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Midare's disarray...

Thoughts on my brainchild. Although I'm torn between talking about my ideal on the internet or keeping it all a secret. I cannot very well get any feedback without talking out loud, can I?

Author: Midare

My tinfoil hat comes off...

Posted by Midare Wednesday November 25 2009 at 3:05AM
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So, as the summary of my blog says... I'd love to talk about my game idea and get some feed back. While on the one hand this makes me paranoid that someone will steal my shitty ideas... I also realise that unless I speak with people outside my circle of friends I may never get much by way of actual feedback.

I'll admit outright that my ideal game would not be in anyway trying to dethrone the ol' gorilla, WoW, and would in many ways be targetting that "other" demographic. The one we most readily call a "female" demographic but which I personally know has members of both sexes in it. Ideally, it would be a game with more lateral expansion and avoiding focus on an overlaying "level" which then bars access to zones, or quests. However, one must recognize a need to track advancement in metrics... and for that reason you'd have skill levels in professions, weapon skills, martial arts skills, languages, armor class, and the dreaded "reputation" element which unlocks quests and dungeons.

In all honestly, the only reason I hated rep-grinds in WoW was because I was always needing to rush and keep up with my guild mates. This left me no time to enjoy the game and focus on areas enjoyable to me. Probably fuelling my ideas.

So overall, I would call my idea a sandbox with lateral expansion focused more on opening up new content that allows players to learn new skills, build new items and the like. While PvP would have its place, and be encouraged... it would not be made mandetory for advancement. I believe this is possible by letting players on a day by day basis choose if they want to log into a PvP server or not. Much like games where you can choose to access a different server to avoid high congestion even after you have established your character.

I know that raises the concern that people would just level in PvE servers tehn hit PvP servers to fight each other... but I fail to see how that is a problem. It allows those people ready and willing to fight each other to fight, and allows those people uninterested in fighting to avoid it. It also lets people go and TRY pvp without commiting to it if it turns out not to be their cup of tea, or allows a (girl/boy)friend who is not into PvP to still interact with their friend/partner who spends part of their game time on the PvP server ganking people... able to still play with them in group situations on the PvE side without there needing to be multiple characters levelled for the seperate tasks.

I toy witht he idea of there being an xp bonus on pvp servers, or that materials (plants, ore, etc) recovers faster there... but that is my sadistic side wanting to tempt gold farmers to their PvP deaths.

Yes, I do have specific ideas on the setting, races, and such... but that would warrant a post all its own.