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Exploring MMORPG's inside and out. Follow my adventures on my main blog at

Author: Merit10

I Finished The WoW Trial, Now What? Part 2

Posted by Merit10 Monday February 15 2010 at 3:58PM
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It's been a week since I wrote the original post here on after finishing my WoW trial. It has given me time to look closer at systems like the PvP battleground. I've gotten accustomed to my Night Elf Rogue and love stabbing people in the neck (boy my violence sure does come out in games).

I've been abusing 1 PvP instance in particular called, Warsong Gulch, it's amazing. It's sort of a capture of flag deal, each team starts out with a flag at their respawn area. You can only return the enemy flag when your own flag is back at your base. This is a 10 on 10 event in an oversized, symetrical arena with your team's base on 1 side and the enemy base/flag on the other side.


First team to 3 flag captures before the time runs out, wins. In the event the 25 minute timer runs out before any team reaches 3 captures, the team with the most captures wins. If there is a tie, the last team to capture, wins.

The rules are simple and this particular instance was fun. I'm having more fun in WoW's PvP than I did in Guild Wars which was my most recent MMO experience, and the PvE is way better than GW. I'm only 30 levels in but I'm having a lot of fun and look forward to trying the level 30's tier of the battlegrounds.

I Finished The WoW Trial, Now What?

Posted by Merit10 Monday February 8 2010 at 9:21PM
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I felt like I needed to explore the World of Warcraft in a deeper level. It isn't my favorite MMORPG so far but I am only 10 days and 20 levels into this game. I purchased the game and no expansion packs to begin with after my trial ended. The first 15 levels consisted of just your typical kill and/or collect quests, running back and forth, and discovering new towns.

I'm on a PvP server but I haven't discovered any of the PvP aspects yet. The crafting doesn't appear to be rewarding to me yet and I'm just gaining some levels for now. My experiences with the dungeon finder are mixed both positive and negative. It's a great concept and is nice getting to instance with random people on occasions. It feels like it needs some refining, like the fact instances already take multiple hours and I'm not even close to end game content. Is this what it's like at the end?

WoW has a lot of improvements to make by the time I reach my next few levels. There are periods where I'm bored and it feels like a grind. Quest grinds are the worst, I can deal with slaying hundreds of monsters but running back and forth kills me. The most rewarding experiences have been the 5 person random instanced dungeons. What will WoW have to offer my gaming taste buds?

Google Chrome – Choice Browser of Gamers?

Posted by Merit10 Thursday January 28 2010 at 2:47AM
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 After numerous failures and freezes with my favorite browser Firefox, I decided to give Google’s browser a shot. The only trouble with Firefox is bulky, graphical sites such as this one at I couldn’t even pull up the game list without a 5 minute freeze.

I’ve only had it an hour now but so far no problems with, everything loads just fine. This pleases me but some features of Firefox were still better. Please ask me if I close the whole browser when it has multiple tabs open if I want to close all the tabs. I already closed websites I didn’t mean to close. At least give the option to ask me every time.

I also need to get Roboform working. For those of you who don’t know about Roboform, it’s the most useful and time saving tool I have seen for internet users. Keeps passwords, personal data, fills forms automatically, and is totally customizable. We’ll see if I find enough pros than cons in Google Chrome to make it my default browser or if it’s just going to be used with sites Firefox has trouble with.