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Free To Play Browser Based Online Pokemon MMORPG Game PokemonCraft

This blog is about best of all Pokemon MMORPGs out there PokemonCraft. PokemonCraft is a free to play browser based online Pokemon MMORPG Game. You don't need to download anything for playing. It can be played on phones,mac etc :)

Author: MonsterMMORPG

MonsterMMORPG special weekend event and 72 new incoming maps released

Posted by MonsterMMORPG Friday May 4 2012 at 8:58PM
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Once again MonsterMMORPG special weekend event started. This time the EXP and Gold bonus is 150% percent.

It will last during this weekend.

We are also constantly updating our monster images. You better check our latest currently available monsters ^^

For those who does not know, Monster MMORPG is a free to play browser based mmorpg game similar to Pokemon yet unique and all rights reserved game.

The one another news is 72 new maps completed. I am pretty sure you will love them. Here the images of those new 72 maps. These maps will be available hopefully this summer at the game with massive updates.

You can see all of the incoming maps here :

Here 72 new ones


[Image: 391_Dragon_Route_306.png] [Image: 390_Dragon_Route_305.png] [Image: 389_Dragon_MonsterArena.png] [Image: 388_Dragon_MajorCity.png] [Image: 387_Dragon_Route_304.png] [Image: 386_Dragon_Route_303.png] [Image: 385_Dragon_Route_302.png] [Image: 384_Dragon_MinorCity_3.png] [Image: 383_Dragon_Route_301.png] [Image: 382_Dragon_Route_300.png] [Image: 381_Dragon_Route_299.png] [Image: 380_Dragon_Route_298.png] [Image: 379_Dragon_Route_297.png] [Image: 378_Dragon_MinorCity_2.png] [Image: 377_Dragon_Route_296.png] [Image: 376_Dragon_Route_295.png] [Image: 375_Dragon_Route_294.png] [Image: 374_Dragon_MinorCity_1.png] [Image: 373_Dragon_Route_293.png] [Image: 372_Dragon_Route_292.png] [Image: 371_Dragon_Route_291.png] [Image: 370_Dragon_Route_290.png] [Image: 369_Dragon_Route_289.png] [Image: 368_Ghost_Route_288.png] [Image: 367_Ghost_MonsterArena.png] [Image: 366_Ghost_MajorCity.png] [Image: 365_Ghost_Route_287.png] [Image: 364_Ghost_Route_286.png] [Image: 363_Ghost_Route_285.png] [Image: 362_Ghost_MinorCity_3.png] [Image: 361_Ghost_Route_284.png] [Image: 360_Ghost_Route_283.png] [Image: 359_Ghost_Route_282.png] [Image: 358_Ghost_MinorCity_2.png] [Image: 357_Ghost_Route_281.png] [Image: 356_Ghost_Route_280.png] [Image: 355_Ghost_Route_279.png] [Image: 354_Ghost_Route_278.png] [Image: 353_Ghost_Route_277.png] [Image: 352_Ghost_Route_276.png] [Image: 351_Ghost_MinorCity_1.png] [Image: 350_Ghost_Route_275.png] [Image: 349_Ghost_Route_274.png] [Image: 348_Ghost_Route_273.png] [Image: 347_Ghost_Route_272.png] [Image: 346_Ghost_Route_271.png] [Image: 345_Flying_Route_270.png] [Image: 344_Flying_MonsterArena.png] [Image: 343_Flying_MajorCity.png] [Image: 342_Flying_Route_269.png] [Image: 341_Flying_Route_268.png] [Image: 340_Flying_Route_267.png] [Image: 339_Flying_Route_266.png] [Image: 338_Flying_MinorCity_3.png] [Image: 337_Flying_Route_265.png] [Image: 336_Flying_Route_264.png] [Image: 335_Flying_Route_263.png] [Image: 334_Flying_MinorCity_2.png] [Image: 333_Flying_Route_262.png] [Image: 332_Flying_Route_261.png] [Image: 331_Flying_Route_260.png] [Image: 330_Flying_Route_259.png] [Image: 329_Flying_Route_258.png] [Image: 328_Flying_MinorCity_1.png] [Image: 327_Flying_Route_257.png] [Image: 326_Flying_Route_256.png] [Image: 325_Flying_Route_255.png] [Image: 324_Flying_Route_254.png] [Image: 323_Flying_Route_253.png] [Image: 322_Psychic_MonsterArena.png] [Image: 297_Steel_MonsterArena.png] [Image: 273_Fight_MonsterArena.png] writes:
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