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Mopars Musing

I am an old school gamer in the deepest meaning of the word. I trace my gaming back to before DnD and was online gaming with people before "online" existed.

Author: Mopar63

When did MMO forget RPG?

Posted by Mopar63 Wednesday July 14 2010 at 7:45AM
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You know I do not care what game you play or what world you visit the sure way to be hammered during MMO play is to ask abut RP. I am amazed almost daily by the hatred it seems that so many MMO players to the concept of RP. I have actually seen characters and even been one of them, kicked out of guilds for literally bringing up a discussion of RP. I have watched players happily join a guild and play with it a few days and then run cursing from the guild because he found out it allowed RP.

Where does this hatred come from? Why is it so strong? Do these players not realize that the BASIS of the MMO is RPG? Role playing is what started the genre and is the basis from which all these types of games have spawned.

The only explaniation I can come up with is found by looking at the majority of MMO players. If you took the time to speak with most of the MMO players on your particualr game, how many of them could tell you the back story that was unfolded during thier recent quests? How many of them could name even one of the NPCs and tell you anything about them?

The answer is not many, the reason because that information got in the way of them rushing through. The current crop of players of the most part feel they can "win" the game if they go through fast. They fly for the end of the level like it is some trophy and do not realize that the real prize was the journey.

From their point of view RP slows you down. It keeps you from lett status because you are taking to long, hence you must be losing.

Part of the problem is however also with the RPers. Somewhere along the line RPers have forgotten how to RP. Oh they are great at doing forum RP or even speaking with a strange accent and using bizzare words but their actions seldom reflect the RP.

For this I will fall back to EVE for examples. A lot of so called RP groups are not really about RP at all unless if sounds good. Oh they write mighty forum posts or put up great words in local chat but do their actions reflect this RP? Do they act in a way that is consistent with what thier chat says? Oh some do but the majority use it as a backdrop of BS. They few who do act their character are considered lame and generally pushed off as loons.

I mean seriously where has true RP gone? Where is the Paladin, the paragod of Good when it comes time to steal from a church? Does he stand up to the group and say no, I will not do this? Does he actively work to stop them? Does he even walk away and let them do what they must but not be a part of it? Of course he does'nt becuase he would miss out on XP. After all some extra XP is more important than his righteous stand.

The next time someone talks about RP stop for a minute, do not run in fear or scream in hatred, stop and talk to the person. Find out what they gain and why they do it. Spend some time exploring something other than the next level and loot haul. It may not be for you and you might not enjoy it, but that is okay. Hopefull however you will learn a little respect for those that do. Remember without RPers there would not be MMOs.