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The Morgue

A collection of thoughts that are probably better off being left in a cold dark room...

Author: Morgaren

Bring down the hammer

Posted by Morgaren Saturday September 5 2009 at 3:08PM
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Being hacked recently in World of Warcraft, It made me realize the little amount that is really done in terms of punishing the gold farmers. They were able to look onto my character logs and see what was taken, and gave me back those items. but surely they can go a little further, and punish the wicked right?

If they can look onto my logs and see how much gold was mailed away, surely they can see the account it was mailed to right? then they can see if that character just mailed the gold again, or put it in a guild bank.

I say ban the account that recieved the gold, and disband the guild, and ban all members of the guild. Even investigate other characters guilds if they are in different ones, spread it out like fire, and see if you can find where all the gold is going. I doubt very seriously that guilds full of hackers and gold farmers allow straight members into their guild, and even more so I don't think you could be in one for any length of time and not realize it. Maybe thats a little harsh, cause some people may get banned when they are innocent, they can go through the process of just proving they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Of course I could just be angry and not thinking clearly, but part of me thinks that the real problem is th companies that just ban the one account know that that one account will be bought again, and thats more revenue for them. Like so many other matters of justice, I think that the almighty dollar interferes too much with doing whats right. If you took away multiple accounts and the stockpile of gold they have hoarded for selling, that would hit them where they hurt, and make it a risky venture. one not really worth investing the time needed to start making money.  Also some of the cost associated with that much investigating would be fairly high, so I know its not gonna happen.

But I can dream can't I?

Death1942 writes:

lol the guild thing is a little extreme.  How would you feel if someone in your guild got caught buying gold and suddenly your all banned for something you have no control over.   Anyway i see your point on the whole checking accounts thing but it takes far too much time and manpower to do so they will settle with the basic anti gold farming system (at least it cuts back on some of the spam)

Sat Sep 05 2009 10:27PM Report
Morgaren writes:

I'm not talking about banning the whole guild buying gold, I'm talking about banning the people in the guild that the hacker deposited money into.

the hacker will mail the gold to a toon in the guild, and deposits the money into the guild bank, knowing he will be banned soon, but the guild also has toons that are not hackers, who distribute the money when people pay for it.

Thats the guilds I'm talking about wiping.

Sun Sep 06 2009 1:01AM Report writes:
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