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Monkworks is a way of thinking. I have never played a monk in any adventure game. But I have high respect for those whom do. Monkworks is the religion of fantasy adventure. What ever the platform.

Author: Monkworks

Playing Everquest When You Have A Debilitating Condition Called D A D

Posted by Monkworks Wednesday February 11 2009 at 12:30PM
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Yes its true.
I have kids and I like playing Everquest.

obviously this limits my play time.
I play about two hours a night.
I cant play during the day because I work.
If I’m not working I’m usually looking after my kids.

Its challenging to even play those two hours.
I have a wife whom lets me play.
Most Wife’s out there hate Everquest, and want nothing
to do with a full-grown man that plays fantasy video games.

So I’m lucky my wife lets me play.
She understands that I get happiness out of playing.
It keeps the relation ship healthy.

I feel bad for other man whom struggle with the wife’s and playing.
for example, my best buddy love’s to play.
His wife, whom gives him a list of things to do on his days off,
and also hogs the computer for her requirements.
She seems to always be trying to prevent him from playing.

I believe in balance.
My wife corrects me when the balance begins to slip.
I will admit to EQ being extremely addictive.
Its true and EQ is a dangerous hobby.
Especially for people who are obsessive.

I’m sure you have heard all the stories…
How, people have lost their families and house's over this game.
Be careful nothing is more important than family and your home.

How can you play Evercrack with only two hours a night?

Well its done by per-thinking about the next play time.
Set you character up ready to go.
Camp him/her out in the next location you want to hunt in,
there by saving time running around.
Banking. picking-up spells, do all the utility requirements,
at the end of your play season so your ready to go once you log in.
Have strong directives and goals. do the homework needed,
Have maps and Quest notes ready go for the next play season.

Do diligence.

Do the research!
there is a ton of information on the web about Everquest.
lots of guides out there.
you should not be going blind into Everquest

its about maximizing you play time.

when your playing you should never be standing around not being productive.
when playing you should always be accomplishing something.
Killing something. looting something.

I remember playing years ago. I was single,
and would spend eight hours a day sometimes. this was most unproductive.
sure things have changed and the game is much easier now.
the experience flows faster.

I’m more productive now with less time on my hands.

This is not power leveling, I talking about smart play.
you can do it! a few of my buddies say

"I wish I had time to play video games"

But its funny how they find many hours a night to go to the local watering hole
and spend $40.00 on beer,getting nothing out of it but a big belly,
and disrespecting for wife and children.its funny when you look around,
and see what other people do with their free time.

I think paying $14.00 a month for this game is the cheapest form of entertainment I can find.

sure its antisocial self deprecating.

But its better than smoking crack. at the strip club….


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