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The Morgue

A collection of thoughts that are probably better off being left in a cold dark room...

Author: Morgaren

Been jumping around

Posted by Morgaren Sunday May 16 2010 at 11:45PM
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I've been jumping from game to game lately, I've been teetering on that edge of mmo burnout for quite a while now. I got a refreshing jump when my wife started playing mmo's with me, but the first one we played is wow,  and aafter we got to level cap and got all our badge gear and raided for a bit, we got bored. mostly cause i had been bored for a long long time.

tried Aion, anyone who was with me when that game came out, you know the story there.

LOTRO, not going to say its a bad, not for me though, just can't get into it.

Runes of magic, good game, best F2P I've seen, Allods, it has a big drop off in interest level after lvl 5,

so I came back around to EQ2, MMO I was playing when me and my wife first started dating. I remember the time I spent trying to get her to play....she never would. but anyways, to get to the point, we realized its just unfair to compare games to WoW. say whatever you want about the game, it has loads of content, but it doesn't have so much that you can play for two years and not see all of it. So eq2 has been a good thing for us. Its alot different when your exploring around an area, and you both run into a group of heroic mobs that neither one of you knew was there. (she thought I was going to hold them off while she got away.... but she didn't know I had feign death, almost slept on the couch)

so for me the cure for my burnout has been to experience this new stuff with someone I care about. and that makes me wonder, is boredom of the mechanics what really makes us burnt out? How many people who are going from game to game in that state of burn out play solo? solo play is on the rise, it seems to be the popular way of doing things, but so is the amount of burn out post you see on forums. Well, I'm cured for now at least, anyone else find a cure?

calzero writes:

I am in the same boat as you just in reverse. I meet my wife while playing Everquest back in 99. We both played daily together for many years but after EQ she stopped playing MMO's for one reason or another. I noticed that my ability to stay focused on a game went downhill when she stopped playing. I am currently looking for a new game to play since she has started to get back into gaming but still having a hard time finding a game to duo in that we both enjoy playing.

Mon May 17 2010 1:56PM Report
Lexe01 writes:

Same story here, there are too many crappy MMO's out there that dare calling themselves "free to play" while in reality they try to make you buy coins for consumables (xp boosts, enchant scrolls, pets, consumables!).

The problem with MMO's is that they age. Not many people will start playing WoW now after it's been released for 6 years right ? The game ages, the game changes, the playerbase dies.

So I think alot of players are on "hold" right now and will swarm on games like SWTOR when they release. Refreshing and NEW MMo's are always the best.

ATM i'm playing co-op shootergames like L4D2 and BFH...

Thu Jul 01 2010 8:09AM Report writes:
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