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Miclee's Reviews

Long time gamer, but I'm new to the whole blogging thing. I'll be posting a review every week or two, and sometimes just some comments on big news in the gaming industry.

Author: Miclee

Guild Wars 4th Year Anniversary

Posted by Miclee Monday April 27 2009 at 5:39PM
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Yes, it's been 4 years since Guild Wars, an innovative MMO from NCSoft, released. The game at launch was just called "Guild Wars". That campaign was later re-named to Guild Wars: Prophecies, after the launch of the other 2 campaigns. They are called Nightfall and Factions. After those came Eye of the North, an expansion which looked to tie the original Guild Wars into Guild Wars 2. It allows you to carry over achievements and such from the original Guild Wars to Guild Wars 2.

NCSoft has planned something special for everyone for the anniversary. They've got usual events such as Rollerbeetle races, but they've also given a large content update. You can now get more storage in your inventory, and in your Xunlai Chest. The Hall of Monuments from Eye of the North now allows you to display everything account-wide. There are also now Zashien Challenge quests. These are either PvP or PvE quests that change daily. COmpleting these rewards you with Zashien Coins.

Now, one of the larger updates is the Zashien Menagerie. It's a beautiful areas that simply allows you to store pets. If you're not the one to go charm and level the pets yourself, you may spend Zashien Coins or Balthazar Faction in order to unlock or level up new evolutions of pets. Another cool thing is that the Zashien Menagerie is completely free to use. If you want to get all the pets quickly, you can also buy the "Pet Unlock Pack" for $9.99, which isn't too badly priced.

Another large update is that you are able to do a makeover. These are insanely over-priced. A normal makeover is to just change your skin colour, hair, etc. The EXTREME makeover is to change your gender. The normal makeover costs $9.99 for 5 credits, while the extremem makeover is $9.99 for 1 credit. It's much cheaper just to make a new character. Another over-priced thing is Name Changes. To change your name costs $14.99.

One last thing is "Nicholas the Traveller". He's essentialy someone who's carried over from Pre-Searing, and provides you with "Gifts of the Traveller". When you open one of these, you receive a pretty decent item. This seems to have helped the Guild Wars economy greatly.

There are also 14 new miniatures. The list is on the official Guild Wars wiki, or located here:

With all of that said, it's a great update from NCSoft and has made me want to play the game alot more. If you haven't picked this game up yet, now is the perfect time to do so.


Review: Demigod

Posted by Miclee Saturday April 25 2009 at 11:07AM
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There is alot to say about this new RTS-style game by Gas Powered Games/Stardock. It doesn`t give a good impression, as it`s very broken. It`s supposed to be a multiplayer-oriented game, yet the multiplayer barely works! It wasn`t all bad, as Stardock is slowly fixing the multiplayer so that it will work.

This game also follows a new genre of RTS. It`s not your standard base and unit building RTS. It`s inspiration rather comes from DoTA, or Defense of The Ancients, which was a Warcraft III mod of a very high caliber. It`s more of a multiplayer-arena combat game. You choose one of eight characters, which are called "Demigods". You then do battle on one of eight different arenas, which are each tactically different. The very basic story for the game is that there is an open seat in the pantheon of upper gods, and the eight Demigods must battle to see who gets the big chair.

If you are the kind of RTS player who is into deep and big stories, this is not going to be the game for you. The only singleplayer content is a skirmish mode and a tournament. The AI is actually a bit challenging, surprisingly. I highly reccomend trying it out before going online when you have no idea what to do. The controls for Demigod are pretty simple. The basics are easy. Most of the game is played with just the right mouse button, which issues move and attack orders. After a few games, you`ll probably get the feel of the game.

With that said, that is all there really is to this "innovative" RTS.

My score is a 7/10.