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Author: Merit10

I Finished The WoW Trial, Now What?

Posted by Merit10 Monday February 8 2010 at 9:21PM
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I felt like I needed to explore the World of Warcraft in a deeper level. It isn't my favorite MMORPG so far but I am only 10 days and 20 levels into this game. I purchased the game and no expansion packs to begin with after my trial ended. The first 15 levels consisted of just your typical kill and/or collect quests, running back and forth, and discovering new towns.

I'm on a PvP server but I haven't discovered any of the PvP aspects yet. The crafting doesn't appear to be rewarding to me yet and I'm just gaining some levels for now. My experiences with the dungeon finder are mixed both positive and negative. It's a great concept and is nice getting to instance with random people on occasions. It feels like it needs some refining, like the fact instances already take multiple hours and I'm not even close to end game content. Is this what it's like at the end?

WoW has a lot of improvements to make by the time I reach my next few levels. There are periods where I'm bored and it feels like a grind. Quest grinds are the worst, I can deal with slaying hundreds of monsters but running back and forth kills me. The most rewarding experiences have been the 5 person random instanced dungeons. What will WoW have to offer my gaming taste buds?

neosapience writes:

Looks like you're in the same boat I am. Essentially, there are no MMOs that will satisfy your gaming taste buds: almost all of them are repetitive, simplistic and pointless. MMOs are made for the masses after all; you can't expect them to entertain anyone with more than half a brain in their head.

Mon Feb 08 2010 10:55PM Report
Merit10 writes:

 I thought about trying something out of the ordinary for MMO's or going back to something classic that I really liked. I really just have to see what it is that causes this feeling of monotony. This is coming from a guy who played a 2d game to death for an entire year. I tried Guild Wars to fancy my PvP desires before the WoW trial and actually bought it. I was only there for PvP and didn't like how it tied into the PvE storyline. I'm not giving up on the genre that I love when there are 400+ games and counting on the list.

Mon Feb 08 2010 11:10PM Report
ThomasMoore writes:

 Great Wow review. I think you move pretty quickly through these games. I wonder how long this one will keep your attention....

Mon Feb 08 2010 11:24PM Report
just1opinion writes:

Actually "endgame" instances are MUCH MUCH shorter than the others in the game. They actually take far LESS time (unless you're talking about raids, rather than 5 man instances). By the time WotLK came out, Blizzard had shortened the 5 man dungeon completion times (approximations) to be more casual friendly. There's really not any more hours and hours in an instance. Violet Hold, for example, can be done in 45 minutes easily. Many of the others take maybe an hour and a half.

Tue Feb 09 2010 12:33PM Report
Merit10 writes:

 Hmmm thanks for the input girlgeek, that puts my mind at ease a little. I'm really interested to see how the PvP system turns out, I'm on a PvP server after all.

I liked your blog post girlgeek. It was worth a bump, hope to see more.

Tue Feb 09 2010 11:01PM Report
daltanious writes:

Khm... what is the purpose of original post? Teasing players that enjoy wow?

After 10 lv. 80 I find wow still attractive and I have at all times fun and interesting things to do like in no other. Second to me is Aoc. Well .. then all the rest. And in years I have tried virutally all MMO's that exists. Mainly have played single game at least 2 months (except TR that i quit after 2 weeks as i remember).

No other mmo but wow gived me so many and so original quests, smooth and fun gameplay, crafting that is world per se, best ah system, .... 

Wed Feb 10 2010 2:41AM Report
Merit10 writes:

 I'm not sure where you got confused on my post, but I surely wasn't ragging on the people who enjoy WoW. If you didn't read, I bought the game right after finishing the trial. I can tell it will captivate me almost to an addictive level but it lacks in some areas that other MMO's do better than WoW. My original post was simply the outlook of my journey on the most popular MMORPG.

Wed Feb 10 2010 11:45PM Report writes:
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