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Mmorpgs and Stuff

I am going to give my opinions both good and bad on games, gaming hardware and all things game related. I also plan to link to other blogs that I think are worth noting.

Author: Mmorpggirl

Gamegoddess Returns

Posted by Mmorpggirl Wednesday June 10 2009 at 10:55AM
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Good or bad, I have decided to return to writing.  I began my writing career on Stratics...then I moved to Warcry and now, I have decided to move to my own blog. I have always done all of my writing under the name of Gamegoddess, and if you care enough to look, you can find a lot of my storys if you do a search.

I have been greatly inspired by a person that will always be my hero...Scott Jennings...or as I will always remember him.....Lum The Mad. Scott always just tells it as it is, good or bad, which is something I admire. I got to meet him several years ago at a Ren Faire down in Houston, Texas and again down in LA at E3. It is not often you get to meet someone you have on a pedistal. He went on to work for Mythic and write a book and become really famous and all of that know...hero stuff....but he is still just a normal person like us all...that likes to play games.

To give a little of my gaming background...oh god this makes me sound old...I began my gaming history in Ultima Online. I played that game from 1999 until 2006. There will never be another game like UO. Any veteran that played it will say the same thing. From there, I moved on to Everquest. I still remember the graphics. Who could not be amazed at the ground shaking as the large animals walked by or the snow leopards. I can still remember just standing there watching them. Next, came Dark age of Camolot. This game too had the greatest graphics. What made this game special was the sieging. Dear god, who can forget the hours of trying to save a fort? I can remember standing by a gate door doing nothing but doing repairs while people were running back and forth bringing resources. Good times that was. Next came Wish, Horizons, and Rhysom. I honestly don't remember enough about them to know what I liked or didnt like. I took a look at Dark and Light. My instant reaction was that I didn't like the color. I know, stupid thing but it is one of my gauges. There were things I loved about the game. I loved how you could take your shield off and slide down a snowy mountain. You could also take out a kite and fly. Next up was World of Warcraft. I remember the first time I layed my eyes on it...Wow...That became my personal guage on gaming. If I get an instant wow...its a winner.  There aren't many winners these days. I loved the graphics in WoW. The game was simple to play and had a good layout. The quests were good and it was just an all around good game. Even good things come to an end, and I moved on to Vanguard. The memories I have from Vanguard is how hard the crafting was and the building of the town. I thought the crafting was insane. It was imposible for a single person to achieve high level. My guild helped me enormiously. The town building was so poorly thought out. Thats a dead need to beat it again. Age of Conan was next. This was a wow. The graphics were fantastic. Everything about the game was beautiful. But...and it was a big was so powerfull, my machine couldn't play it. I tried and tried...I lowered everything there was to lower and I just couldn't play it. The next game I played was Starwars Galaxy. SWG offered great roleplay opportunities, great graphics, a lot to explore, great quests, and much more. I am still playing this game even though I think it's days are numbered. The people are all moving on to other games and it is getting really hard to find fun...but it is still there if you hunt for it. I have also looked at Lord of the Rings Online. This game was a wow. It has amazing graphings and the outstanding thing that this game offers is it's music system. There is no other game out there that even comes close with what it offers on music. I also really liked the farming. I took a brief look at Everquest 2. It was nice but failed to greatly impress me. I also took a recent look at Second Life. There are amazing things that SL has to offer. You can import Youtube right into your big screen tv in your can buy just about anytype of home you can imagine and decorate it with just about anything you can imagine. You can if you like be a dancer and turn the money you earn back into  US dollars and earn money. You can play in just about any scenerio that you can imagine. I started out as a human and bought a twi'lek skin and moved to a Starwars area of the game. I have my eye on Darkfall at the moment. My next story will be about that. See you soon and thanks for reading. writes:
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