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Mobile Game Reviews

Here I play mobile games and give my thoughts on them. Suggestions for games are welcome. I love indie mobile games especially so I'd love to review games from small indie companies.

Author: MobileGameReviews

There's still some roleplay left in that old MMORPG genre

Posted by MobileGameReviews Thursday September 26 2013 at 3:08AM
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I've always been a fan of RPGs that keep you engaged through a well-written storyline that makes me feel like my actions matter to the universe. I'm not specifically talking about lore, which is only exciting to those who enjoy reading archives of content, but a storyline that updates itself based on player's actions. 


Fable and The Elder Scrolls immediately come to mind, but neither were MMOs. It's impossible for a large-scale MMO to focus on individual groups of players. The roleplay is left entirely to RP servers, and the producers focus on content expansions instead.


Personally, I yearn for the older days of games like Ultima, Dark Age of Camelot, and even MUDs. Many folks here on the forums have lamented that there is no "RP" in MMORPG anymore. So where is it?


I've been hooked on MUDs lately, using them as my go-to RP fix between LoL games. Sometimes I just multi-task between games, playing a MUD in my browser while I've got LoL in a window. One particular MUD I've been enjoying is Achaea, which has an active playerbase and a strong emphasis on roleplay.


While combat and PvP is a large part of Achaea's faction-vs-faction atmosphere, many players simply log on to roleplay and catch up on the latest events, which are numerous and encourage player participation. It's possible to log on from a mobile client, which means you can sneak in a half hour of being Sir Rabbledorf, the Brave Knight on the bus ride to work.


I'm also waiting for Albion Online, which I've been following for some time on their Facebook page. Albion Online has many of the features I love about Achaea, like an RP-sandbox environment and a free-to-play perk system that rewards non-paying players.


Of course, Albion Online hasn't officially released yet so it's too soon to tell if it will be my next RP fix. Are there any RP-focused games you enjoy or are waiting for? Tell me in the comments!

4 Trending Games on Google Apps Worth Playing

Posted by MobileGameReviews Friday August 30 2013 at 8:45PM
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I've been searching through the Google apps / extension stores for the best RPG games. I'll be highlighting the best trending games here in this blog. Leave suggestions for games I should review and I'll definitely check them out!


Kings Road - ****

Similar to Diablo 2 and Torchlight, except you may switch between character classes between quests to change up your play-style. The controls are pretty easy, using the basic Q,W,E,R layout for items and the number keys for class skills. Instead of a huge, sprawling game world like Diablo, quests are broken up into smaller levels that usually take a few minutes to play. Difficulty exists in 'normal' and 'Heroic' modes, the latter being designed for cooperative play. Pay-for-currency model exists, but you can unlock everything through grinding, so it's just a shortcut.

Pros: Easy, fun to play, engaging

Cons: Super short levels may not appeal to core gamers


Iron Realms - ****

Iron Realms is a strangely popular multiplayer text-based game. The community's main emphasis is heightened roleplay, though many players engage in PvP and city-state politics. It can be likened to living in a Greek society, with each city-state having its own form of government. Players can hold elections to choose their leaders, and a war system allows physical destruction of city properties during raids. If you can sacrifice graphics for an immersive atmosphere, Iron Realms is worth a look.

Pros: Solid roleplay environment, players never break character

Cons: Text-based, but decide for yourself if that's a con



 High Grounds - ***


If you're a fan of collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, this is worth checking out. It's a turn-based 1v1 game where you place units on the battlefield or inside your city, and they'll act accordingly. Every round randomly shuffles the units at your disposal, and you can unlock additional units in the single-player mode, or buy "booster decks" for real money. The gameplay is simple enough, but there's a large variety of units which means there's some complex strategy to be learned at the higher levels of gameplay.

Pros: Addictive gameplay, lots to unlock

Cons: Newbies get destroyed by players who spend $$$



Sherwood Dungeon - ***

A browser-based MMORPG that boasts a fully fledged virtual world, the graphics here are quite detailed for a game using the Shockwave plugin. There is no party system (though cooperative play is still possible by following eachother) and no penalties for death. You can also change your avatar at any time in the game, since no classes actually exist. Many fighting techniques exist for grinding and PvP, such as blocking, power attacks, timing-based counters and criticals.

Pros: Detailed graphics, familiar MMO interface

Cons: No party system makes it difficult to find co-op partners