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Mmorpgs and Stuff

I am going to give my opinions both good and bad on games, gaming hardware and all things game related. I also plan to link to other blogs that I think are worth noting.

Author: Mmorpggirl

First Impressions of Darkfall

Posted by Mmorpggirl Sunday June 14 2009 at 9:00AM
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Ok Ok so I got the game downloaded and installed and was ready to create and kill...registering the game is a bit clumbersom but I got past that. I finally got to hit the creation button. Honestly, Im sure my mouth fell open. In this day of being able to pick shades of colors and have almost any color of hair and skin you want, to only seeing 5 or 6 colors of hair got a "you are kidding" out of me. It was like this with all the choices. But I got past it. I just wanted a sort of cool  looking character made that could play. So I got Erynne created and entered the game ready to start swinging.

You know, it pays to take time sometimes to read directions. No matter what I did, I couldn't move. I am still not happy with the "mode" thing using the mouse. I finally got that figured out...and got to the bind stone where it was saying to use the "Use" key...What the hell...there is no "Use" key on my keyboard...back to the instructions. Ohhhh the "R" key...why couldn't they say the "R" key? Ok got past it. So Im off to kill...I found the NPC and recieved my first two quests to go kill some gobbies and off I went. I had my knife equipped (I think) and I saw the goblin camps. I had to swim in some water to get there, so I thought. hmmm lets gain some swimming. Ok enough of that, lets get to killing. I got back out of the water and found a goblin that more or less alone. I double clicked him...wait..he is hitting me and I'm doing nothing. What the hell? I do everything I have ever done to attack and my life bar is going down and Im screaming like a noob. As I woke up by the bind stone fully ashamed and disgraced, I decided I really needed to sit down and read all the directions. Sooooo I went back and read how to attack. I thought I also got the part about looting but that was one more trip to read up on. Im thinking by this time maybe I should print the instructions up.  It was about this time that I called it a day and decided to play again tomorrow.

Vinterkrig writes:

R O F L !

Sun Jun 14 2009 10:27AM Report
Annwyn writes:

Upon entering the game, a small window tutorial-like shows up with the most important controls (WASD, R to sheate/unsheate weapon, F =Use, G=Use (certain items have double options, use G in this case), Right click for Action Mode/Pannel Mode ( or whatever it is caled). For looting or any interaction with a player/NPC, first unsheate weapon then press the Use key (F). Press "z" to revive a fallen ally (won't work if the tomb appears), "x" to Gank (to finish off enemy players so they cannot be revived)

Other things you should know: Weapons, Food, Potions can also be put in hotkeys. Once you have 20 golds, I suggest you change of Starter Weapon (can be done by any NPCs in town). I'd suggest a staff but that's up to you. Then use items you will loot from monster body and bank often. Once you have enough gold I suggest you choose a craft skill or (if you use magic a lot, a new magic skill, but watch out, some spells requires a regeant  (Lay On Hand for exemple requires 1x Resin). ). You can also do quest from the major NPC in each town (Lysander The Councilor in Loredain (Mirdain), don't know the other NPC's names). Those quest will rewards you with gold and tools used for gathering (and cooking). You already have those skills so no need to buy them.

That should be enough to help you next time you play.

Sun Jun 14 2009 11:53AM Report
dark-merlin writes:

 So much fail in one post its genuinely funny ;)


And you didnt even meet the PKs yet....good luck tho, its gonna be harsh for ya

Sun Jun 14 2009 12:08PM Report
Mmorpggirl writes:

As I re read what I posted it is not coming across that I have a lot of game experience. I do know about using the hot keys and food, weapons and all of that. I had my friend that I have been watching come up and look at what was going on and somehow I managed to freeze things up.  Im sure I will be having tons of fun in a day or so.

Sun Jun 14 2009 12:45PM Report writes:
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