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Moaky's little area of the site

The discussion of various things that strike my interest. Not recommended for the feint of heart.

Author: Moaky07

What is your malfunction?

Posted by Moaky07 Sunday June 17 2012 at 2:21AM
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Before starting this blog post, I want to add this disclaimer....I really like the idea of what could be. Which to me would be a place for all gamers to come discuss their games, exchange ideas in the Pub, and read up on MMO gaming news.


With that in mind, let me get my rant out.....


What the fuck is wrong with some people around here?


I got introduced to this site during the NGE fiasco. I understand there were folks upset about the changes, and they had every right to be. SOE pulled an unthinkable move for a MMO....throwing the gamers out with the bathwater. I understand the move, but the callous way it was thrown on them was wrong. Quite frankly Smed let Kostor design the game, and there never should of been thoughts of changing a live product. So yes I always understood the anger, although the claims of people having "their lives ruined due to the change" was a bit over the top for my tastes.


Still....I did understand where they were coming from.


Yet somewhere along the line their right to be mad evolved into something different. I would call it the misery loves company effect. They began attacking other SOE products, which included the game I was playing at the time(Everquest). This really annoyed me, as EQ was already suffering from WoW defections. Anything these folks could do to cause issues, even if it meant those of us playing other games suffered, was an option to them.


I think the final straw for me was the attack on Jeff Freeman prior to his passing. He came to MMORPG to say sorry to these folks, and got ripped a new ass for his efforts. It was pretty shameful to witness.


Then it went to a whole nother level for me.....the comments after his passing. Although most pointed out how lame it was to attack him upon his death, there were still some nasty things said. Some even suggested that more deserved to die.....over a damn video game. What the hell is wrong with people?


SOe/ EQ wasnt became a war against folks playing themepark games. The cries of "they arent as smart as us", "carebear", "ADD", "not real gamers",  or any other validation to their style of gaming became commonplace. They exist till this very day.


So while we got to listen to these folks for yrs, and got more than our fill of the still wasnt enough. BW announced they would be making a new SW MMO.....oh hell here we go again.


For the past 2 yrs the TOR forums have been blasted daily by some of the most non-sensical gibberish known to man. It makes no sense to me why someone would perma camp a game forum to bitch about a game. Yet it does happen.


I am of the belief folks should have their say on a game, as constructive criticism is good. Camping a game forum, so folks have to deal with your bitching, is not.


So I go back to my initial theme.....WTF is wrong with some folks around here?


Do you really think others want to deal with your horseshit when they wanna talk about the game they are playing, or one they are looking forward to playing? I mentioned the misery loves company effect, but folks with a game are not in misery. You are. Is there a reason others have to be subjected to your unhappiness as well?


Perhaps it is that I have no tolerance to listening to the crap, but when is enough enough? You are not owed a damn thing by others in life, although respect is something that should be universal. I cannot fathom disrupting a live game forum, and yet others around here think nothing of it. Why? What is the malfunction to cause folks to act this way? Not a damn person in life would listen to someone complain daily, and yet the anonymity of the internet leads folks to believe it is any different isnt.


Anyways that is my feeling on the topic. Someone had mentioned my distaste for certain gamers, and thought I would expand upon the subject. Like I said in the disclaimer, I think this site could be so much more, yet it wont ever happen when live game forums are being hijacked. If you are a person that engages in this behavior, I suggest a visit to Dr Phil.



BTW.....for those curious: Not all that used to call SWG their home are the issue. The bad ones get lumped in with the good ones, and it sucks the good guys suffer guilt by association.