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The MMORPG Experience

The intent of this blog is to educate, learn, and understand the many aspects of MMORPGs without interuption of belief, opinion, and fact based on the need to deface, degrade, or defile the views and beliefs of others spawning from malicous gratification.

Author: Mithios

Welcome To the MMORPG Experience!

Posted by Mithios Saturday July 12 2008 at 2:35AM
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I have played a good many MMORPGs. By no means have I played them all and will in no fashion claim to be an expert. I have no progamming experience and I've never been accepted into a beta. Because I am human my view of things are most likely to be distorted by emotion and past experience which will have varience from another's, I can only say that these ideas are at best, meanderings of a tiny, unfully devoloped mind which can best be comforted by the idea that there may be others out there that think as I do.

This blog is about getting together an discussing the evolution and idealism of what MMORPGs are and what they should be. What they were meant to be, and how we as gamers can come together and share our thoughts. This blog is not however a place where you can come and flame people, call them stupid, or insult thier intelligence.

If you have an idea or opinion, please share it, just make sure that your opposing ideas have something to add and not just the purpose to fail another person's ideas and point of views.

I have already posted an entry before this one. Although this one should have been the first, I like anyone I know is human and subject at times to put the cart before the horse. In this I apologize and will in the future make a better attempt to be better orginized.  If you have an idea for a topic, I will give all ideas strong consideration, write them all down, and try to be as accomodating as possable without compomising the point or integrety of this blog.

That said, come one and all, near and far, young and old, tall, skinny, fat, short, one eyed or three legged, mute or loud, quick or slow... to the MMORPG Idealists Emporium, where anything is possable.

Auction Houses, Good or Bad For Community...

Posted by Mithios Wednesday July 9 2008 at 12:40PM
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arctarus- Wed Jul 09 2008 11:18AM  Wrote:

  • Ok, let me share a simple idea concerning AH (auction house)....

    Many times ive heard from players that the AH is no good for the growth of community, compare to a player opening up a store that can bargain with other players. By bargaining,   they say, can connect players closer together.

    But the problem is there's another group that feel that sitting down opening up a store and shouting and spamming the channel is really un-productive, the time could have been use for better things...

    So my idea for a AH is this.....

    Example:  player Alpha sell wood on AH. Player Bravo wana buy but wana bargain for a better price. Brovo whisper Alpha, and Alpha agree.

    Alpha goes to an AH npc, maybe in most of the town/ outpost,  and set these woods at the sum they agree and  will sell to Bravo only, but for a certain period of time.

    So if Bravo don't buy within that time period, the goods will automatically set back to normal, thus selling to others....

    To me, not only this will bring more interaction between players, but also remove the time sink of just sitting down there, turning ON  your pc whole night, just to sell something.

    And at the same time if that player bravo decided not to buy, the AH will automatically set it back to sell to others when the time is up. Thus remove the hassle that you have to go back to put the woods up for sale again....

    What you guys think???


Don't ask, You Don't Really Care...

Posted by Mithios Wednesday July 9 2008 at 3:06AM
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     The nature of this entry is not actually a question, but a statement. Although it is most certainly possable that what I am about to say could very well be opinionated, I do believe that it serves purpose beyond something greater than my own meanderings.

     I see many posts on the forums asking what question like

"Do you think AOC (Age of Conan) will fail?"

"Do you think WAR (Warhammer Online) will be the WOW (World of Warcraft) killer?"

"Do you think DF (Dark Fall Online) is real or just vaporware?"

"What class will you be?"


     Let me ask you a question or two and then I'll tell you what I think.

     Do you really care what I think or are you just putting something up there just to have something to say so you can feel important for a moment? I can't seem to rmember the last time an OP (Origional Poster) emailed me back and said "Thanks for telling me what you think, your insight has been invaluable."

     Why do you really care what people think? Well, you don't, if you did, you would stop posting as many people have probably asked before.

     Now that said, I'll tell you what I think. I think I have heard for the last two months, just about everything there is to be said about AOC. It's old, it's tired, and just plain worn Out. Now it's starting with WAR and a few others. Stop it?  Stop asking people what they think, you don't really care and most of the elder posters will tell you that such meaningless questions are not only a waste of reader's time, but hold no real value to understanding any more about a game that you can learn from FAQs, newletters, oficcial posts, and dev interaction.

     If you really want to interact with the community and gain some insight or share your opinions, then chose a subject that gives the game meaning, ask questions that affect readers, and always have constitution to your posts. Otherwise, people will see you for nothing more than a wind blowing troll with the need to be a self recognized overposter.