting, jumping swimming, swords, spells, crafts, the list goes on, and I like having to do said skill to improve, I was unfortunate to miss out on UO, and I find this concept great.

Plus its nice to play an unforgiving game every now and then. Let me say something to the people that get turned off by the idea of the whole full loot thing. When you die, yes, you drop everything, but at the same time, I have about 15-20 sets of low grade armor, with tons, TONS, of weapons, they aren't too great, but I just started, so its not like you work for 10 hours to get this epic sword, then you loose it right away, not to say all gear is bad, and that some of it doesn't take time to get, but your not going to be using stuff like that unless you are on purposly bringing your A game.

Somethings i don't like, I don't see any non aggresive mobs, like wildlife, ect. that would be nice for emersion, and easier chat system, but UI things are something that can wait, its a small company doing this after all. Animations get clunky, but most of this is surface stuff.

What the game needs really is a free trial, I think people will be happy with the cahracter progression, and pvp, is really fun when your at someone your own level, and when you get ganked, it records it, so you can remember that name....

Tables turn eventually, its all cyclical.


Annwyn writes:

You mentionned "non agressive mobs/wildlife" and I'm suprised that you didn't hear about it. The upcoming expansion (by the end of this week with a possible delay of a few days) will bring Roaming Wildlife to the game, will revamp the monster AI to make them more intelligent, change their loot table a bit to randomize it and also bring a more deeper weakness/strength feature.

This is just an exemple of what the Expansion will add ;)

Tue Nov 24 2009 5:52AM Report
Einstein-DF writes:

 Yes the Conquer the seas Expansion will bring roaming wildlife (non agressive like foxes, wolves etc) caravans, extra housing, sea towers, high end pvp balancing, easier 2 use UI and much more I cant even remember

Next week probably is the free expansion


Good that you gave the game a try, it really is a good game and getting better all the time 

Tue Nov 24 2009 7:22AM Report
LadyAlibi writes:

This write up makes me want to give the game a chance.

Sun Jun 06 2010 5:05PM Report writes:
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